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  1. Yes, I mean i have "ego backlash's" from time to time because i tend to resist the present moment. But yes , I'm much happier.

    And as i go along i love people more , and life in general.

    Is really getting better, but all i need to see is that is already better and go with that.

    Things drop if you do not resist them. And all there's is , is ok. Happy is you wanna say so.

    And wht help me is to Lough at my problems, really. Genuine lough. Because there are there because i let them be there.

    Have a wonderful day !

  2. 21 hours ago, Tistepiste said:

    @astrokeen amen, I blocked him a while back because his posts add zero value. To the contrary, they derail.


    On topic:

    I have been reading about third eye, and chakras. Very interesting stuff. There is this woman Barbara Ann Brennan who started an entire school teaching people about chakras (third eye chakra is one of the chakras) And how it can be used to heal people.

    Heal people from trauma, cancers,...



    Hey. I'm like him sometimes too. its just the ego playing. :P


    i'm really curios about heling.

    he has a youtube channel. 

  3. 2 hours ago, Wlangr said:

    Have you tried concentrating on the heart? It's the gateway to the higher self. 

    Like concentrating on the breath it renders the mind blank and gets you on different stages of cousciousness. The difference is that you can retain knowledge from the higher self while concentrating on the heart, that can be difficult but possible as long as the power of concentration is developed. 



    Yes. i do this too sometimes. if you can do this . you can drop into the heart and let the mind quieter.

    try it

  4. 1 minute ago, Matt8800 said:

    I am working on increasing others' consciousness and have made a lot of progress. Some choose truth and some choose ignorance. I invest time with people that choose truth and have helped others quite a bit on their path. It is my path to continue to lift these people up and show them truth and how to find their own inner power/strength.

    Increasing consciousness is done through personal relationships. I can do it in my way, Leo does it his way and you can do it in your way. We all have a part to play but many times it is not the same part.

    That's cool.


  5. 54 minutes ago, Mikael89 said:

    My answer would be: because it's all bullshit.

    Do you have any experience with that?

    29 minutes ago, Truth Addict said:

    My brother always tells me that the ego needs to know in order for it to feel like it exists.

    I get your point, but why not get lost in some other dimensions and talk with alien's.

    Is like getting lost and chasing girls.

    I may wanna get lost and learn pickup this year. For no apparent reason just for "me"

    When i study this i can not be as mindfull , i see that , i  start searching for meening.




    Anyway is all bullshit, but i will like to have sex tonight. And enjoy my meal. Or Maybe go live in a cave.

    I understand that that's the base line of still remaining a living organism. The basic stuff.

    You are right, but we are not supposed to dig into this bullshit? 



  6. On 9/11/2019 at 3:12 PM, ThinAir said:


    just found this here, you could exchange findings together


    Oh , Thank you !


    11 hours ago, Consilience said:

    Building infrastructure: 

    • Adequate sleep
    • 1 hour meditation practice per day
    • Exercise (strength and cardio)
    • Nutrition (enough protein, fruits/veggies, ideally vegan)
    • Affirmations, visualizations 
    • Spending time in nature 
    • knowing and working towards life purpose 
    • Taking psychedelics responsibly
    • Systematically eliminating negative habits

    If I can stay in rhythm with all of this, my spirit feels “clean” and free.

    That's a good list. Thank you !