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  1. On 2/19/2019 at 0:20 PM, Leo Gura said:

    They cannot handle the mindfuck of you becoming immortal. It is just totally outside their reality. They want to feel like The Matrix is real.



    Leo if you think that your parents are in a way  not open-minded about this stuff.

    Just a thought,don't you think you have a tendency to prove something to your parents?

    I do not know you childhood , and i do not want to know it. But sometimes like you said something like : " you can feel compassion for people, if you know that this kind of self work is hard"

    I sometimes feel that i can not talk with my parents because they are not open minded , you can still go down and talk with them without telling them unconcisely that you are above them. Not starting even if they ask you subject's about Psychedelics, religions , non duality , etc.

    They are old , i think if your parents do not abuse you ,you can still have a great talk with them. 

    I'm projecting now , because i tend to do this.

    BTW: Leo , can you check the last PM that i send you. 

  2. 10 hours ago, Gabriel Antonio said:

    Did you smoke weed, or take psychedelics?

    No, i never took any psychedelics. Honestly i'm afraid... Afraid yeah:))

    I smoked weed 2 years ago but for a short time. I do not respond well to weed. At least 2 years ago i did not.


    The experiences with psychedelics are more easy to get no?


  3. 6 hours ago, Nahm said:




    4 hours ago, Truth Addict said:

    I suggest you question your sight.

    Does the screen you look at right now exist when you close your eyes?

    Does anything exist when you're not looking?

    That applies for hearing as well;

    There's a classical philosophical question: does a tree falling in a jungle make a sound if there is nobody there to listen?

    You say that reality is creating when you precive it?

  4. I'm can not stop smiling and I Lough when i think about me :)))

    When i look around i see the connection of all 

    If i look in the mirror i have a tendency to go back but i start Loughing about that though that wants me to go back

    I'm full of joy , i breath alot, 

    If i look at my hands is like i pllay a virtual reality game . Is like a game.

    I have insights camming in . One after another . And i laugh about them :)) 


  5. 29 minutes ago, Good-boy said:

    Thats awesome. Chicks can use your hand as an electronic vibrator, you can even charge the like $10 a session. ?

    I already started a business with this girft that i have. Is sad that i do all the work. You can be the vibrator and i will be the electric guy?

    Whanna colab?


    Seriously I posted this here because iI see that people here know more stuff then me. And maybe i will find out if is something Because it was wierd.


    11 minutes ago, Leo Gura said:

    God works in mysterious ways ;)

    Or, the humidity in your area is just low. When I first moved to Vegas it was so dry here that I would always get static shocks. Then my body acclimated and it stopped.

    ok :)  I was just wondering, that s all.

  6. Ok so this is wired. 

    You know when you dress up sometimes you can get a spark. (Like this )

    When i touch people i get a spark werry offen.

    Sometimes is happening like 4-5 times in a hour . Randomly i just touch a friend and i electrocute them. 95% of the time is happening with people , not with objects.

    I know this can happen randomly but is happening too many times.  Sometimes 15+ times a day..

    What is this ?

  7. @Anton Rogachevski

    Oh ,so reincarnation is when i see myself as existing ...ok

    Is basically the illusion? When i'm just pure beeing is nothing to reincarnate . When i see myself as a person with a body and memories i start again to reincarnate?

    I'm new in this . I will research more. 



    I think i understand on some level. I need to do more research. THX you!