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  1. Enlightenment is about truth, not following rules, you should read some better books.
  2. I agree, no men should suffer because of women.
  3. I had a classmate at highschool, he was 5'3'' , he was ugly as fuck, and he got almost all the pretty girls from our class.
  4. HAHAHAHAHA I don't get sarcasm anymore, I'm Dumb hahahahah
  5. So if the issue is permanent/unchangeable, it's time to accept the way things are, what's the point in worrying about something that cannot be changed ? That's why you are not free yet, deep down you still have hope, so if you do have hope, even just a little, you have two choices, do something about it, go after girls, try to change, improve, study about, try to approach women, learn with your mistakes, take some action, or the other choice is to give up completely and to give up is not just don't doing anything, you need to accept the way things are 100%, all hope should be gone, then you will be truly free. What you are now is the goal of happiness/freedom, you will end when these goals are truly giving up.
  6. Being enlightened doesn't mean that you won't want to have or not a partner, have or not have sex, but you don't associate yourself, the one who knows that it exists, the knowing of existence, consciousness, whatever you wanna call, this life force that you know you are, you don't associate it with the body/mind, so there's not so much attachment to the body/mind anymore, so let's say that you had this shift in consciousness, that the body/mind self was seeing as an illusion, and you went to a date with some girl and things don't workout, before, you would get frustrated, sad, would hate yourself, whatever, but now when these feelings arise, if they do, there's no one who cares about them, you won't take these feelings and make a history out of them, you know that you are this void/emptiness, so these bad feeling will vanish into this void. I have a wife, so I can't say if I would want a partner or not, but from a duality point of view, relationships have their good sides and bad sides, so I bet one can be happy without a partner, of course being awakened would help, but even regular people. When I was younger, in my teens, I wanted very much a girlfriend, but I considered myself ugly, and socially awkward, so of course I didn't get one, obviously. For years having a girlfriend was my main priority, I had my first one when I was 21 I think, and after that a few more relationships, but guess what, I wasn't happy yet, something was always missing, after the girls I went chasing money, success, status, but nothing could cover up this hole I felt inside of me. Some people can find happiness with girls, money, etc... Some can't, I think depends on how close you are from awakening, the consciousness who believes it's your ego/self is rejecting the dream, so dream stuff won't help you anymore. The advise I give you is to get a girl, I know it's obvious but is not that hard, I was a mess and I learned how to do it, women are very predictable, and there are several books on the subject , and they really work.
  7. Yeah agree 100%, I know how to type this words, I know how to speak, if I didn't know it and other things I couldn't survive. But is like knowledge is being used in the wrong away, knowledge is being misunderstood as truth. I know that if a drop something it will fall to the floor, but is it truth ? Is something really falling onto the floor ? That's the problem. It's beautiful bullshit, existence is amazing, but nothing will help one to realize truth, but after one does realize, things aren't bullshit anymore.
  8. Actually people aren't like that, people say they don't give a fuck, or maybe they act as they don't, but they actually do give a fuck. I bet they care if they live or die, deep inside they still have lots of attachments to their situations, maybe they still have the hope of some better future, still have hope that they may find freedom someday. And there's not truth in what I am saying, it's bullshit, the only truth is that you exist, everything else is bullshit, everything else is up to believe and interpretation. I write this for those who are tired of seeking, only when you are exhausted you'll call off the search. Obviously this isn't the only way of awakening I suppose, actually I have no idea, I attained no knowledge, I only lost all knowledge, I am not expert in anything, nor can I explain anything about the truth, I am just writing my experience, maybe it can be helpful to someone.
  9. The greatest realization that you can have in your path to enlightenment is this, it's all bullshit. All the knowledge you think you have, all the things you think you know and understand, if you are honest you have to admit that you know nothing. "How do I know my bicycle really exists when I don't see it ? The answer is; I don't. The better question is; How do I know my bicycle exists when I DO see it ? The answer is; I don't. The best question is; Then how the hell do I know anything exists ? The answer is; I don't." Jed mckenna's theory of everything. The only thing preventing you to become enlightenment right now is this, you still believe that you know something or that reading or doing anything will help you to acquire the right knowledge, if you're on the path to enlightenment for years, studying , dedicating yourself, and nothing has happened, perhaps you had some glimpses here and there, maybe now is time for the final move, to drop everything, burn all your knowledge, all your beliefs. The path to enlightenment can be very, very short, only depends on how much you hate falseness and how tired you are of seeking. Just give up the search now, finally get some rest, realize now that the illusion is perfect, you can't defeat Maya. To give up doesn't mean to do nothing, staying on the couch watching TV all day long, it means that you are gonna do the same things that you have been doing so far, work, family, whatever, the difference is that deep inside you don't accept these things as real anymore, you give up becoming enlightened, you give up finding happiness somewhere , you give up having a life, you just don't give a fuck anymore, you realize that not even physical death will get you free. Once your last attachment is dropped you have no choice but to wake up.