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  1. So have you found the source of your ' I ' feeling, or your spiritual being ? where does it come from ?
  2. No, There's only one being, having all the experiences
  3. When you look in a mirror, you see the reflection of your face, but you don't see your face directly right ? So the only way for you to know that you have a face is by looking at the reflection at the mirror, cause you will never be able to look at your face directly. The same way, when you look or hear, or sense, or taste anything, this very experience is reflecting the awareness that you are, cause you are knowing the experience. Objects are used to know that there's someone aware of them, so any experience is a reflection of your very awareness, there's no experience without the awareness of it. Just pay more attention to the awareness of the experience than the experience itself.
  4. The ego/mind can't truly love, it's impossible, the ego will always be dualistic, it's me versus them in the end, so your own survival will always be priority, so you can't unconditionally love because it would be dangerous to your survival agenda. The only way to love is to transcend the ego identification, and then you become love itself, and you will love all life the same. True love is love for everything, if you love something in particular more than other things, it's not love, it's attachment, even the love for family is not real love, it's a strong attachment, I'm sorry but that's the truth. The ones who teach methods to love are full of shit.
  5. That's exactly right !!! If you really lived your life like this, would you ever suffer ? But no, the mind loves suffering, that's why it always finds a way to find something wrong For the ego, hell is the end of problems
  6. What I mean is hard to explain because it requires going beyond the mind's POV, I'm not saying that I (as an individual person) agree with this kinda things, nor I like it. But if they are happening, or they've happened, they were allowed to happen, or even more, it was necessary for then to happen. Nothing that has ever happened was a mistake, everything that happens has a purpose, so if people are killing animals to eat right now, that's exactly what is supposed to happen. Here we are talking from the highest point of view, an "enlightened being" indeed enjoys everything, they enjoy life as a whole, we as humans see in duality, people who are being torture, and people who are torturing, animals who are dying, and animals who live. Enlightenment makes you see life as a whole, and then eventually the human being, the person, may change it's preferences, or try to save the animals, or whatever, but Enlightenment doesn't happen with the person, the changes in the person are a byproduct of it.
  7. There is a paradigm of understating where we believe in death, we believe that death is a possibility, therefore we believe that if we kill an animal to eat, we are killing life. But once you realize that death is not a possibility, that life cannot be killed, it doesn't make any difference.
  8. Because the one asking the questions will vanish, and also the questions, there will be no question nor an ' I ' to ask the question, there will be no one to have the uncertainty
  9. That's the mind trying to turn everything into a religion, I've fallen into the trap of thinking I should go vegan in order to awaken I've found out later that I like to eat meat, I've been eating since I was a kid, so why to pretend that I care about the animals when I actually don't. Unconditional love is something that only the Self/God can understand, if the devil tries to be unconditionally loving its deluding itself. Trying to judge if eating meat is right or wrong is something that only the mind will do, the Self loves you despite what you eat,
  10. There's a problem here, if you had indeed realized the self, and had seen that there's no you or me, you wouldn't be suffering, so right now this non duality that you have is just a concept, a theory, if this is making harm to you, just drop it, stop reading about it, stop watching videos about it, just forget, and go study other things that make you feel better. Only go back to non duality if you are willing to have the realization, then you'll go from theoretical non duality to actual non duality, and then you won't suffer anymore.
  11. who said you can't do it man, you can do whatever you want. if you want to love you love, if you don't believe non dual shit just forget about it, live and enjoy duality, there's no problem
  12. You are saying this by experience or you read it in a book ? Because we can read lots of shit in books
  13. If you were really in the now you wouldn't have a fight with anyone, but If it happened for some reason, say you are sorry and forget about it then
  14. The better question should be, will science improve the quality of human life ? Science has evolved a lot in the last hundred years, major scientific discoveries were made, but, are people happier now ? We sure have more comfort, I can order a pizza using my phone while I watch some 4k porn, or maybe a VR porn, but am I happy ? Depression rates are higher than ever before, a huge number of people have all sorts of psychological problems, Science isn't doing a good job about making people happy. If non dual understanding had had the same development as science among the world population the last hundred years, maybe things would look very different. Non duality has a far greater potential to improve people's lives, why does it matter if science ever proves it or not ?
  15. you don't understand, when there's nothing you dislike, everything is enjoyable, if you could see beyond your mind just once you would understand