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  1. Maybe not the removal side but today I found a product that is great for prevention: D-lead It removes heavy metals from the skin helping to prevent absorption (comes handy for me since I am a range instructor) http://uniquetek.com/product/T1262
  2. Hello fellow actualizers! I am around to have my business get started. My plan is to extract and collect shooting range scrap.(I am working as a range instructor currently) It's a pretty good work considering almost noone does it in my country Please tell me your honest opinions about it.
  3. @Shiva Need: health and safety needs of gun ranges, talking on the physical level: richocets, lead soil toxication etc. Another need: financial; how to turn a passive asset into revenue Unique value: true honesty towards gun ranges: pay back percentile of profit I gain from recycling, but only after recycling Customers: indoor and outdoor civilian and military ranges, either running or already shut down ones. Revenue stream: retrieve scrap metals, then sell them to recycling stations/smelters Key partners: shooting ranges, recycling stations, smelters, environmental organisations (?) Cost factors: world trade value of lead, percentile agreement on the scrap, transportation and workforce cost. Funding: maybe environmental funding from government. Funding is only nescessary for the startup equipment. Promote the business: only via words of others. Probably the best in the firearm industry. Channels: real life visits and talking. So whatcha think?
  4. So since I was heavily bullied in high school I enacted belief systems that made it survivable but blocked me from further development. Such belief systems were and some still are: I deserve the the physical/verbal abuse I get I am not worthy of happiness Since others don't see their own biases, I will point it out for them, so that they would have a reason to hate me Noone acts the way they talk, so I will do so. I will be other people's moral side. I will be the moral one in society, so I will have the right to be judgemental. So with these rules I have set for myself I started acting judgemental and moralising. My speech became silent, I watched people to see their dark side, I became the typical last century psychologist. The one that sets up a hypothesis of childhood trauma then puts you in a cage of words where you can't evolve yourself from. I started putting my own personal judgements at the end of every statement. I became so obsessed at my own morals that noone elses feelings or thoughts mattered for me. One of the conversations between me and my friend could be like: -Hey, what do you think of the new guy in the school? -He seems cool, but I see that the way he walks is overconfident or trying to be superior, so I would not talk to him. Another big one is using big or scientific words or adjectives cutting in the sentences of other people to show that I know what the other person is talking about. So now that I am absolutely sure of these biases, I will try to work on the belief systems so that I would actually be a still honest, but nice-to-be-around person.
  5. Started using Alpha GPC in this week. Honestly out of the seven nootropics I tried this one is probably in top three (along with L-theanine and Lion's mane) The help it does is that it gave me enough power to work on self development after my work hours (a big one for me, daily 10 hours of work)
  6. Daily 3x green tea works like a charm for me to regain focus
  7. Have you been taking any other drugs recently? How about supplements? Do you meditate? Do you have any gastrointestinal problems? Did you fast before taking the shrooms? Did you drink any soft drinks/juices before or after taking them?
  8. Hello you lovely people. I have been meditating for 3 months almost on a dime, and today I had a powerful experience. I have been doing 30 minutes daily with more or less success, but today I put in the extra effort to go deeper into awareness. I would say it was after 20 minutes when I felt a sense of disorientation. Almost if my room started shaking if I was on a ship under heavy storm. More exactly it was a more rapid experience. Almost as if some gravitional waves started pushing and pulling me. Simultaneously I had rapid eye movement, and I focused on not to control it. The next part was a sense of falling into myself. I am doing my meditation in a wooden chair with my back straight, and my palms relaxed on my thighs in an upward position. The feeling was kinda like if my hands were being pulled further and further away from my upper body. Did anyone had any similiar experiences?
  9. Hello fellow actualizers. I have been on and off smoking for the last 6 years. Mostly I used smoking for taking a break or to socializing. But a few weeks ago I took Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds and everything changed. I took the grinded seeds (8 of them) and mixed them up in a small cup of water then drank it. Minor nausea came up in the next 30 minutes, then after around the 1h20min mark the nausea became so bad that I threw up. But the toxin was already in my body, so I continued trying to get better. The nausea and dizziness made me lie down to the ground in my room, where I have an old rug. Sudden awareness kicked in and I started to feel every single mite in the air so I forced myself to get up and get some fresh air on my balcony. On my balcony there were remains of old cigarette butts from New Years Eve so when I walked out the reek of it "punched me in the gut". I got so nauseus from the smell of it that I had to go back inside. The rest of the trip went pleasantly. It did not remove any part of my ego, but its awareness improvement made me realise that I have to trust my senses better. I know of myself that I have a very intricate sense of smell and taste in comparison to my friends, but this just confirmed that I have to trust it even more.
  10. This topic is for inspiration, if you manage to run out of recipes. I am a lacto vegetarian trying to have gains. This is what I had today. Chili beans (2 tin cans), lima beans (1 tin can) and mixed can of peas and carrots. I used a chicken bouillon (does not contain actual chicken) for seasoning cooked on gas for about 10 minutes. For dessert I had a whey protein shake.
  11. Garlic kinda helps with lead
  12. I foresee a heavy uprise in "ecofascism" in the next year.
  13. You are doing great man, also believe there is a lot more of it in you!
  14. Well, not really with full names, but with first names I experienced similiarities, that are fascinating (beware, most of these names are in Hungarian, but have international equivalents) Eszter (Esther): The ones I know are rockers/metalheads, and they tend to be introverted. They also take l Gergő (George): They tend to be really friendly people, but it's hard to get to their hearts. Péter (Peter): Heavily single minded most of the times, and they hold their ground to an adamant level Júlia (Julia): Charismatic personalities, really manipulative sometimes etc...
  15. Green tea 3x a day makes it easier to calm myself down and to catch my thoughts
  16. After taking quite large doses of antidepressants for extended peridods of time (Bupropion hydrocloride 300mg [SSRI] for 2-3 months after half a year of building the dosage up. Currently it has been 4-5 months since I abandoned them) I feel no effect of 5-HTP. I think my body became overly tolerant to serotonin creating agents. Probably I should try it again later.
  17. Feel the power within and don't turn to another unhealthy addiction in order to escape emotions. Do as I did. I removed, blocked all the things around me that was addicting.
  18. Hey Leo, I was thinking about a video that would explain how to restart your passion to yourself, to your mastery of any field.
  19. The biggie for me was when I noticed that my attention span was and still is so low that I can not focus on a person talking. I guess years of gaming helped to become like this too.
  20. I am using Android, and there is an app called BlockSite. It is a bit messy to set up, but If you get stuck I can help you.
  21. I did do the following to reduce the addiction: removed messenger from my phone so I can only access it from my laptop. I am using a siteblocker to block facebook and my favorite news sites from my phone. When I am home I can check my messeages and notifications on my laptop, but I also use a news feed eradicator app that does what the name suggests. So daytime no FB and news at all, nighttime: messeages and notifications, still no news.
  22. Mine is shooting range scrap recycling. I am currently working in one, and noone does it. The only person between me and the riches is my boss