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  1. In the last 4 years, I've developed a lot spiritually and learned so much, most of it thanks to Actualized.org. But I fell for the trap that most of us fell/will fall. Being addicted to concepts and believing we are already spiritual and amazing beings, while not creating the reality we want on the "outside" World. Make no mistake, the goal was never to cast aside the material. Since the material is a subset of spiritual, if you want to be good spiritually, you have to be good on the previous substeps, the material. There is no spirituality without health, money to give you freedom, fitness and social interactions. Try without them and you will fail. For me, 2020 marks a new chapter. A chapter of bringing ideas to life and actually doing stuff. Do you guys resonate? A little thing I wrote during New Year's Eve: "You are an extension of an infinite intelligent and creative universe whose main skill is actualizing its potential. This is happening all the time around you. Every person, object, atom, material, concept, memory that you experience is a proof of that. The Universe is showing you can bring your ideas to life at every second. And you are an extension of it. You are the Universe. You are God. This means you have the ability of manifesting potential at all times. Realize it. Put it to the test. Become great at it. Explore the possibilities. Explore the impossible. Make it come true. This is how the Universe knows itself. Make a million dollars. Let your inner beauty spill into the outer World, for the outer is a reflection of inner. Once again, words are nothing without manifestation. Even the prettiest spiritual words are shit. Don’t believe anything that is written in here. The words are not the process. I hope words help you get closer to the place you want to be, but they will not, because they mean nothing. These words are lies. That’s it, I am lying to you. Nothing that is written here will come true. Don’t follow these words. I’m wasting my time writing this. Words won’t get you anywhere, because only action will. Manifestation is not about writing about manifestation, but actually manifesting. Very few words can be defined by themselves. The process is about the process. Manifesting is about manifesting. Place this on your heart. This new year and this new decade is about manifesting. It is about less theory and concepts, and more about practice and experiences. It is about putting my limits to the test. It’s funny how New Year’s Eve actually has a big meaning; unlike other holidays, which you can actually say “Fuck it”, this holiday is about change and growth, which are deep aspects of reality. We usually make plans and think about ways we can become better. In true personal development, this should be your everyday, but this date… it really feels different. The clock shows 02:43 01/01/2020 Now. 01/01 is beautiful, and so is 2020. What does a more amazing reality looks like? I will find it out. And when I do, I will ask the same question again."
  2. On many experiences with weed and latest experiences with low doses of LSD, there always comes a point in which I am faced with a decision. The tipping point is the final discussion in your mind about letting go and dissolving or holding tight to current reality. I already know the answer is to let go and surrender. However, I face a lot of difficulty on that moment with thoughts of "you're not coming back", "you can become insane", "you can have schizophrenia", etc which always holds me back. Any tips on how to prepare for that moment so that I can be more comfortable with letting go and having a good and insightful experience? ps.: I know that taking a higher dosage might make me blow past this moment, but currently I'm adopting the "slow dosage increase" approach bc I've had a traumatic experience 3 years ago of a panic attack on weed
  3. As we grow personally and spiritually, some common shifts tend to happen inside. For fun, I'm making a list of some. What else would you put on this list? Scarcity -> Abundance Blame others -> Assume the responsibility Reality is a mechanism -> Reality is magical Bearded God -> No God -> God Care about you -> Care about your community -> Care about all humans -> Care about all life -> Care about entire Earth -> Care about the Universe Collect concepts -> Understand Talk -> Listen Seek validation -> Be authentic Have -> Do -> Be Action as a burden -> Action as liberation Attachment -> Engagement Fear of Failure -> Having experiences Downward spirals of mediocrity -> Upwards spirals of success Waking up late -> Waking up early Take value -> Offer value Complain -> Do something about it or dismiss it Judge, label, ridicule -> Respect Indifference -> Compassion Sugar -> Salad Sedentarism -> Daily activity Dependence -> Independence -> Interdependence Play to not lose -> Play to win Anticipate failure -> Anticipate success Incapable -> Self-effective Comfort zone -> Growth Bragging -> Elevating others around you Money as a cage -> Money as freedom Money is evil -> Money is a resource One more problem -> One more opportunity Be one more -> Make the difference Be part of someone else’s plan -> Have and follow your plan Negate emotions -> Open up to all emotions Destructive habits -> Healthy habits Escape -> Face Compare with others -> Compare with yourself Quick fixes -> Long-term change Stimulation -> Delayed gratification Results -> Process Daily grind -> Daily fun Watch TV -> Read books Motivation -> Discipline Doing just enough -> Seeking mastery Focus on the past -> Focus on the future -> Focus on the present Having opinions -> Having principles Not meditate -> meditate (as simple as that) Two or more -> One Choose to see the ugliness in this World -> Choose to see the beauty Everything is logical -> Embrace paradox Everything is made of atoms -> Everything is made of consciousness Cooler -> Closer -> Cleaner
  4. Has anybody had any experiences in using meditation/spirituality to help with chronic pain? I have this chronic shoulder pain that goes through the arms for 3 years which, as much as I try to remain positive and not victimize, limits me a lot. I went to many doctors, tried many types of physical theraphy; probably it's something with my mind/spirit and my brain is processing pain signals which are not there or exaggerating them. I'm starting to look for some alternative esoteric healing. Any reading material/videos are also welcome Thank you
  5. Of course some of the statements are bold to reflect the moment I'm living in the path But Transcending = Include + Exceed, not Neglect, which means first get and understand it, then move on to what else is above hat The ones who don't fit the criteria are a vast minority with completely different realities than the modern capitalist environments we've grown up. And I think our path has to be a mix of where you are and where you want to be, not just going for where you want to be. Unfortunately the majority of people who say the material does not matter will end up trying to be enlightened while being fat, having no money to buy healthy food, working at sucker jobs while complaning their bosses are fucked up. But I mean, I'm probably wrong for a considerable amout of cases. I'm talking about probabilities and my life situation here, which I believe most readers fit I also think a great way to realize that money is not important is not to stop believing on it/be against it, but actually getting it and feeling in your own experience that it does not bring the answer, for example. This is deeper first-person experience and leads to deeper wisdom Thanks for the counterpoint though =) I just wanted to see who resonated and who didn't
  6. I agree. I always watched every video and they provided me a lot of value and undestanding. But I realized I've reached a barrier. Non-actualized potential hurts a lot. Believing you have all concepts but being far from the reality you envision is a recipe for frustration. And Actualized.org does that. It has become completely addictive, and even worse, the last videos have become more and more negative. All new videos are about ranting, criticizing the "ones who can't see what I can see" and discussing subjects which might be at Leo's grasp, but 99.99% of the people here won't understand, and actually misinterpret it and believe they understood it. In 2020, I decided that I won't watch any new video, unless it is about Manifestation and bringing ideas to life. I will come back when I actually accomplished things instead of believing I can accomplish them because I am God. To be clear, this is not me saying that Actualized.org is not good. It is an amazing place with a lot of condensed knowlege. Leo is great at organizing thoughts and theories and delivering them in a direct way. He put the words out there, and it our responsibility to know how to use it too. I fell for the trap of spiritual ego, as most of us will. The only criticism I will place is that Actualized.org has a language which feeds spiritual ego (there are 5% of videos warning about it, and 95% of videos attacking the "unenlightened", so just out of watch-time proportion, you get more inclined to the spiritual ego side). It is our responsibility to work with it. Leo taught me a lot, and indirectly he taught me that spirituality is nothing without manifestation. Actualized.org will always be central to my Personal and Spiritual development and of course I will be back here. I just have to solve the problems I have in this moment
  7. What is a good path to understand Carl Jung's work and his insights and takes on consciousness? Suggestion of his books, talks and videos about him are welcome!
  8. There is clearly something going on. We just keep living our lives, day after day, pretending everything is so normal. Yet, deep down, we can feel anytime: there is something going on. Actually, it seems like our daily grind happens with the reason of trying to make us believe that that’s it. By engaging in daily, mechanical, repetitive activities, we might even determine life is predictable and usual. Yet, I believe we can all feel it. Between all the moments of normality, there is a space. A space where we feel a little curiously unsure. It tickles us. There are gaps between all the normality we try so much to establish. And no matter how much effort we put into building a regular experience, we can’t fill it all. The time will come when we will look around and ask: What the fuck is going on? Maybe that’s why we like to step outside sobriety. Sober is when we do our best pretending. Somehow, pretending has become our baseline. But it is so stupid. We can’t pretend everytime. Soon, we will arrive there again. The land of altered consciousness. And just as i finished writing this sentence, I rolled a joint and here we are again. The train has arrived. Many people see alcohol and weed as just ways of “geting crazy”. For me, who consume and average but soothing amount, they are a way to see things differently. This game of pretending is tiring and we all know it. We feel it every time. But look how much strength we have at keeping pretending. There is a lot of willpower going on for the pretending to continue. If we spent half of that energy on creating the reality we desire, we would already be there. But we don’t. In some ways, this pretending is beautiful. It is like we are all in this dance. This dance of the kind of things you are expected to do and say. So many people synchronized. The simple will never lose its beauty. However, human beings are so unique, so authentic. Everyday that passes, I get more astonished by this. Everyone is so fucking unique. A richness that we can’t measure. At the same time, everyone is trying to be the same exact thing. The scheme is pretty obvious. All people can develop eyes to see past the masks and into the unique, and the more conscious you become, the more richness presents itself to you. You get baffled. So baffled you feel almost like it is too much, the you couldn’t deserve this much. But reality over delivers, and you deserve it. To the ones who can see further, reality is always over delivering. That is because they see so much they leave space for not seeing. They can see that reality looks still, but it is always in movement, recombining itself to show something new. The ones who keep pushing very hard to pretend, and therefore not see, will then see a limited reality. Maybe that is the strategy. You pretend so much your reality becomes limited. And then you can handle it. Because if you leave space for this doubt, this observation, this expanding, shit will hit the fan. Reality will be so much it will damage you. It will damage your perceptions and desires that reality is just fucking regular, predictable and boring, and that this self makes so much sense. Bad news for you: it is not. Or rather, good news for you: it is not. The dance of pretending goes on, always so beautiful. But regularly, you will find yourself drinking another bottle of alcohol again. 3, 2, 1… and you’re drunk again! You’re high again! Why? You thought about how obvious it is that you should stop drinking, but you drank again. So you can find yourself in this state of escapism. But funny thing. The more you try to escape reality, the more inside of it you find yourself. The weed has settled in now. And it feels so profound. I look at the sames things I’ve looked before, such as the doors in my wardrobe. Yellow and wine. I see the exact same image, maybe a little fuzzier, but I see so much more than compared to 4 years ago. I have been opening up. Opening up to the possibilities of this World. And as you open yourself to it, simultaneously they start to show themselves to you. They were always there, but you just couldn’t see them. They were inside your field of vision, but invisible. Invisible, but so obvious. There is clearly something going on. And it is not hidden at all. We can’t find it not because it is furtive, deceptive or hidden. We can’t find it because it is so fucking obvious. So obvious we can’t believe it’s true. I’m too smart to fall for this crap. But the magic is that you should fall for it. Fall for how simple reality is. So simple your complexity could not understand it. So complex your simplicity could not understand it. All here, in your face. Everytime this sign where you look at things and think “there is something going on here” shows up, acknowledge it. Bring it in, observe it. This could be a great first step to your awakening.
  9. Hello everyone! I've been meditating for 522 days straight now. My baseline experience and presence clearly got into better levels; I feel how powerful it is. Reality, emotions and experience are much deeper now. Presence for me is the primordial gift of personal and spiritual development. I know our journey will not always be upwards, but I feel like the past 3 months have been a spiritual flat line. Falling back to autopilot often, recycling useless thoughts, etc. So I want to go back to the basics. I feel it will be good to take one step back before taking two forwards. Have you experienced this before? How was it? How did you deal with it? Any tips, books or material on different approaches to presence?
  10. Presence with no end-objective. Or presence with the objective of presence. Smelling the roses. Petting the cats. Being more focused on work; enjoying the present moment as it is;
  11. Not a problem! It is good that you're seeing it before. But I agree with other comments. Spiritual development is better when you have yours basics taken care of. The lower levels in the Maslows pyramid. You can start your spiritual development earlier, but you should work on your personal development earlier as well: health, exercise, diet, friends, family, relationships, courage, drive, engagement, discipline, meditation, habits, knowledge about money & business; compassion, empathy, community; systems thinking, reading, etc..... In my opinion, it's never good to go all-in in spirituality without grounding your life in the material, day-to-day world. Believing you are a spiritual master by rejecting the day-to-day life around you can be really, really dangerous. If you're truly spiritual, you will also be a master on day-to-day life, you will integrate it. That would be my only warning
  12. Missing connection to reality It's not a good thing to do. I mean, the person will get it, return to the source, etc. etc. But think about it: that will happen either way. When you're here, you have the divine opportunity to explore this reality. And there is so much magic to reality. If someone feels like it is not worth it, it means they're looking in the wrong direction and should go through a healing moment of self-knowledge and new directions
  13. Games were a huge part of my life from 10-22 years old. I am so thankful I got into gaming. It helped me: - Get smarter and think more clearly; have focus - Get better with competitive environments, having emotional intelligence to win - That's how I learned 99% of my english (I'm from Brazil) - Get more social as I met a lot of people and always played online games with a lot of communication going on - Exercising practice. I would play a game not just to play it, but to try and become better. That meant I had to practice the details alone for hours and hours and then go online and see the results of practice - Many more However, gaming cannot be a part of my life right now. It takes so much time for no results produced. Now I'm 25, and I just stopped it. Once a week I can play a CS:GO match while high just for fun, but I've dropped the habit (and addiction). It is up for you to judge. Nothing wrong playing some games to recover, heal and recharge energies on resting moments. But if that is taking away your productive time of meditation, learning, reading, working, I think it is bad. But it's your reality bro, listen to your heart Also, when you play, do it mindfully! Try some new tactics, practice a certain technique, get better at it. Don't do mindless gaming just to kill time I guess gaming is great for 10-18 years old; but not 22+
  14. I see it not as a rule but as a concept. It just tries to show that mastery is a very long marathon of everyday work. That if you do that everyday work, a lot, A LOT, with focus, you can expect the results to come later down the road. It is just an aid for immediatism. For people to accept what true mastery takes. Otherwise people would lose the patience they need to achieve that state and quit
  15. You're attached to it. Raising consciousness is a marathon, not a sprint. It requires discipline, consistent work, not quick fixes You are trying the practices and already expecting the results. You are doing the practices for the results. My man, do the practices everyday by love of the process. Slight changes will occur with 3-4 months. After 1 year, you will definitely tell the difference. But the real "result?" - a decade long quest. But a quest you can only perform if you can love and perform the process, day by day, without expecting the results But just to make you more comfortable, the results are real. Read to maintain focus. Interact here to see that it is true. And soon you will get results which will prove to yourself it is true. Patience is an amazing virtue! You gotta go through the suffering, slow and steady, to see the light. Every minute you feel like that now, will make sense to you later on. Suffering can teach a lot. But don't understand this as "be patient and it will just happen". No! Do the work! Discipline and practice. Every fucking day. Action is what will create your new reality
  16. I had a curious experience with nostalgia. When I was 20, I had so much nostalgia from 12-17 years. I just thought they were the best in so many aspects. And I realized that for 3 years I had this nostalgia, and I asked myself: "is there going to be a better time, or was that it, and from now on, everything can be good, but not as good as those times". Such a big attachment! I thought: "I want to produce a new moment in my life that in 10 years, that will be a new moment I will be nostalgic about". Producing moments that I would be nostalgic about in the future was a new goal. If I could do it, it meant that I was producing meaningful moments. And then, boom! When I was 23, I made an exchanged program and lived abroad for 1 year. And there it was. This was not worse or better than 12-17. It was just different. Different and immensely powerful. Now I'm 25 and I'm already nostalgic about 23. And looking forward to create my reality in a way that when I am 28, I will be nostalgic about 25, when 32, about 28, indefinitely...
  17. This happens. Frequently. Our egoes are still very strong and they are still scared of awakenings and insights; if it feels like part of it is dying, the freaked out mode will be activated Know that it is ok. Accept that moment. Do your meditations to keep grounded, so you don't start thinking you are getting crazy during these deep moments, because you aren't; but if the ego plays that trap of "you're losing your mind" on you, it can become effective to hold you back, even though nothing will happen. And know that this moment will come back more times. And each time, try to be a little bit more open, because you realize that you had that before, and you were ok. I guess it is one step at a time. Don't be in a hurry to reach it now. But do what's necessary to reach it eventually. Marathon, not race
  19. Hello everyone! Our hormones have an important part in our baseline experience. After watching some videos and reading about it, I'm thinking about getting them regularly checked and correctly balanced Apart from testosterone, thyroid hormones and cortisol, which other hormones you think are important to pay attention to?
  20. Hey folks Ken Wilber is a name that constantly pops up as you transition to tier 2 yellow thinking. I believe its time for me (and others out there) to dig deep into his work. What is the best order to study his works? Which book should I start? Are there good videos/podcasts on his theory?
  21. We hear this phrase a lot nowadays. But thinking about it... I understand we have so much access to information now that there is more opportunity to be in touch with spiritual and other teachings & etc (even though there is also a lot of shallow information that can get you sucked in). But this phrase is really special, and I never saw it in history before. - Does this way of thinking occur in other times in history and other writings? Or is this really a special time to live in?
  22. Leo's business model is to release free videos so that people buy paid material. There is an underlying agreement that was built over the time he release every week. He does not have to do it, and it is up to us who will buy the paid materials or not. But it would be nice if he said something, based on the fact we do enjoy him and his videos and like participating here
  23. I've had experiences like this before, but weaker. Yesterday, during my meditation, around minute 40 or something, out of nowhere, a crazy rush happens. It seems that my vision has widened, even though my eyes are closed. Goosebumps take over my body. It seems like "Shit got serious", but there isn't a specific trigger, imagery or thought that causes it. It just feels like I'm "going in for a ride". It seems like adrenaline is rushing through me. My mind usually stops, but soon a voice tries to say: "omg this is so cool, looks like an enlightenment experience" even though I know it is probably not, etc etc then ego takes over with a sense that "Im amazing for feeling this" and the experience dissolves after what feels like 2 mins. Does this mean something? Is it a good or bad indicator about my practice? I've felt it like 3-4 times in 10 months and it surely is remarkable
  24. Be careful with shooting for so many things in so many areas at the same time. You have time, so use it well and spread the things you want to learn and internalize over some "personal projects". This is a marathon, not a race