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  1. I have been listening to video game music/movie soundtracks while meditating. I just focus my attention on the sounds. I found that it deepens my meditation to a point where I'm getting chills all over my body. One time I smoked a little bit of weed and then when I listened to the music while meditating I was blasted into my imagination. I am an artist and I usually visualize my story in my head like I was watching a movie but that time I was absorbed into the scene almost completely. The scene was so epic and with the music boosting the experience, I felt such love and extacy. It was something that I had never experienced before. 😅
  2. You are me, I am you, we are happy unity 🥴
  3. Man I can't wait to listen the whole podcast and drink Leo's cup of wisdom
  4. You can become schizophrenic even without any psychedelics... If your too afraid of exploring life then maybe you should just stay home and watch some doggo videos with some nice hot choco❤️
  5. Astral archeology would be so cool! But yeah I'm thinking that first, i need to focus on realizing the absolute truth and secondary focus on exploring Akas*hic records and astral archeology
  6. It's just that the mystery around them is "killing" me But yeah I just have to come to terms with it that i might never know until i die. Then i will definitely know or not.
  7. Damn... I guess your right I'll pull my focus on that then.
  8. Life is a dream and imagination. I still have not direct experience of it but all I can say that this might be true. But how can we directly experience ancient history? I am very interested in ancient history, especially Ancient Egypt. But there are so many different views and opinions on it that I just don't know how to actually know what is the truth. Even though it is all a dream, I still want to study it but I want the raw absolute truth about it. Is there an absolute truth about how it went all down or are there multiple truths? How can I validate something that might have happened so long ago? Would psychedelics do the trick? Of course, i will experiment on it when I get my hands on them but in the meantime what are the tools that I can use to study it? Example My view and perspective are that there has been Pre-dynastic culture that built all the megalithic structures. My view on that comes from that there are records of "mythical" ancient kings who supposedly had advanced technology. But mainstream archeology rejects this because they say it's just myth. The ancients wrote about their ancestors escaping a sinking island in the middle of the sea to the ancient lands of Khemet (old name for Egypt.) They wrote about it on the walls, which I have not directly seen but I saw it from a vlog video about it. Of course, I have to go and experience it before I can say for sure. Mainstream says that it is also just a myth and that did not happen. Here is the video where I found the wall. Then we have the best smoking gun (in my opinion.) Granite/diorite box made out of one single piece. Estimated to weigh over 100 tons and it has been moved somehow through a narrow space to that corner. The mainstream archeologist says that it was pulled by ropes and wood. But no wood whatsoever has been found underneath it. Granite/diorite is in the hardness scale model 6. Mainstream archeology says that these were carved by copper chisels which are Mohs scale 3. There are many other examples of both mainstream and alternative views. These were just examples of my view. But I want to learn how to know the truth! To me, these are quite compelling but these are still just stories. I don't want to discriminate against any mainstream or alternative views. I think we need them both to know the truth but I just don't know to tackle this beast. I don't want to speculate or debate I just want to know the truth. How did these megaliths were made and who made them. How can I come to the truth if I can't directly experience the past? I was thinking of astral travel or something. Any suggestion would be nice. I will be doing some contemplation on it but are there any other things that I should do to arrive at the truth?
  9. I agree with Leo. Just let them be. They are on their own paths. Not all of us are ready to experience the truth.