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  1. This might just be the dumbest shit I've read all week
  2. Rule #3 of this subforum : Do not start a thread in this sub-forum unless you have some external resource to link. @cetus Hello
  3. @Daffcio Does your finances allow you to go live on your own? Says the weaboo
  4. Might be relevant :
  5. @r0ckyreed I can assure you with one hundred percent certainty that this question should be asked to your GP. There's literally dozens of risk factors that increase the chance of having blood clots. New agey armchair wizards on this forum don't know your medical history... Please ask your GP...
  6. Incoming thread lock
  7. @Danioover9000 Summer break for Australian students go from mid December to January. You're taking a break with 3.65 million people in Australia alone. There's no synchronicity here, just coincidences. What makes you believe in such things?
  8. @Danioover9000 What synchronicities are you talking about
  9. @neutralempty I found a shirt that would fit you well :
  10. @UNZARI Hi Unzari! Has your father ever hurt you physically? Where did you get this ridiculous idea? If parents breaking their children normal to you, you need to do a serious reality check...
  11. @fluffy_fractalshard Seems to me you're psychosed beyond relief
  12. Interesting read! You seem like a great person, I'm happy you're feeling better and better as time goes on The decision you took of taking antidepressants was an act of love towards yourself. Not everyone has the courage it takes to do something like this, I'm not even sure I would, but you somehow found a way. Continue to listen to your heart, and I'm sure great things with come to you, Metta
  13. @fluffy_fractalshard What in the f are you rambling on about?
  14. Hi! Today I listened to Jeffery Martin's talk on Buddha at the Gas Pump podcast : In the podcast he talk about the course he made up following his research on enlightenment, called the Finder's Course. Apparently at least 90% of people that took the course reached some form of stream entry or whatever his location 1 maps onto. See the course here : Has anyone has heard or tried this course and would like to share his or her experience? Here's a review from /r/streamentry : Here's seemingly what the course looked like 3 years ago : Here's another review from /r/streamentry's moderator : Here's another testimonial (although suspicious...) : @Leo Gura you wrote a blog post about the course 3 years ago : Do you have anything more to say about it? It seems to good to be true, the marketing is off-putting as well...
  15. @Leo Gura I've tried some psychedelics in the past and they're clearly something else for sure. I agree they're probably the best tools we have for this kind of work. But I've also had a pretty traumatic experience last time I used, about a year ago, that left me prone to anxiety attacks for about 4-5 months. Nasty stuff... I feel better now, but not yet ready to plunge back in. I think I'd rather cultivate some of that abiding peace before doing some more exploration with such substances. So right now I'm looking for alternatives haha
  16. Okay let's say for 1 second that these events are "synchronicities". Now what? What do you do with this information?
  17. Once you know you've got a good therapist, do not resist opening up your mind before him. This is one of the only relationship that you'll have in your life that is only established to benefit you!
  18. I'm not sure I understand your question. Do you want an antipsychotic because you had a bad 5-MeO trip, or do you want to find papers on the antipsychotic benefits of 5-MeO?
  19. Hello! I'm currently reading the Six Pillars of Self-Esteem by Nathaniel Branden and having a good time! Since the book is on Leo's booklist I figured I'd ask my question here, some of you might have read it already. It seems that for each of the six pillars there are sentence stems exercices to complete. 5/15 mins of exercices per pillar, times 6 pillars, two time a day eats up a lot of time... Sentence stem exercices, morning meditation, commuting and work at 7am don't go very well together... Is it simply better to master one pillar, then go on to the next? Or take one sentence stem from one pillar, another stem from another pillar, and so on to build the exercices this way? What's your thought on this?
  20. Didn't realize there was an entire section at the end of the book about a 31 week program that makes my question completely obsolete. @cetus or @Forestluv you can now lock this thread lol