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  1. You have to keep balance between each modes as life demands different actions. Go by intuition.
  2. The point is to help people and give thanks for what you already own. Keep positive and motivated by nature and life possibilities.
  3. @christianblake Level of physical and mental energy vs growth
  4. How is the right measure to keep a good balance between well-being and skill training?
  5. I always try to extract the good content from the big context.
  6. Man... even acting with violence we'll never forget the pain of been hurted emotionally.
  7. Lmao After you reach enlightenment you'll turn in a pornstar journey of the profane hero.
  8. @Ayla what about using your enlightenment to find the mind of Christ within your mind, body or soul ? I was reading that on Joel Goldsmith's infinite way. When you are in contact with the creator's mind it's possible to heal your body or even be a true Lider.
  9. @Ayla I still believe that we have some level of freewill when you are living a creative and spiritual life, but at the same time we are limited and influenced by all the forces of the universe. Finding the point that works better through your enlightenment path. Try to create composing music, writing a book or painting to see how alive you can be.
  10. @DizIzMikey Is very frightening and all you'll see is the choice of the roads of good (that we call God or good energy or even Christ) or Evil (That means Devil or spiritual death). When you follow the path through the light it turn towars your healing and survival, when you get millimeters outside God's or the creators path you go directly towards death. That was my personal experience. Adrenaline does its works !
  11. You have to eat less and practice 1 hour of exercises on daily basis to have health. It's crazyness to sacrifice your body as young, for me it's matter of health not appearence !
  12. I think about what i would do even for free for my whole life. Even getting paid some activities seens as a big pain in the ass as long you don't understand it's true benefits for the future and skills/knowledge improvement. How the paths relates with you dreams ?
  13. Death always opens the gate for another dimension and perspectives that we just don't know very well so it's always scareful and at the same time fascinating ! Near death experience was the faster form of achieve enlightenment that i discovered in my whole life. When you are going away from your body i can say that you start to merge with the universe in a very frighten way !
  14. I'm trying to augment the amount of times that i start my daily meditations. With alot of free time the problem is that you can easily distracts yourself alot of meditation. But indeed ! Is a great idea !!@Ken Lecoq @Leo Gura
  15. We are the same thing: An empty space (Nothingness) where everything occurs (Everythingness).