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  1. Drop any benefits you'd like to get from meditation and she'll focus more with ease. including you
  2. Hey @Leo Gura, was gonna post in Nootropics but I thought I would give a search try so thats why currently I'm writing here. Did you have any significant brain-boost from this method? If so, how reliable was that? And any other things you'd like to add? Like combining with some other Nootropic or smth like that? Thanks
  3. I feel terrible while reading this, guess who needs a kick start? KICK EGO HERE, KICK MY ASS <<<<<<<<<<< KICK ME What would be the effects of this becoming a drug addiction? What's modafinil is made of? Why modafinil works These are the questions I will be making research for.
  4. Life purpose is to understand the only thing matters in life is "you" and "being yourself". This is the purpose of the term when they say "life purpose"
  5. your problem is youre too serious. you should have said the opposite to the girl: I hope a huge dick black guy fucks you in the ass. then cover it with it was just a joke.
  6. Hello, I decided to build a RPG game based on spirituality. So I am seeking out some interesting cults or epics that I can create a lore around and create spells, characters, items etc. around on that. Better if it has a book or something that I can get into details. Thanks
  7. it might be useful to watch the episode of the Leo talking about two soda cans (pepsi cola) explaining differences and similarities. If someone remembers that episode, It would be helpful if s/he shares the link
  8. thanks for your share. though i need more unusual ones. kind of wicca and satan stuff maybe
  9. this is not accepting yourself. study brain and ask questions such as why some foods taste better i.e fast foods and chips. why health foods taste shit. this is not a question to be ashamed to ask for. we cannot deny these facts.. start making research and hack your brain. this is surrendering yourself for worse. if you have such option why no surrender for better?
  10. Developer here if you have any questions.
  11. A big part of self-actualization is to free yourself. You still talk about jobs. When with the subject is ART, this plays more important role on your true freedom.
  12. Still one left, you see? AN you trying to prove a thought via the forum.
  13. I guess this can be moved into journals section. Kind of BHW thing right?. Good luck on your journey and keep us updated.
  14. Talk about as if you can do everything in this life, act as if you can do everything you want in this life. This is the skillset you need in every situation.
  15. From my experience, I'd suggest you being loyal to Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Get your financial situation fixed if it's not, for aiming a short-term 9/5 job with taking advantage of your license degree. Then pursue something you really want. The power of 9/5 is that it gives you so much solid reason and experience to really go towards the opposite and be financially independent which as you have said you like
  16. nobody really understands the meaning of life is to be yourself.
  17. Choose both, you sounded exactly like me in past. I can still do the both. What's your worries? Who did setup crapshit ideas inside your mind about being a BB and unable to play soft or what?
  18. Assuming you mean "mental death or spiritual death", asides "body death". You're deluding yourself, you cannot die. nor act anything or perform anything. all actions and labels are false for your true self.
  19. Thanks for your precious comment. Apart, This is just yet another a video that I have faced today on my YouTube feed:
  20. Hi, Id like to share you with whats the session was like and to ask your opinion about one thing at the end. Hopefully this will be a good insight to those of you who are curious about how a therapy is like . The therapy went 45 minutes. We have begun with the question of what led me that I seeked out a therapy. I answered with that I had no specified purpose and continued to further describe what was going on inside my mind. The summary is that I told him that I had brain fog and no will to do anything. Then he asked to describe overall childhood and education years and university so on. I told him about as he asked the questions. The rest of questions was like this: Do you have a dream repeating Whats the last dream you remember Do you remember any dream from your childhood Do you want to tell about any event from your childhood (he insisted on dreams because I cant really see dreams so) Whats your family like and at the end he concluded that I need a tlfurther investigation from a psychiatrist in order to recover my willpower and forgetting stuff. I said thanks for his prescription and left there. basically what my overall comment is that he always went silent when i stop talking. i sometimes felt awkward at the beginnings but slowly got used to it. then it became to a point like i felt like meditating with a friend. anyways i felt a bit disgussed about he told me that drugs might be further needed. because i am afraid of the fact that chemicals fuck up thr brain. i will check out leos natural brain supplements after posting this post. what i would like you to share your idea about is i am a bit of irritated of the fact that i might neeed a drug therapy and the fact of millions brain fucked up with psycho drugs. i may reject the therapy and i think i will. what do you think? thanks
  21. I read all your post. If that what you have been explainings were never happening, what would you expect at best from your meditation? Another way to ask is: What will be there for you if these all are non happening for you? How will you be without all these?
  22. Did my therapist look happy to me? No, neutral. Actually I'd say we would be meditating forever If I did not disturb the silence. But that does not mean that he just sits there and does nothing. But yeah. The another thing impressed me was he had no personal comments on anything that I said. Like "HIS" idea or something. Never, none. I even once or twice tried to trick him, one was asked about what he was thinking about Freud when I saw a picture of him, "what's your idea about Freud" he said "this therapy is about you not me". Well, I can't say anything about this really since it's just the first 45 minutes of first session. But overall he was quite, quiet person. I told him about I did started meditations last year everyday and he said he did not know much about meditations and asked me to whether would I like to tell him more about it. This was quite strange though, I smell the realization of the therapy at that moment, understood what he's trying to do sort of. What was strange is that I felt he might know and wouldn't want to add personal comments, rather like me to explain him what's that mean for me.