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  1. @Gnosis How are you telling me my mind is rigid from a fucking comment?
  2. Alright... so much hogshit beliefs/fog/brainwash on your comments. So much confusion. Fuck this noise. You want to sound poetic or peer into the heart of the matter without this "feeling" inside that allows these words to come. See what mastery would be, wouldn't be a result of an internal feeling nor an application of attention on the idea of mastery. It's like yeah... you're on this increase of SPLENDOR right??? THERE IS SO MUCH RAINBOWS AND SUNSHINE COMING OUT YOUR ASS I CAN'T READ ANY OF YOUR GODDAMN WORDS SWEETHEART. I will say this. Mastery is not. Mastery does not exist. Okay I just killed a baby...I understand this is common dogshit you hear over the cool actualized kids but hear me out. There is no mastery as specific. I just repeated myself. Sorry. There is no mastery. I am talking about what we're pointing to when we say mastery. What mastery absolutely is. I am not saying ABSOLUTE/ENLIGHTENMENT mastery crap, no I'm just talking about very very , and I mean very, specifically mastery. What would be, as if, inside the heart of mastery itself. What it would be if we pierced into it and actually found it. Found it as in sealed the matter. It's reality is unformed, unchosen, undecided, uncreated. What mastery is is not a matter of opinion. We're not talking about anything but mastery. See, it is mastery we're talking about isn't it? Let's wait a few seconds... ... ... mastery .... ... It is mastery! Did it change? No. We're talking about mastery. Mastery must be specifically itself. Because it IS mastery. I don't mean that it is specific because we're talking about mastery. I mean that is is specific because it is itself. It must be. There is no other way around it. It is itself. So... It should be incredibly obvious at this point.. that mastery... because.. IT IS is distinct from everything else. And I mean EVERYTHING ELSE. IT JUST IS DISTINCT from everything else. IT MUST be, because it is not anything else... Your beliefs about it and how you feel about it are irrelevant to a discussion of what mastery is. I am not telling you to now perceive mastery as suddenly drained of your pooped sunshines but. I am telling you to see mastery for itself regardless of what you feel or know about it. We can talk about more shit but I think there is too much sunshine it would just likely get it's ass burned. One more thing about your wording, there is no true mastery and false mastery. If it is mastery, it is mastery. If it is not mastery, it wouldn't be false mastery. It would just not be mastery and there is no reason to call it false mastery because it would just not be mastery. I'm not picking here but it's important to be aware of the language we use because it shows us how we perceive the world.
  3. I think the biggest reason I really want to do this was that I saw 2 people of the 3 month program get what they were. It was astonishing and empowering. I feel a sense of excitement just thinking about it. I can't wait to find out.
  4. TLDR; Need 3 more people to request a 3 months consciousness program with Peter Ralston from August to October 2019. Let's be clear. When we talk about enlightenment you really have no idea what is being talked about. What you have has to be an image, a thought, a concept or some kind of perception but not the enlightenment itself at all. Something that is not generally knowing is that the absolute most of the times is "incompletely" realized. You can know what your nature is, clearly, yet not know what another is, or life is or what existence is. Your insight is, yes, "absolutely true" but still you somehow still make the error of perceiving that as your nature only and not the nature of everything else. What's inspiring is that you really are encouraged to be at the driver seat and do it now. You are repeatedly instructed to get it now, directly. I mean really do it now, at each moment. Seriously, how do you know you need 10,000 hours? This is not a "skill" we are trying to develop. We are trying to have an insight into the absolute nature of something, whatever that is. The absolute is not relative. The absolute is not a function of mind or the brain. The mind exists as a function of the absolute and so does the brain. The consciousness is a higher order property of all of perceptions. The absolute contains(or is the same as) all distinctions. How is it that you relate something you have no idea about (absolute) to a thought (10,000 hours)? Could this somehow open you up into considering that you can actually do it now? I am here to find people who care about actually understanding what is occurring for them. Individuals that want to put an end to the bullshit and set out to investigate with real openness and intent. I want you to know that if you really care about the results, If you really want to understand what is being talked about and you are willing to throw all fantasies and beliefs regarding enlightenment and consciousness and get what is actually true and real then I invite you to consider attending a 3 Month Consciousness Program with Peter Ralston. Significant points: The program will most likely run from August to October 2019. (90 days) Details about schedule/pricing The beginning of August to the end of October. The Cheng Hsin Center is located in Texas, United States. The program actually ends with a whole 1 month workshop. Specifically designed to penetrate your experience. This might be your last chance. Peter mentioned multiple times that he wants to retire. He might die as well... Be imbued with the attitude of "I am powerful and so are you." Actually get what it takes to be a powerful human being. Aren't you tired of superficial change? ~2 hours of Peter lecture almost everyday. You can simply raise your hands and ask questions. Use the force of other people, the pressure of the environment to increase your odds. You will work on personal transformation too. Such a two fold approach seems to ground the work. Peter mentioned that this approach actually increases the odds of absolute breakthrough even more. The "method" is completely open. I just said, COMPLETELY OPEN. It is the equivalent of saying that there is no method. The goal is to become directly conscious, using whatever means possible. Ever had this doubt thing going on when meditating? Is this the method/the way or whatever? Your doubts will be acknowledged and you will be instructed to go in whatever direction is necessary. Only truth is the goal. My sole purpose of writing this is to gather enough people so that I can do the program myself, as Peter only does them with usually a minimum requirement of 6 people. We currently have 3. There is no guarantee that Peter will agree. We have to contact him personally. Please beware that there is a chance there will be a 7 month apprenticeship program in 2020 or sometime after. (not guaranteed as well) Please ask me anything below, private message me if you're interested in attending.
  5. @stevegan928 You understand well.
  6. Much of this work is trudging through shit. Unless you asked because you are already trudging through shit and are wondering what's the next shit to trudge, your attitude should be worked at. It takes serious work. If you don't want to do it it's fine.
  7. Pursuing Consciousness. Not because it has the best content per say, but because it orients all the possible work you could do with yourself. It tells you how, or at least the best way to hold enlightenment. It tells you what are your emotional problems and how you can work with them. Yes it tells you but doesn't do it for you. You're pretty much left with working on it! There is a freeing feeling from realizing that this is the work that has to be done. I am not 100% certain on that so I am working on it even with this uncertainty. Interestingly, now that I am writing this I could work at this uncertainty with the book itself.
  8. @Maycol I understand this is a review and I just want to say that your whole attitude of comparing and judging between the books is probably a bad thing. Better in what sense? You seem to judge how it is getting to the deep end faster. You might have an easier time developing concepts that you have and just have them stay there as concepts but his entire books and works are best perceived as workbooks. You should be reading and be creating a list at the same time as you're reading of possible work you could do and then choose what you want to work on. The Book of Not Knowing is better in my case in the sense that it is about the thing you cherish the most. You and getting you. By whatever means and methods. It is a completely open thing. Even the trying of it is open. You don't know in the most way you don't know. You do that continuously and try somehow, if even you're trying in the first. Yes this sounds non-nonsensical but not-knowing is just that. Not knowing even the not knowing, if that makes any sense.
  9. @eleveneleven The thing is that he uses it for learning.
  10. Okay I found unusual informaition about the author of this that goes by the name of Dr. Piotr Wozniak I disappear for months at a time. When I work on an important project, I often cut off all my links with the outside world. This works wonders for focused work on a single subject. Naturally, this can be exasperating for everyone else, esp. that I send no notifications and all my mail is redirected to a colleague. The privacy level in my communications is dismal I do not attend conferences or business meetings. In short, I do not travel. In this modern electronic world, I consider travelling an unnecessary risk, as well as a waste of energy and time. All my work can now be done over the Internet. I have never been aboard a plane. My last conference and the last business meeting took place in 1999. My last train trip took place in 2004. My most recent experience of smelling the interior of a car occurred in 2011. I have no driving license I do not have a cell phone. I design my schedule around my circadian cycle using the Plan feature of SuperMemo. Phone calls at unpredictable moments of time make the execution of the schedule difficult, and for some slots, impossible. For the same reason, I do not use Internet telephony. This is explained in Planning a perfect productive day without stress. I am not a Luddite. I will use a phone for learning at some point in the future. However, I am still waiting for the right kind of SuperMemo that will make that worthwhile. More info here... I actually am starting to admire this person..: Philosophy I would like to recapture the idealized image of pre-industrial scientist who could focus entirely on his research pursuits. Like Newton in plague years, or Darwin on Beagle, or Darwin in his later years when he was writing the Origin of Species. Modern scientists justifiably complain of the need to juggle family life, administration, travel and commute, publish-or-perish pressures, battling for grants, student supervision, lecturing, information overload and Inboxes bursting at the seams. Contrast this with Darwin's work in his study, walks in nature, time for family, and pacing himself slowly to write the text that changed the world. This ideal is supposed to be served by the drastic measures I take: creative vacation, ditching the cell phone and travel, using mostly e-mail for communication, working on one project at a time, blogging as opposed to rigorous publishing, using bare feet rather than a car, etc. Not only does simplicity serve the efficiency, it is also a good formula for a happy life. I regret that my e-mail communication is erratic. There are countless interesting people in the world. I would love to know them all and learn about their lives, habits, their learning and their sleep, their creative habits and methods, the way they raise their kids, etc. and yet I need to squeeze this all in a reasonable time slot. Hence incremental e-mail processing that isn't great for continuity and yet it is best for extracting long-term value from communication. Quality should take precedence over Quantity. Please stay in touch independent of my shortcomings.
  11. Supermemo with Incremental Learning So I have know of this resource for more than 5 years but have never really delved to it. It seems I understand a lot more about it than I did then. I have no idea of the effectiveness and practicality of this matter but I would like to share it with you and have your thoughts. Basically it's using an application called SuperMemo with learning and retention techniques implemented in a much thorough manner than Anki. Check out this article: here There is a trail that can be found here the main website is here but my point is to ask is this even practical? There is a hell of a lot of information in there that makes me uneasy to just skip. (the reason I am linking is because it is not the orange supermemo website that pops up as a google search... that is a different one)
  12. Leo how do you take notes when reading books? Sometimes I take meticulous notes and it seems like I am wasting time taking notes. Like it would take me like an additional 6 hours of taking notes and organizing them. They're not even summaries at times and mostly copy pasting. Do you paraphrase? I know you didn't want to share through your Youtube video but I have thought about this a lot and don't know what to do about it. I would really appreciate if you could link the first OneNote video (that you deleted) and if you could respond to this text. I really am not trying to copy you. If your method works well I don't understand why I wouldn't use it. I want to compare I guess. I want to be efficient and focus my time on actually learning. I am not sure if I should be reading physical books even. I can export notes when e-reading and I can work on them on oneNote. But I am wondering if even I should copy things. Sometimes the notes are really really long and I don't know what to do about it. It feels like such a struggle to go through the notes. What do you think? What works and why? How do you balance "studying" and note taking. It seems like an infinite struggle. I would greatly appreciate you taking the time to answer this as this is an endeavor that I would spend hours and hours and hours doing. Your help could really make a serious difference. I am sure others can benefit too.
  13. @brovakhiin Now I did watch the video before making this post but it didn't cross my mind even. I guess I "got" it? I feel like someone's stalking me right now lol.
  14. Pretty great book that clarifies the place of Kriya Yoga as related to Loving practice & Wisdom practice (Self-Inquiry). I find this a tremendously valuable perspective specially if you're a person that values looking at alternatives and want to be thoughtful about what you're doing. This seals the issue in a sufficient manner. You are informed about what is necessary and all the onus is on you after reading the book depending on how you want to approach it. In terms of how good the additional practices are I don't think you should buy the book unless you have developed sufficient grip on the his first book (Kriya Exposed). But if you want to finalize the image of the path you perhaps should do it but I don't think it should be on your priority list unless you have practices for at least a month (perhaps less if you have hardcore intent). But I think the explanation and points made about insight/love practices are strong enough to actually buy the book. It is quite short and seals a big issue I think. The Love practice I probably would do the one from "Enlightenment Through the Path of Kundalini" or You can do ones from Mat Khan or any suitable author of your liking.
  15. When you're sitting there you're not doing "Kriya" "Yoga". You're repeating a particular phrase a number of times and focusing your attention at a particular point and counting while doing all that, and perhaps controlling or not controlling your breath. You are doing mechanical things. Almost random things that get the mind occupied on a particular repeating sensation. You do all that not because it's a fascinating and brilliant to technique. You do it because it leads to fascination and brilliance. Perhaps that's a damaging view since the truth is utterly simple. It seems like the more it's talked about it here the more it's gaining some prestige or mystery. It is an insanely simple process. I could draw a dog to you and I could tell you this is Kriya. Why? Because see all these lines? They are there every time, the same time, the same way, the same place. And we do that because we happen to believe that it somehow is more effective than doing any other random things based on a particular guru. And let's not get cocky and think someone can't just break through without the fucking Kriya. It's there not because it has to be but because we like our odds there. With the lines of a dog. When we say Kriya is effective let's have it in the back of our mind the particular definition of that.