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  1. Exactly. However, unlike yourself, a lot of people aren't aware that and why they are making these decisions.
  2. There have actually been studies showing that for example people named Phil were much more likely to move to Philadelphia. This has been done with many more similar scenarios and there definitely seems to be a coherence.
  3. @toby haha okay, thanks for educating me although i do wish i was more of a "fight" person @himanshu thanks! I will definitely try your suggestions, they make a lot of sense! @pilgrim it really sounds like we are very alike in that matter perfectionism certainly is something i struggle with as well Also I'm still figuring out that "life goal" part.
  4. I recently had a talk with a doctor who specializes in diabetes. She told me that, unfortunately, the human body has a desire to maintain your weight at the highest you've ever reached. That's why it's so hard for most people to lose weight and keep it that way. It does require some mental strength, but it is definitely not a lost cause. Apparently it is easier to compensate for it through more physical activity, rather than restricting your eating habits.
  5. All I can say, as a woman, is that I feel better when I don't masturbate. However, I am not sure what exactly is the reason for that. It could be because of spiritual and physical benefits. But maybe it's just because of a deeply rooted conviction that masturbation is shameful.
  6. @Aurum My intuition definitely tells me, to wait until next october, because before that I'm going to have a hard time getting out of my lease. It also tells me that I should switch to english. But I can't really trust that. Because so many times when I have listened to what I thought to be my intuition I soon regretted my decision and wanted to flee again.
  7. have you tried studying with your headphones on? You can listen to meditation music, white noise, classical music, there's even lots of youtube videos that provide sound scenerys that make you feel like you're sitting in a library, or the Gryffindor common room
  8. Interesting vision I can agree, that that would probably be a beautiful utopia. But I'm not sure if people living in this world would be truly fulfilled and loved. With all the freedom they got and no obligations, what are they going to do with all the free time on their hands?
  9. Hello everybody! I'm pretty sure everyone reading this is familiar with the term "fight or flight response". Thing is, I've got a reaaaaally strong urge to choose flight over fight whenever something mildly inconvenient happens in my life, or I'm just generally discontent. Examples: I recently moved to a new city and started studying philosophy and anthropology. I don't particularly like this city. It's got nothing special, the area is completely flat, so no mountains and no scenery anywhere. I'm a 6 hour drive away from home, which is probably not a lot in the US, but here it's more than half the country. Also, I live alone. But: Maybe I just don't like the city because it's winter? Or because I miss my friends? Maybe I've got an entirely different problem and just project everything on the city? The idea of switching cities is already pretty fixed in my head, so I start seeing it as the only possible solution for everything. I'm not being integrated in my new friend group? -> switch cities, it's already to late to truly be a part of their group. They're already too acquainted. Don't like the flat? -> switch cities, It's the only way to convince the landlady to prematurely annul the contract. Need true friends? -> switch cities, you can't build friendships within one year, that are even nearly as close as those you've had for years. I don't really like my major anthropology and am considering switching to english. Sooo - better sooner than later, right? What better time to do this, when you're switching cities anyway? -> switch cities The list goes on. This is only the situation I am in right in this moment. I could give you many many more examples from throughout my life. It's always been that way, you'd just need to look at my history of skipping school whenever there's a test or a presentation coming up. So you're probably thinking: Well, if you can realise that it's only a flight response, surely you can just get over it? True, I'm an adult, I'm supposed to be adulting. There's just that problem, that I can't distinguish between what I really want to do and what's just an urge to get an easy way out of my problems. I do think it is a good idea to move to a different city, because I think the place you live should be able to inspire you and make you feel at home. But I don't know which city, because I can't seem to find out whether it's a more exciting city, or closeness to my friends I'm looking for. Please keep in mind, that this is just an example out of many other things I experience this inconclusiveness with. But of course you can help me make that decision just as well Looking forward to your answers Katja
  10. @Orcoda sounds awesome. Where did you find a teacher like that?
  11. @Orcoda yes, It's wonderful you're able to do that! I was there aswell, couple of months back, and I'm hoping to be able to get there again
  12. @zambize haha, you're absolutely right! I meant it more as in: I feel like at the moment I don't have the self-control to do it. Right now, it sounds like a great idea, but i know that it's not that easy for me to get out of that hole of self-sabotage, that i can be sure I'll actually sign up tomorrow.
  13. @Serotoninluv thanks! @zambize you're right, trying to pick back up all my habits at once would probably only frustrate me. I don't have any expecially unhealthy food at home right now, so i guess that's something. I don't live in the US, so there's no planet fitness, but I'll see if I can maybe get a membership at my universitys gym, although, the way I'm feeling right now, I'm probs not gonna do it. @Orcoda Your answer gave me a little more insight where my feelings are coming from. I'll definitely do my best to get back into meditation. It's always been very hard for me to stick with it though. Thank you both for your suggestions!
  14. Hello everyone, June through september I started working a lot on myself ...meditation, consciousness, etc. And I started feeling so good, my mind became a lot clearer and I could tell I was on the right track. Now, in october I started studying philosophy and had to move because of that. I couldn't find a place to live at first, so I had to stay at a hostel for a month. I did find a place now, however, I'm living alone instead of in a shared flat. Two months have passed now. During that time I have lost almost all of my progress, I feel. I had to deal with alot of homesickness and loneliness. Also winter depression. I lost all my good habits like Yoga, meditation, reading, or diet. And I can't really seem to get back on track. Even returning to this forum is a big step for me. To everyone reading this. Where do I start? I'm on very low energy at the moment. Would love to hear everything you have to say
  15. The criticism itself isn't your thought, right? Maybe you should try to dig deeper about why that criticism hit you? After all, the criticism is about you, not about the person who expressed it.