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  1. @Caio @Tim R @WonderSeeker @Leo Gura @Cepzeu Thanks a lot!
  2. @Tim R Thanks. But Leo said that its most useful to trip with a specific intention. But everything seemed irrelevant when LSD kicked in. ?
  3. For the fist time in my life I took half tab of LSD with intention to question my life purpose. But I end up lost in hallucinations and could not think about any question that is significant for my everyday life. It was really enjoyable, but I couldn't do any real work. Perhaps I didn't want to. Any tips or suggestions?
  4. @mandyjw I know there are ''no real borders between the categories or spirituality, science, medicine, art, literature, etc.'', but in a relative sense doing physics will not expand your consciousness as will probably diving into realms of phenomenology. I've heard from spiritual masters some comments on empirism, subjectivity, holism, pragmatis and so on, but not on phenomenology.
  5. How does spirituality relate to phenomenology? To me, it seems that phenomenological methods developed by Husserl, Heidegger or Ponty are somewhat similiar to the practice of self-inquiry, noticing, observation present in spiritual practices. What do you think?
  6. I am looking for a book that would make me a great teacher. Any recommendations?
  7. Me and my gf
  8. Thanks a lot !
  9. I mean vision for my life. Right now, I feel disconnected from my future. Leo said that vision is the first thing we must find in order to do anything in life, because it will give the fuel necessary for staying on track with our task and goal. Right now, I am working a lot, but I often forget why, and if I don't know why, I will quit it or at least do it without passion. I think of vision as a vivid and dynamic images in my head that make me do things better and harder.
  10. I am looking for a book that could help me find my vision. Any recommendations?
  11. Ako se udružimo, možda Leo nekad i ovdje navrati
  12. actualized Balkan: koliko nas ima?
  13. @electroBeam Thank you! Perhaps, we should create another subforum where we would share insights and ideas for new foundation of science and how to make it real. I realy think it must be non-academic way, the way of true autodidacts. I think physical cosmology is the next kick for materialism, because it clearly shows we need new methods for doing science. A nice chance to fuse science and spirituality.
  14. @loub The same answer applies to all your questions: yes and no. It all depeends on you. I work realy hard to go successfully metaphysical and spiritual in science, but you must at first be patient because it could easy be ''wrong way''. First, study realy hard math and core physics subjects, then start with philosophy of science and then try to go metaphysical. Many times I had great ideas during my studies and have experienced almost mystical insights, but it is so hard to transform it to science. Anyways, work hard and be mindful of why are you doing scince. There are a lot of things yet to be found in fundamental science. Good luck!