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  1. So I live in Portugal and went to India for 2 weeks in holiday with my college friend. We traveled north and south, and went to Sadhguru ashram! When waiting on the bus stop to Isha yoga center, a youngster approached us and we started chatting. In mid conversation, I said "I watch a guy on YouTube you probably don't know him". "Who?". "Leo Gura!". "Oh yeah I watched him too and his videos on how to pickup girls." ?? We took a selfie! It's crazy the people you meet along the way. I bet you can guess who is the Indian kid.
  2. @whoareyou Yeah, I can see who is DEFINITELY not enlightened.
  3. Interesting. I feel the totally opposite.
  4. @whoareyou Meh. It's also true that the more you do work on yourself, the easier it is to spot falsehood. For example, there are a number of self-proclaimed gurus that I clearly know, I perceive, I see, that their energy is not right. I see their bullshit. And just from Youtube videos.
  5. @Leo Gura But you can clearly see that Sadhguru has a much deeper enlightenment than Mooji.
  6. Sadhguru is always bubbly But seriously now, how do you know then? My thumb of rule is always to look at their aura, and whether my intuition pulls me in our out.
  7. I doubt his enlightenment because of the lack of embodiment. If bliss is not pouring out of his face, what good is this enlightenment thing anyways?
  8. I've hugged Mooji and met him in Satsang multiple times 2 years ago. I think he's a wonderful dude. I don't believe he's enlightened. Yes, he seems to have some experience and wisdom. But if you want to get enlightened following his teachings, good luck. I don't believe he experiences Nirvana, Emptiness, Nothingness or Infinity. The core of the teaching is stay in your stillness prior to thought, but a LOT of spiritual talk is added on top. How you are the One, Inimaginable, Unfathomable. I spent lots of time reading this and thinking I was somehow advancing. More Sadhana showed me my delusions and how susceptible I was. I will read @Leo Gura books on cult-dynamics because it seems I'm young and very susceptible to getting brainwashed.
  9. @Leo Gura I don't want to become a celibate monk. The point is I want intimacy in my life, but I'm somehow blocked to it. What tool should I employ here?
  10. @Charlotte I guess I've been judging myself from not attaining to my ideals.
  11. @Jed Vassallo I've done 5-MeO once with a Shaman. Had an awakening experience. @Leo Gura I don't like to complain, but I must say that it has been extra-hard for me to get into intimate relationships. I tend to isolate myself from other people, and lose interest in friendships and socialization. At the same time, I crave for intimate and meaningful relationships. 3 years ago I started reading PUA and trying their techniques. I ended up with a few hookups but realized afterwards how artificial and false these relationships were. Now, when I start talking with some girl, the energy just wears off after some time and I lose interest and isolate myself. I've accepted this karma, and tried heavily to dissolve it with Sadhana. I am now trying Psychoanalysis. What am I not seeing? What am I missing?
  12. @Shin You're right. I'm just bitching and moaning.
  13. @Salvijus That sounds like a good idea. I will apply for it next year, after I finish my degree.
  14. @Shin I recognize that I'm the seer, and I know that I'm not the thoughts nor these problems nor these body movements. But I want to consciously go further, but seems I've hit a brick wall. Maybe I'm attaching myself without even realizing, in that case I just need to let it go. I'm tired of reading books. The Power Of Now was the first book that I read 3 years ago and was a really good introduction.
  15. I've been listening to Leo and doing daily meditation for almost 3 years, and I gained a lot of benefit and consciousness from it. However, the last year has been very stale. I don't see any big improvements anymore, and I don't consider myself a happy person yet. I'm still unsatisfied with life and holding on to lots of garbage. I have been to a Vipassana Retreat but was asked to leave after a big emotional release in day-6. I've attended Inner Engineering by Sadhguru and now am doing daily Shambhavi Mahamudra initiated by him. One wall that has been most present in my life is the craving/aversion for intimacy. I was addicted to porn since I was 12, and have tried to quit in recent years but eventually got myself back into it. Now I'm on track again, but getting very depressed that nothing will eventually change. There's a lot of neediness still, so much that I almost bought a hooker for 150€/hour. And looking back, my life has just been a repetitive cycle of the same non-sense. I'm 19 and don't want to waste my life. There's a temptation to leave everything behind and go do strong spiritual work in Sadhguru's ashram. It seems I'm not able to do it by myself. I'm looking for honest advice. And no, this is has not been a 1-week ego-backlash. This feeling of repetitiveness and staleness has been here for a year. Thank you and I'm looking forward to hear your opinions.