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  1. OK that's just a pathetic reply.
  2. I don't want to "jinx" it by describing exactly what I visualized today, but it was certainly exciting to visualize my future life 10 years from now. I could picture vividly the kind of house I will be living in, the romantic partner I will be with, my family, my career and where I will work, the clothes I will be wearing, and even the car I will be driving. I will be visualizing this incredible future into existence, at the same time every night, for the foreseeable future. Perhaps making amendments along the way Has anyone else here had any success at long term visualizations? I have certainly had success in the short term, but never dreamed this big or on such a timescale. Let me know your thoughts.
  3. Thanks. I see what you mean about my avatar name - I chose it because I can see the "evil" in myself and always remember that I have the potential for evil. However I make it my mission to "rise above" this, hence the "angel" part. But I certainly don't want to manifest evil in the world, so maybe I should change my name (is that possible on this forum?) I like your advice, thanks man.
  4. Is it a good idea to plan that far into the future?
  5. OK, I'm hoping many people will contribute to this thread, because I think it would be incredibly helpful to share our most memorable, insightful pieces of advice we've received from mentors, parents, teachers, friends, enlightened masters, whatever. It could even be something you read. Then I'd like you to tell me how this piece of advice has influenced the way you live your life. This should be good! I'll start: I remember when I was about 6 years old and I was lying on the couch with my mother sitting beside me and she said: "Throughout your whole life you will create many monsters. They will try to destroy you. Eventually you will learn to show them unconditional love and they will hold no power over you.". At that age, I took it literally as if I would make monsters out of playdough or something, but as an adult I can see she was talking about integrating the shadow self. So, there are many undesirable aspects of myself that I have created and that have caused harm, but I will always remember the profundity of what she said and know that I can love all the aspects of myself, whether they are beautiful or ugly.
  6. I like that one especially! ?
  7. @Commodent that's a good one. ?
  8. @Commodent Like
  9. OK, so I know my problems won't all be solved by moving, but I'm sick of the place I live and I need a change of scenery. I live in the UK, but don't want to say exactly where for privacy reasons. There is only one person I know in the new city I am planning to move to, so I will pretty much be on my own. I am planning on getting a one bedroom flat and looking for a job to top up the benefits I am already in receipt of. My main issue is that my upstairs neighbour is a junkie and I am also just sick of seeing the same old streets/shops/people. Not only that, but I currently live too close to my parents, who are having a negative impact on my life. I need to be my own person (I'm 31 and I still feel my parents have too much influence on my decisions etc.) Now, I am already a fairly isolated individual. My worry is that I will be even more lonely in the new town then I am already. At least I have the option of visiting people in my current town, or bumping into them in the street. However, I need a fresh start and I need to expand my horizons. There's got to be more to life than my current situation. I want to do a University or college course starting in September (probably psychology as I think this is my life purpose). So I guess when September comes around I will be able to make friends with other students and won't be as lonely. Has anyone who has maybe been in a similar situation got any advice for me?
  10. @Shiva I'm currently doing a very basic horticulture course, which ends in June, but my heart's not in it and I have missed about 50% of the classes so far.
  11. I would just ignore Peter Ralston. I don't like his moustache, his stupid false teeth, false smile, or the way he moves. I don't think he's enlightened I think he's a charlatan.
  12. @Shadowraix I was going to thank you, but seeing as you don't exist, I guess there's no need.
  13. Yaasssss.
  14. What do you guys think about this? I sometimes sit in a café on my own and just look about me, but it seems to make people uncomfortable. You stand out if you're on your own and not looking at your phone these days, and people sometimes look at you funny. I sometimes hear people calling me a weirdo or whatever.
  15. Yes, ego returned again. Or at least there still seems to be an "I" that suffers. I still have a stream of thoughts, although I find I can quiet my mind much quicker these days.
  16. Mine happened whilst watching Leo's "Spiritual Enlightenment - The Most Shocking Truth" video, and it was incredible. I just started laughing as I looked at "my" hands, realising for the first time it seemed, something that was so obvious it had completely eluded me - that I didn't exist! (not in the way I thought I did anyway) My ego was gone and I was in a blissful state of peace for about 10 days. The experience has changed my life because I now know that enlightenment is a real thing. I am not fully enlightened, but I know that I have glimpsed the Truth and I know that it's something I can continue to work towards.
  17. when I make a decision that i'm going to go to the gym, say, 4 times a week for the next three months, although it seems like I could do it using will-power, I never really make it past one or two weeks. has anyone got any advice on how to maintain sustained motivation throughout a three month period?
  18. He may be watching you while you sleep. Don't be so sure.... He says he's going on a "retreat"...but is he really?
  19. @Aeris I'm sorry, I honestly wasn't sure if comedy is allowed on this forum...if it's not then I'll just stop.
  20. Thought this was a good video. Enjoy.
  21. This is also a problem for me, and the anger thing makes sense, because I'm also having dreams where I am shouting at people. How do I sort this out?
  22. Ok, I hope this is an appropriate topic for this sub-forum. I wanted to share my thoughts while I am still lucid. I have drank four cans of fairly strong lager and throughout the process I decided to see how sober I could stay whilst under the influence. I.e. I have been drinking and meditating at the same time for the past few hours. What I have found is that every time I use alcohol I am sending myself to sleep, so this was a bit of a challenge to stay "woke" whilst consuming alcohol. I have managed to stay lucid for about 30 minutes without any thoughts and as I type this message I am still maintaining a fairly high level of awareness. I put this challenge to YOU to stay sober whilst drinking (if indeed you ever drink alcohol). ….
  23. That was very interesting. I for one believe that a "temporal lobe seizure" is actually the result rather than the cause of such mystical experiences.