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  1. Yes I have followed the links but they don't really reveal much about you, which is what I'm interested in: learning more about you. That's if you don't mind. I have heard and learned a lot about enlightenment , but not much on it's effect on the average person. I've heard about the eternal state of bliss or the end of suffering, merging with the very fabric of reality, becoming infinite, awakening from our 'dream state' and on and... But then at this moment in time I don't feel like I want to stop any suffering or confusion or experiencing what people tend to refer to as ego death and all of that. I'm quite satisfied with the way things are right now. But I am interested in the effects, in terms of how you go about your daily life and see the world. Which brings me to this second question: What are your ingredients of identifying that you'd consider true? You say "Truth cannot be an object of awareness.", what 'tool/tools' did you use to draw this conclusion.
  2. @winterknight @winterknight Can you elaborate on this statement. Are you referring to truth in general or a specific truth when you say "Truth cannot be an object of awareness."?
  3. @winterknight @winterknight Are you aware of a Truth? Maybe one that is foremost and you hold high.
  4. [To be read only when you've settled down.] PS. By consciousness in this post, I'm referring to not an abstract but this awareness of what is there. Mark 11: 23 "For I truly say to you, that whoever shall say to this mountain, 'be you removed and be you cast into the sea' ; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he said shall come to pass; he shall have whatever he said." You are a creator, orchestrating the events that are unfolding now, in this infinite moment, of your life. I'll start off by stating that when I use the word 'creator' I simply mean not what you consider to be creation(existence). So you are not your body nor are you the result of it, but rather something far more remarkable. You are it's maker. If you believe that you are the body then you most probably believe that you are alive, and like all other living things, you're yet to die. But to all those materialistic thinkers, can you pin point exactly where life begins and ends? Can you really differentiate between you and a cloud drifting in the sky? Just try and you'll fail. There is no difference other than one is a really complex occurrence and the other is so simple it's considered non-living. That's right an occurrence, that's all your body is, it's an event. Cells die and new ones are formed, worn out cells are being replaced, your skin is constantly shedding what was once considered a part of you, nothing is fixed about you, the atoms that make up your body are not the same atoms you had a year ago. Your thoughts, emotions and feelings all arise and pass, just like any other event. Here's another point you should consider: If you are the body then what are you made of? Particles? What are particles made of? You already see where this is going. What is matter essentially? Which brings me to my main discussion. Assuming that you are familiar with quantum physics then you should know that what we call matter - has no substance to it, it's nature is immaterial. Break down a subatomic particle and all you'll be left with is a wide range of possibilities, nothing tangible just possibilities. And various scientific experiments have shown just that. So really what are you? If reality is made up of possibilities then why this one? Why are we aware of this one instead of the other in this infinite range of possibilities? Just take a look at the Double Slit Experiment and you'll know what I'm talking about. And even in this day I still find people who tell me that such cases are of the quantum realm and are of irrelevance to what happens here in the macro world. But then where does the macro begin to break down into the quantum, where do rules of physics begin to apply and not apply? Can we pin point that? That is not even a valid statement because there are other experiments that have proven the distinction between quantum and macro to be illusory. And the most famous method used to do that involved quantum entanglement, but instead of using subatomic particles; entangled monstrous molecules were used. But here's the most important question. If experiments such as the Double Slit Experiment show us that without observation (which is really directed awareness) everything is happening at once, then who or what is directing these events/occurrences in our field of awareness? If reality is made up of infinite possibilities then why this one, who or what chose this one? If you at some point in your life that everything that is happening now makes sense then you should reconsider that notion. Reality is nonsensical. But like an every day dream we'll only realise this when we awaken to this. All these questions seem like they are impossible to answer, especially if you still hold the materialistic paradigm. But actually all these questions that I've stated have already been answered centuries ago, and we can still find these answers in our religious texts. Problem is nowadays we can no longer easily access raw untamed scripture. Scriptures have been misinterpreted, mistranslated, edited, omitted... So much so that it's now a complete mess. But even so perhaps you might still understand this one. Jesus referred to the devil as the ruler of this world (John 12: 31), for the sake of reading this post, let go of the concepts of good and evil. Now, by definition - you (ego) are the devil and have temporary authority over this world until you are united with The Father (God). And depending on what level of consciousness you are on, you are bringing forth the experience being witnessed. If your level is low then you are probably referring to this phenomenon as the Law Of Attraction. But if you're on a higher vibratory frequency then you're being considered a miracle performer or some master. Being at a low frequency means only just noticing the glitches in the matrix, like your moments of deja vu or dreams apparently manifesting into reality. People who truly transcended are very much real and present. They are healing people with untreatable diseases or disabilities, witnessing future events, etc. You are what you believe you are, and reality is what you believe it is. Your beliefs are embedded in your subconscious level which really is the conscious level you are not aware of. The mind has no limits for it not of this body. I've experienced inexplicable things that can only be understood through direct experience and I'm still growing. Things that I wants thought were impossible but turned out only impossible is impossible. There are no rules here except the ones we create. Reality is meaningless, and knowledge is bondage. Thank you if you read this thus far and I hope that it atleast opens your mind up to your untapped potential. I'm no longer spending much time here because I've been working on practice a lot. So should questions arise, I'll probably only see them later.
  5. Dreams are weird, but also quite revealing. I had a similar dream once or twice, years ago. And well, it also involved a devil or demon trying to kill me or torture... But long story short, at the end of the dream I realized that I wasn't afraid of death, even now, because I don’t believe in death. So now I live my life somewhat fearlessly. Any way I really don’t know what your dream is suppose to mean but maybe you can figure it out since it's personal to you. My advice is try to reflect on it with 100% sincerity, don't try to make things relatable if they aren't or look for things that are not there. focus on actuality, like your feelings and changes in your psyche.
  6. In the midst of all this chaos and noise induced by enquiry - there is silence. Deep in the ocean of confusion where cries and crisis flourishes - there's silence. Where there's a wide range of colors there's an absence of sight. Where there's a high population of feelings and emotion, there's numbness. It's not peaceful nor is it dreadful; it just Is - Silence. And in this silence - Meaning screams for attention, so much so that the deaf can hear this outcry. Hear the questions, hear the answers. But will you ever stop and hear the silence?
  7. I do encourage radical open mindedness, like being open minded to the possibility that everything you know might be incorrect. But from observation alone I can confidently say that as people we cannot handle not being grounded on some sort of information or knowledge. We aren't free unless we are in bondage. This I say because I do believe that knowledge is bondage. When you believe (even think) that you know something as a truth, you have limited yourself only to that supposed fact, therefore any thing else will appear to be false and all other sorts of negative connotations will be projected onto what is believed not to be true. E.g) If you can't accept the possibility that 1+1 can = 0 than you are not only bound but also limited. Hence most of us won't realise our God like nature in this life time, and thus our potential remains untapped.
  8. @winterknight What would it mean to you if a master, perhaps your favorite teacher, told you that you've not truly experienced enlightenment? PS: Not looking for a nondual type of answer, but a genuine one.
  9. Yeah it's definitely possible. And the fucked up part is that you won't know that you've stopped - until you start thinking again. It's a moment were 'you' are no more, along with the rest of...what we call existence. The sad part is that you won't be able to enlighten your folks about it because you won't be able to communicate such.
  10. The human and consciousness are actually one and the same thing. So there is no relationship here because there is no duality. The human is conscious because the human is consciousness. Ultimately everything is consciousness. Make sense?
  11. Instead of trying to remove the ego, try to remove the remover, and see where that leads you.
  12. Our life? What do you mean by this? I don’t believe in free will but neither do I believe in determinism. With freewill it's pretty simple why I don't, it's because even if it did exist, there wouldn't be anyone to use it or take possession of it which then defeats the purpose of its supposed existence. And with determinism...well it implies a cause (causation), which then entertains the idea of a past and inevitably, a future. I don't believe in anything out of consciousness, and since the past has never been observed along with the future, I don't consider them to be more than just figments of our imagination. However, I do believe that the way people react (like the choices that they make) is, in a sense, "programmed" because there has to be some sort of mechanism guiding the decision making process by all entities, regardless of whether biological or technological, otherwise we would all be like stones and not react when we... I don't know, find ourselves at the bottom of a lake with no access of air. There has to be some system conducting all of life, maybe EVOLUTION could be it. Ultimately anything is possible, these are just my thoughts.
  13. Yeah, I had already read it but I still don't get it. Is that what the monks said? It is was for drawing attention to the issue? Well if so then wow, talk about taking extreme measures. I'm sorry, but I still think that's a bit insane .
  14. What? And did he mention why? Was he trying to make some sort of point? WTF?
  15. I hope so. I wouldn't want to "believe" that I've done it (died).