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  1. Thanks. I'm just not sure where to find psychedelics since they're illegal. I'm gonna get a test kit for the future. I remember Leo had a video on the subject but forgot which one was it. I want to try LSD because I think it can expand my awareness. I'm curious about the boost I'd achieve from it. Did you try LSD before and was it a good experience? Can you say that it contributed to your overall better self? If that makes sense?
  2. Hey all, haven't posted in a very long time. Anyway, I've been pursuing entrepreneurship and I've came across this link about Silicon Valley College students taking LSD to enhance their work and creativity. This is is very interesting to me. I live in NY and I want to experience psychedelics myself. I just don't know where to start. I hear that the 2 safest psychedelics are LSD and shrooms. My goal is to take one of these open up my mind and change my world. I know this sounds crazy I'm just interested tho because I truly believe this will help benefit my creativity and give me a boost in my entrepreneurship.
  3. Addiction: Video Games Date: 4/19/16 Time: 10:30 PM - 11:30 PM Day #: Day 3 Feelings Felt Psychologically: I've sat there and tried my best to just stay in the present moment. I was mindful of my breathing using it as an anchor to remind myself of the present moment. Thoughts I had were calm, I could see myself playing the game and then after the image suddenly fading away like a cloud of smoke. It was very enlightening to me if I'm allowed to use the word here. As the days goes on, my impulse to play has lessened and lessened. I don't habitually type in the games name anymore in my phone, I very rarely think of it, I'm becoming happier. I'm becoming more social again and returning back to my extroverted roots in my daily life. I'm excited about this change. I'm happy. I need to keep the course and stay strong. Feelings Felt Physiologically: this was pretty tough the first 5 minutes to sit but then nothing bother me physiologically because I was very mindful of my breathing consistently focusing on the present. Questions You Asked Yourself: I can't remember because yet again I posted a day late. Got home late. Just focused on commiting to sitting and doing nothing. Got home like at 10:18 PM, settle in and at 10:30 on the dot began my session. I was more focused on just doing nothing and letting the chatter pass by like clouds. I'll post day 4 today too but much later on. How Do You Feel After Your Session?: I felt simplicity happy.
  4. Thank God for Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Jeff Bezos, and the guy who made selfie sticks!
  5. Addiction: Video Games Date: 4/18/16 Time: 11:00 PM - 12:00 AM Day #: Day 2 Feelings Felt Psychologically: I started at 11 PM. Got home from work around 10 PM, ate junk food (Burger King, yuck), watched a UFC video on YouTube until 11. At 11, I didn't sit but laid down because I'm still sick so it's hard on the body to sit for now. During the first 30 minutes I thought about how useless my addiction is. How I spent so much time and energy in the one activity. At first it was fun but then it was robbing me of my life and health, transforming my brain into a rotten tomato. After these thoughts, slowly I started to drift away. I unfortunately entered sleep mode. So from 1130 until 12 I was sleeping. At 12, my alarm woke me. I decided to save my post for today because I had no energy or alertness to post. Feelings Felt Physiologically: during the first 30 minutes or so, my body was not fidgeting or anything. I felt no discomfort and my nerves were at ease. I was quite surprised because usually I have a very hard time to sit still. I really should start sitting to get the full effects from this challenge. Seems like I'm starting off sluggishly? I mean it's ok I'm taking baby steps and working towards becoming better at this practice. I'm glad I'm mindful enough to do this challenge. I have hope for the next days that follow. Questions You Asked Yourself: I didn't really ask myself any questions. Maybe I did but I forgot. I do know it's important to post right after the session so everything you felt is still fresh and alive. I'll take note of that and commit to doing things the right way. How Do You Feel After Your Session?: after my session I feel back to sleep lol.
  6. Hey @Truth this an awesome way to look at it. Solid perspective. If you don't mind, I'd like to borrow that "structure" and add it to my after sessions. Thanks for the feedback! Best of luck on your journey!
  7. Thanks @Saarah best of luck on your challenge! To your question, I think both make sense. Personally, I won't be able to do it at a set time although I'm gonna try. I'm definitely gonna do it after that desire/urge too so both methods work out
  8. My thoughts so far: Leo really scared me and made me realize that if we just listen to his words but take no action, you can stay an addict for the rest of your life. That really inspired me to make this challenge. This is my only shot to get this right so I'm taking this serious and gonna devote/commit my time to completing this challenge. Best of luck to everyone who partake.
  9. Addiction: Video Games Date: 4/17/2016 Time: started at 10:30 AM but session ended at 11:20 AM because mom distracted me. Day #: Day 1 Feelings Felt Psychologically: A lot of distractions but gave an effort to stay in the present moment and thought of nothingness. Some periods, had an urge for cravings to play but reminded myself no. Feelings Felt Physiologically: For like 3 minutes my right leg kept shaking. Questions You Asked Yourself: Some questions I asked myself was does this really work, how can I become a better write, how do I articulate my thoughts better, how do I reach a higher level of success. How Do You Feel After Your Session?: after my session, I feel more calm and alert. I have a little impulse to play but consciously I know not to and I won't. So far so good. Also I actually laid down because I am sick with influenza aka the flu. ****EDIT****
  10. Introduction: A challenge to transcend your addiction (e.g. video games, smoking, porn etc.) Synopsis: To transcend an addiction, you must sit and do nothing. People fail with addiction because the fear of emptiness terrifies them. Detailed Video: 7 Day Challenge: Starting today, take 1 hour of your time to sit and do nothing, for the next 7 days (1week). During Your Sitting: You are not allowed any external/internal stimulation (books, socialization, television etc.) You are not allowed to distract yourself with fantasies, temptations, cravings. Practice mindfulness meditation. Practice existential investigation. Post Your Experiences: After your session, post your experiences following this format: Addiction: Date: Time: Day # (e.g. Day 2): Feelings Felt Psychologically: Feelings Felt Physiologically: Questions You Asked Yourself: How Do You Feel After Your Session?: Conclusion: On the 7th day, do you feel transcended? Yes or no?
  11. I'm not trolling. I can easily request to Leo to lock the tread if this thread is bothering people.
  12. This is amazing. Pretty scary because it's like how do you know me? Lol Loving the insights here, it's straight to the point. Gonna keep this in mind and contemplate. Thanks @Electron Stay awesome!
  13. @Electron very interesting. Never saw it that way. We share the same state. How do I get out of confusion and lack of clarity? How to win back "clarity"? What worked for you? Sometimes I know I have to do something and I'm certain about it but I still lack the "drive" to commence in action. I blame the bad habits I developed.
  14. @ZenDog good to hear. Seems like you know what you want. Your desires are strong, that's good. Leo says making investments towards retreats, conferences, or seminars, etc is extremely beneficial. Attend one that resonates with your agenda the most. You'll learn knowledge and ascend to a much more valued person. Stay cool!