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  1. I used the truth few times to manipulate the monkeys to do whatever I want when that was the last solution to can survive. Money and status are indeed weapons of ultimate power, but when I heared the cold voice of death whispering in my ears I experienced a power beyond those above. And this is in his paradox the truth. The feeling of God is dangerous. This world is not ready to complete surrender to love. And the first one who ll get there will die or will destroy everything.
  2. Hi thanks. Really good thumbs on Your youtube channel. I recomand you microworkers.com to grow your business. There basically pay $0.10 for 1sub 1 full clip view 1like and 1commend.
  3. by no mind are you refer at no state or something similar?
  4. Everybody has a different reality view and unique opinion about that. So go on.
  5. Hi I hope you are well. Is here somebody who got experience with fb advertising? I would like to know if in the big picture, once you get 100 sales on your pixel, your work should be done and let the LLA doing his job; doesn't? Thanks.
  6. There is not too much to learn, just watch 15m+ on youtube to get an idea of what is it about and that is enough.
  7. Actually I m expecting to start a worldwide revolution.
  8. I m expecting to finish this project in 1 - 2 years. I hope not 3. There is one more thing to work at myself. Right now I m doing research and write down sentences when I have an insight which is aligned with my vision. My objective is a best seller. Now I m courious how the readers will react at storyes about deep depression, suicide, the slavery of sec 21, and things like that.. Some examples with good memoirs will be great.
  9. There is nobody interested in that? Or is something which I missed here or I wasn't clearly enough in my expression?
  10. Yea collaborating good point. Check out this link about that.. I m actually work at it. https://bit.ly/2F9d7JZ Or ofc anybody who wanna try that. It is good to have it here.
  11. Basically there are people with let s say 1000 email subscribers in business niche. You pay them to send your content to their subscribers. It is like you pay for an instant email list.
  12. Hi there. Are you started a new business or wanna do? Did you find your specific niche or wanna narrow deeper your market? All of that are good but if I tell you that 90% of your focus must be directed towards marketing and traffic; this is the real secret of a successful business. So I wanna share with you few ways of getting traffic to your Web and I hope that you too will share with us your knowledge a about this subject. Pay traffic : Facebook ads Google ads YouTube ads Instagram influencers Email marketing - check udimi.com Microworkers. Com Free traffic : Blogging articles Comment on blogs with your Web link attach Facebook groups Comment on forums ( like this one or warrior forum - Google it) with your Web link attach Sharing Email marketing - If you have an email list Social media accounts What are your paid and free ways to get more traffic?
  13. Now I think I know why takes Leo so long to upload this very important episode. While working at myself to reach my awarness of my emotions by learning, researching, experimenting, failing and trying again I d found out that actually there is very few good information available. If you think at love, as an example, Socrate, Freud and so on has trying (I hope is the right English tenses) to explain what love is. And this work is still going nowadays. So if here is kind of a new domain of study, I guess that Leo, if he s a researching dude, has to come up with even something new or to dig deeper with his research. What do you think?
  14. Hi. I m working at writing my memoir book. The subject is very sensitive and I noticed that people can t digest this level of horror. So how can I deal with it? In my point of view the things aren't a big deal anymore, but for someone else, I observed that it is just shocking.