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  1. Why? Whether you are all fooled or you are into this... All this enlightening bullshit comes to opening your body for soul exchange - in common language: possesion by demon/alien/satan- whatever! I neded to be exorcised to get rid of it! Jesus Christ is the way! Dont get fooled! You are manipulated by very, i mean very inteligent beings! They are so smart and sneaky! Theyll start to separate you from Jesus, then they separate you from friends, then theyll try to separate you from those who you love - all this enlightening process is designed to manipulate you so that you allow for this. Then desparately youll be looking for salvation and guess what ‚pursuit enlightement’ - First it feels like you are getting nirvana, then your whole life is getting more and more well arranged, then you are getting spiritual experiences that feels like wakeing up. (Its unconcious devil contract. They are climbing through energetic spine from the base to your brain. If they get into your brain then its ‚game over’ - they got your body (guess). The nirvana feeling is impregnating your spirit with ‚it’ - i guess. If your free will is distorted by ‚something’ then its attached to you! Its not normal. Read possesion syndromes if you have some then pray to Jesus Christ and talk with exorcist. THEY are waching biological pairing to get the right targets since ages. If you or your parents saw light orbs on the sky then be aware of it because you might be the target. They planed to get me before i was even born! Its alien hijacking of conciousness and body! This spiritual notion is mind program to get you all fooled! They want to conceptualized ‚reality’ in such a way that you belive you are god! NO! You you are part of the God! THEY are separated from creation-from God and they want to get back to it using us! This whole awakening process is to separate you from the true God! Cant belive its hapening! Its important - Dont open your eyes when you feel to wake up! Pray to Jesus Christ and get in contact with exorcist-youll not belive what you were holding/or what hold you (i was sceptic too)! They somehow are afraid of Jesus Christ. If you spell his name loud and your body start shakeing vibrainting etc then its like torch getting lit to your salvation - keep it lit and get rid of this energetic parasite through Jesus Christ with a help of exorcist. @Leo Gura i honestly dont know what is in your case since you are using psyhodelics and maybe you werent hijacked, but please reconsider talking about this till it will be to late for all of ‚spiritual developers’. Its very dangerous and you are not even aware of the danger which is very real. There is plenty videos and relations of what i wrote - its real. Please dont play the chosen one by something ‚higher’ - its dumb thing that is propagated unconciously also to fool you. Please spread this message and give your relation if you experienced/noticed that too! Its all alien trojan horse. Be aware of the moon and the grey aliens and their flying orbs! In the name of Jesus Christ the one and only true Son of God that came to bring salvation to us please take this message to your heart till it will be to late in the last days for those who were fooled... I was into this ‚conciousness/new age’ things too so ill understand if you call me crazy or ‚not enlightened’ or Christian beliver - few months ago i would do that too... please be vigilant Christian. If you have no control over your body and you are ‚observer’ then you were fooled.... There is free will!
  2. Hi. Can someone that realy have knowledge , can answer this question: what are dreams/visions? My case is that on many levels of my development my dreams are less rubish mess but more like one connected story in specific places. I was sceptic about it till i found out on web places that never heard or seen anything about them but when i went on google street view then i was like holly fuck! I had story that was plyed in city that i never seen and it looks exactly like in my dream... when dreams are connecting with reality then it makes me look for answer. I dived in web which is not helping realy much- i found out shits that makes it more fucked up. What are they? Am i having remote view of different realities or someones realities? Or are those messages from someone? How to know if this is real or artificial? Pleas help me with that im confused very much...
  3. Hello. Is it common that on some sort of level of soul development you are calm about anything and not knowing anything because you know everything so thats why you are calm about anything? I mean that you are passenger knowing that your life is just this ethernal replication of as i call it ‘harmony code’ that is colapsing all ‘undevine artificial structures of realities’ by just being - i feel like my life is like a brief or blinking - automated by this perfect code. I feel no emotion and no energy beside my top of the head? Is anyone know how ‘chacras’ energy works. Is my crown chacra overactive? Should i develop other, will this help on my journey because im now observer sensing reality and energy within and any interaction from this enegetic posision feels out of place... if anyone experienced could share his knowledge about it then i would be glad.
  4. ...can we get back to the point of this thread. imo the conclusion of this thread is to be ‘vege’ and respect life. The life itself that we create is like constant voting mashine - what you give, support, belive that you’ll get and youll be living in this. So to all of the meat eater - if you think that we are on top of the food chain, and can bread animals in their “eden‘ and after that kill them and eat in this ‘modern days’ - then haha you shift in to reality that will break this pathetic dream, and you will be that animal. Just saying... dont ‘vote’ for that please
  5. Give up control to whats good, because only then itll be perfect whats good causes no harm unite .
  6. You break the consciousness boundry when you open pandora box. Your moan and cry will be so powerfull that the universe guidance will remain. Rabbit hole goes depper. Every shadow of yor life will be visible as your perception will see things the way they are. Rebirth of innocent soul thatll cast the light upon labiryn of life through eternity.
  7. Final frontier. If you dont belive then youll end up in a nightmare. Belive and love
  8. Im having lately hell in my head, since i realized im in a dream. Any guidance? Havent wake up but now i dont care. Whatever hint you give itll help. Thank you.
  9. Ya whatever! You seems bored. Work on your “sanity” and immerse in reality. Feel your feet breath heart and eat some shit
  10. Ground yourself! Stop wandering! Give yourself to the world!
  11. Basically all what we call art: games,music, movies - was a calling us to wake up, break the barier of logical mind. I mean some of them the “artistic one” Cant belive that we were working together throught all of this to get higher.
  12. Explore for resources to create the best
  13. Its all about fulfillment and balance. Use chakras as map! You should ground yourself like energy to nature, animals, people. Give them good, learn, observe.
  14. Lol. Go out to people, immerse in life and forget! Help people on lowest/lower stages. They need support and this will complete you. We are going on right natural path itll be better and better. Find love in your reality! And spread the love! Help and guide thats what we can do even to ourself. We are confused children in spreading garden of Eden! The shit that you experience Is going above your experience sensations, then search for them. Search for mastery, something on earth. Your frames of life are posibilities to chose sensations to spread light on lower lightened! Help, create, master, inspire. Listening amazing music from 60 70 80 can tune you to joy mode. Feel sensation!