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  1. Give up control to whats good, because only then itll be perfect whats good causes no harm unite .
  2. You break the consciousness boundry when you open pandora box. Your moan and cry will be so powerfull that the universe guidance will remain. Rabbit hole goes depper. Every shadow of yor life will be visible as your perception will see things the way they are. Rebirth of innocent soul thatll cast the light upon labiryn of life through eternity.
  3. Final frontier. If you dont belive then youll end up in a nightmare. Belive and love
  4. Im having lately hell in my head, since i realized im in a dream. Any guidance? Havent wake up but now i dont care. Whatever hint you give itll help. Thank you.
  5. Ya whatever! You seems bored. Work on your “sanity” and immerse in reality. Feel your feet breath heart and eat some shit
  6. Ground yourself! Stop wandering! Give yourself to the world!
  7. Basically all what we call art: games,music, movies - was a calling us to wake up, break the barier of logical mind. I mean some of them the “artistic one” Cant belive that we were working together throught all of this to get higher.
  8. Explore for resources to create the best
  9. Its all about fulfillment and balance. Use chakras as map! You should ground yourself like energy to nature, animals, people. Give them good, learn, observe.
  10. Lol. Go out to people, immerse in life and forget! Help people on lowest/lower stages. They need support and this will complete you. We are going on right natural path itll be better and better. Find love in your reality! And spread the love! Help and guide thats what we can do even to ourself. We are confused children in spreading garden of Eden! The shit that you experience Is going above your experience sensations, then search for them. Search for mastery, something on earth. Your frames of life are posibilities to chose sensations to spread light on lower lightened! Help, create, master, inspire. Listening amazing music from 60 70 80 can tune you to joy mode. Feel sensation!
  11. “Victim victimazer” was broken
  12. Got it. Thanks
  13. Thank you
  14. I got it more clearly now... About my orignal post- whoever got what i meant by it and have similar problem, the solution is always to push yourself towards balance that serves the best for yourself and the enviroment. I was basicly addicted from meditation, and non dual state. If something makes you disfuncional in life then, step away from it and balance it out. Make the intention that guides you to better version of your self always. You are what you belive in. Also another insight i got is that the ego is the reflection of your belifes about yourself. Make it your friend, cooperate with it. Most of te spiritual guides on the internet makes the 'feel' about ego that this is something bad, that you should get rid - wrong! This is the interconection with this world - the way how you work with it reflect your relationship with the reality. It is lens that define your illusion of reality so take full responsibility for it. If you suck at something then its because you belive in it, and you will suck at it till you dont change your believes. Belives is the self perpetuating engine. Who controls your belives control yourself. The meditation is workbench for your ego once you cleared your mind and have intention to change something. Also noticed that many guides about self development on the internet have intention to 'get rid of the illusion' and no one tells what after that. The answer is - cooperate with it, change it for better. Its like going outside of circle of awareness that influensed you but now you are creating this circle. I could basicly write about it forever. Hope @Leo Gura will make video about ego traps of misinterpretation of self development guides- if he survives his monthly 'retreat' ... Also another inight is that you could be addicted from tutorials about selfdevelopment, or you might to much rely on them -watch on that too. Your main developent tool is you yourself - remember that! You are the guru! Develop own insights! Look inwards!