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  1. @Jacobsrw Thanks for the suggestion. Sure, I'll look into it.
  2. I guess it might be hard to explain through language. But nevertheless it got me interested if someone wrote about this topic. During my last psy trip I had some experience about how ego is just a self deception and a survival mechanism. Would like to read a high quality resource related to "how our minds constructs the physical reality we experience around us" Answers are much appreciated _/\_
  3. @Leo Gura and we try to explain it "Modern Science" and some neuron connection. Which again only exists within consciousness “Better a harsh truth than a comfortable delusion.”
  4. Very interesting article by Dr. Peter Fenwick He states - " The brain does not create or produce consciousness; rather, it filters it and perceives only a tiny part of the cosmos’ intrinsic “consciousness.” More quality resources related to this topic are below - Neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander says that science shows that the brain does not control consciousness - Cognitive scientist Donald D. Hoffman discusses why neural correlates of consciousness do not cause consciousness. A discussion about the unity and independence of Consciousness. -
  5. Some tips for developing motivation for pretty much every facet of life are - Have a big picture of whatever you're doing Have a actionable plan, Where you take small chunk of action Have realistic time expectations for getting results Visualize and Feel the bodily sensations of when you accomplish it Find the intrinsic reason "why ?" , Rather than extrinsic life circumstances Remind yourself of your physical mortality Try doing it for something bigger than the self Do down to the core of your beliefs and thoughts, Why you do not feel motivated Let go of resistance Apply some of these according to your subjective situation. Hope it helps :-)