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  1. Already was into this work before learning of Leo so not much diff prob. Read the holographic universe when I was 15 didn’t discover Leo till early 20s
  2. David Carse, Martin Ball
  3. Yea you can literally sign up for courses online that’ll teach you how to develop various siddhis.
  4. This blogger named Amara Strand is probably the most deeply enlightened person I know of. here are a few of her articles radical radical open mindedness required
  5. @Aakash this idea of a “total” or “100%” enlightenment is most likely fualty. It probably continues forever even if the human brain reaches it’s hypothetical highest potential, evolution will produce brains with even greater capabilities
  6. This. At no point does someone go from being “not enlightened” to “enlightened.” It’s a gradual change people who haven’t awakened whatsoever generally don’t have any understanding of the infinite tiny shifts on the path
  7. @Moreira no. psychedelics change you permanently. I’ve only done mushrooms and I know that
  8. Is 5 meo dmt really a magic pill to an abiding enlightenment, or just extreme mystical experiences?
  9. Just wondering who’s done Kriya Yoga for a year like Leo had suggested and what the results have been. i started about 3 weeks ago and have noticed that I have much less monkey mind and I wake up at 4 am naturally every day, among other things. my stack is: kriya bow *1 mahamudra *1 kriya pranayama *36 yoni mudra *3 5 mins of concentration sometimes twice, sometimes once a day