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  1. Two cult leaders came to this forum in the past and shit on Leo and his teachings. As someone who’s actually gone all the way, I’m here to tell you that Leo is a fantastic teacher. If you have questions regarding the nitty gritty of seeking, ask him. I will never start a spiritual community, and I won’t answer questions on my posts. These posts are meant to inspire seekers, that is all. A spiritual tribe sprang up after I finished my job, but that’s none of my business. Spirituality is long gone for me. I really can’t relate to or do much for seekers, other than tell my stories. I tried answering questions in the past, and that ended up just confusing people. I won’t ever comment on other posts from now on, either.
  2. Post enlightenment, I received a massive amount of energy which caused this body to perform a bunch of siddhis, without my conscious awareness of it. Then, all of that energy left me, for the good of global consciousness. Now, I’m is just a person, and nothing out of the ordinary ever happens around me. When you’re truly enlightened, I highly doubt you’ll want to retain any siddhis, much better to remain under the radar. the only power I believe in is Truth.
  3. I mentioned that I used to have siddhis, but now my only power is Truth. I also said that “magic and woo woo happen in the minds of people around me.” here’s the difference. before, when I had siddhis, I was residing in Turiya, and the powers manifested themselves in the physical world- which made me stand out like a sore thumb. I wasn’t aware i was doing it because I was in Sahaja Samadhi, but other people saw me as “off.” Now, having become established in the Fifth, I don’t perform any siddhis. I simply transmit Truth, and the minds of people around me produce hallucinations to try to suck them back into the Matrix. I dismiss these effortlessly, just by not caring at all, by not noticing in any way. A subtle part of me noticed before, when it was siddhis- it just wasn’t conscious. massive difference there. Now, no one sees me as “off,” and no one believes I have any sort of powers- thank God. Now, people simply see that the world they inhabit is an illusion. in other words, it’s all Me now- no one suspects little me of anything.
  4. After awakening, a non-physical part of me jumped 10 years into the future(I burnt 10 years’ worth of karma). I then proceeded to go ten years into the past over the course of a month from my perspective, clearing the karma of every single person who’d been a student of mine in previous lives. I blew the minds of everyone I interacted with because I seemed to understand them perfectly. Now, they’re all saved. Once I knew my job was done, a woman who didn’t know me looked directly at me and said, “you’re done.” now I enjoy life, and share these crazy stories to inspire seekers. ”Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” the human mind is the most advanced technology in this universe. You can become enlightened. I’m just a regular schmuck. You can become enlightened and you can help your fellow man.
  5. Those rushes are kundalini activity. When they reach their peak, your head will explode and you’ll attain enlightenment. then, the energy will slowly dissipate over the course of approximately a month, and once the I-thought which rests in your heart chakra is dissolved, you’ll be Self-Realized. The 8th, and 9th oxherd pictures Post Self-Realization, once you finish your life’s karma, you’ll become an omniscient Buddha. It doesn’t matter whether that happens in this birth or not- every job is as important as every other job, and every Self-Realized person knows he’s God, so he does his job effortlessly. That being said, with the planet’s energies being what they are right now, everyone here will most likely become omniscient Buddhas in this very life. 5D ascension, baby. The 10th oxherd picture
  6. Sure, but the enlightenment of everyone is much better. i only attained enlightenment because my goal is the enlightenment of all within my very lifetime. always set ludicrous, impossible goals if you plan on achieving anything worthwhile. That’s how it goes for everything. I also want to be an advisor to CEO’s. Who knows if that will happen? It’s a massive goal. But because that’s my goal I’m guaranteed to do something huge for humanity in this life
  7. Because, from the Turiyatita state, every other possible timeline is dissolved and only the Divine Will arises. Other timelines arise out of free will, other timelines are maya.
  8. @Serotoninluv words are irrelevant to me. I’m talking about an experience, not concepts. You’re trying to argue with a human; I’m telling God what he’s in for in the very near future.
  9. @Serotoninluv no. You don’t see it because it’s not your experience. But you will. Everyone will, soon. People around me have seen dead trees bloom to life, exactly as the tenth picture describes. That’s because when you’re in this state, time accelerates around you, you’re a furnace obliterating karma by your very being my campus jumped a few years into the future, my best friend commented on how I “created” a patch of trees in the downtown area of my city.
  10. @Serotoninluv a universal flow of energy not bound by ordinary physical law, but totally ordinary. The basis upon which a new galactic civilization will arise imagine the conventional laws of nature, as well as so-called miracles as all one big bubble of illusions. When the bubble is burst, what’s left? energy flowing, with the mind guiding it. Energy is Yin/yang or Brahman, and Mind is Tao or Parabrahman. What you think of as your personal will becomes identical to God’s will, and then the entire universe follows you. The Tenth Oxherd picture If you want the most accurate description of enlightenment available, read the words of Lao Tzu and Nisargadatta Maharaj. use The Force
  11. I disagree with Leo 99% of people are hallucinating, but there is a Real, and That is the mystical experience. That is the only Reality which exists whether you are looking at it or not, because You are always looking at it. as Bishop Berkeley said, God is keeping the whole world in place through observation what I’m saying is that humans are keeping the false world in place through false perception. all of your cherished higher dimensions, entities, paranormal experinces, physical laws, and beliefs are maya. The Buddha is greater than any so-called “higher entity” and these higher dimensions are, at best, holding vessels for beings who want to come Here Return to the Dreamtime, Space Tribe. just don’t make me your leader in any capacity, guru is only a job- like any other. In all other trades I am inferior and truth be told, I am doing this out of pure selfishness. I want friends, that’s all
  12. Omniscience is just being a mirror to other people Half the time I speak, someone in the room knows I’m talking about them. This is my experience in every social situation I’ve ever had since awakening. I often recieve a “download” (a funny feeling in my head) when I look at someone. Then, I speak. I don’t hear their thoughts- I just speak. But sometimes they freak out because they think I read their mind- I did no such thing though. I brush it off and go about my business. They go about theirs, but secretly I know that now they are one step closer to the End.
  13. Unconditional Love is not a feeling its not bliss, sorry hun. Unconditional Love is Uncondtional Love. Unconditional Love is suffering on behalf of your students. taking on their pain so they can see and think clearly at the end of time, when all your students have awakened. onlt THEN is Unconditional Love a source of bliss. Grow the fuck up
  14. @AleksM I’m telling you God’s thoughts. Higher civilizations exist only insofar as I can see them. Now give up your fairytales.
  15. Yes, death and sleep are both just the same state of consciousness. The third state: the time-lapse state. after sleep, a new day. After death, a new ego. Same thing from my perspective
  16. enlightened masters absorb and dissolve the suffering of others- that’s just how it goes . God isn’t going to make you stop working at your healing until you die. Your healing becomes the world’s healing. it’s a fantasy that you can escape suffering before death, sorry. Maybe if you move to a cave, but are you gonna do that? though, the longer you’re enlightened, the more the people around you will wake up, meaning that eventually you’ll stop having to absorb so much. You’ll create a network of friends and family who have a certain degree of clarity and lightness. A spiritual tribe. something I did after I woke up was I kept going on spiritual retreats to burn up my karma faster, so I’d reach equanimity sooner. It helped a lot. I went to one of the most powerful spiritual retreats on the planet a few weeks ago and I feel 100x better.
  17. @Aeris Well in addition to the Fifth state there is also Sahaja Samadhi and That is the all-consuming Nothing from which all illusions stem, in which all illusions die so It is normal (for me, anyway) for the people around me it’s pretty fuckin weird sometimes , but they’re learning quickly. Many of the women I regularly interact with on my campus finally don’t think I’m using magic to hit on them and many of the men I interact with finally don’t believe I’m trying to out-alpha them, thank God i was in sahaja before turiyatita, that was the cause of the trouble.
  18. @AlwaysBeNice 5d is the Fifth State of consciousness- Turiyatita. It’s the normal world, exactly as it is without the magical projections of the human mind. You’re absolutely correct, it is only light-sound-perception. Absolute normality, more normal than what you think of as normal dimensions are states of consciousness. All the magic and woo woo happens below 5d. Magic and woo woo happen in the minds of people around me, because what I’m doing is killing their minds. So their minds are putting up a fight, but I believe none of it. Nothing, Nada. scientific “laws,” too are magic and woo woo. They’re on their way Out
  19. @AleksM psychic delusion it doesn’t matter if it exists in the physical world, the physical itself is a psychic delusion. it’s all delusion from the 5D perspective so-called miracles happen around me pretty consistently. I don’t see anything, the fools around me do- I only see original face . For this reason no one suspects me of anything
  20. Unless you know your former births and the death and rebirth of all beings you aren’t liberated. It’s not fantasy, it’s the truth. I know through direct experience- I’ll be making a post about it soon
  21. YOU are the greatest master of all time
  22. Zen devilry plays a part even devils need a Master Song by Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats ”Death’s Door” I don't know what I hold in my hand Could it be that I'm evil? Plunder on theres no law in this land, The horror guides me through Masterer and subjector of pain I'm the Godder of worms Devil's Lieger controls the insane You'll see it when I'm through I'll hang you higher than before I'll leave you dying at death's door Overruller and slaver of blood She's impaled in the fire Fear of God drags her name through the mud And now her life's cut short Dominator and firmer of sins I'm the lord of the wastelands Bloody hammers and burning hot pins Her story shall be told I'm the juster and steerer of good As they lace my hand with gold I'll stand guard as she's nailed to the wood No truer man than me I'm the king and tormentor of all As I travel the cities Broken peasants and mayors shall call My blood lust never ends a fully enlightened being will do whatever is required to wake people around him or her up, keep that in mind. A guru is only a reflection of its student the only question: who is truly enlightened?
  23. Already was into this work before learning of Leo so not much diff prob. Read the holographic universe when I was 15 didn’t discover Leo till early 20s