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  1. @Leo Gura As far as I'm concerned, there is nothing to solve and nothing to escape right? Why all of the sudden the worry? Do you think actualized will get blame if someone here suicides? It's all just a dream, illusion, death is not real, nothing exists etc etc. I often thought about suicide myself. The only reason is didn't do it is because almost all philosophies and occult practices teach that there is punishment to the soul aka individual consciousness after this. I hope you can elaborate more on the suicide issue.
  2. One would be a fool to deny talent and genes. They both give an advantage to those who have them. Those who say talent is a myth and genes do not matter mean that you can become a winner as well through hard practice. It won't come as easy for you but it's not impossible. Anyone can make it, so you don't need talent. However it's nice to have it.
  3. What's communicating with you is not the universe, it's the countless spirits that run the universe. Don't make the mistake to assume the universe is something like a big skydaddy who watches you or even gives a shit about you personally. It may have intelligence or even be intelligence but it's not this kind of god being. If it has intelligence it is most likely a passive kind of intelligence. It just creates and from it comes all kind of other intelligences like you and me.
  4. Why avoiding caffeine? It is THE stimulant
  5. Do you think there is a difference between the male urge and the female urge? If yes explain please.
  6. I have no idea what you mean. Watching the content of his videos and getting the book (which you can get for free or buy) is more than enough. Don't give in to any unnecessary money begging pitches.
  7. Leo is a satanic illuminati member obviously. Why else would he preach ego-death? Just be a good sheeple and dissolve yourself into the "all" or "the void" which will feed on your energy upon your death and only strenghten the demiurge-illuminati matrix that is keeping all the slaves here so illuminati can easily continue push their sick ego agenda of dominating the world and farming all the poor trapped victims here for their energy only to grow their matrix system and expand it. Bonus point for you having ego death you won't be in the way aka a potential danger to their plans anymore. However because all Illuminati are playing by a set of rules and they always must show their signs and expose their agenda even if it's only in the subtlest of ways, low-ranking lapdogs like Leo are no exceptions. That's why he needs to represent a fitting symbol. We all know the Illuminati are deep into pedophilia and whatnot. I mean...it's obvious right? Right? (Edit: I may or may not just be kidding around)
  8. It will come natural for anyone who is interested in the community or feels drawn to it, for whom it resonates with. All others who are not interested it is not worth to go there and you definetly shouldn't search for those few gold nuggets. This path is not yours.
  9. Try to work on your energy body and balance the elements in your physical body. Chakra blockade might go away if you stimulate your energy body and the minor energy centres of which there are plenty like in the hands and feets. The tension might also come from too much air element in your chest, and there is nothing wrong with air element being harvested in your chest(heart, lungs) because this is exactly the region of the air element. But like @Charlotte said too much is always bad. Try to balance it by either removing air element from your chest or adding more elements to the other regions of your body. Legs and genitals are of the earth element, stomach and all the intestines are of the water element and head is of the fire element. Don't add too much tho, best is to fill every body part with the appropriate element and then remove them again until you feel perfect harmony and balance.
  10. I can only recommend Coach Corey Wayne in this regard. It is the only source which I trust and like 100% and the only one I can recommend with 100% certainty and good conscience.
  11. Being part of the MGTOW community for a while back then I can assure you that some men started spiritual practices because they were inspired by celibate monks. First they called themselves "mgtow monks" (because they avoided all sexual contact and relationships with women) and then they started to get really deep and became actual monks. Soon enough in the MGTOW community some deep spiritual, occult and philosophic gems started to pop up and even the nature of the ego and reality got discussed. It is not all black and white. Egos love to demonize and judge everything, but the sad truth is for any ego that good can be found even in MGTOW. Those men found community, security and inspiration in MGTOW and eventually they found spirituality and deeper understanding about reality. Now there are some MGTOW channels who talk about enlightenment, personal development, gnosticism, the matrix as an illusion and so on. The times when MGTOWs were ONLY hurt crybaby victims who only bitched about women are long over. It is not really my intetion to defend MGTOW or praise it or anything like that, I am merely making visible the ways of the ego and showing that not all is purely black and white. The collective ego of MGTOW is still completely degenerate of course and you should not dwell there longer than necessary if you want to check it out, pick the gold nuggets and move on. But don't make the mistake to demonize it without having attained proper understanding first.
  12. Trying out some good stuff never hurts. No matter what other people say, you will only know for yourself if you at least try it out a few times. I am sure they offer some free test sessions. With no obligations. I would definetly do it no matter what anyone says...if anyone can say something bad about QiGong at all...because it all depends on your local group, the leader/master and the temple/dojo. Only you can know if it's good there or not...because quite frankly even with the most usefull and healthy practices; if the teacher sucks and the group is shit then it's probably not worth it to go there.
  13. In todays age a man could easily put MGTOW into Maslows hierarchy of needs because just like the whole fucking hierarchy Mens right movement, MGTOW etc etc only provide comfort for the ego and ensures its survival. It makes mundane material life better, more secure and more pleasurable. It's either that or you throw the complete pyramid right into the trash except for the tip and you focus on this tip right away, on your enlightenment and your non existence. Go straight to the top.
  14. They are amazing. If you want a sort of different approach, easier but still effective then try out Falun Dafa/Gong. I'll drop a link http://en.falundafa.org/falun-dafa-books.html Check out the first two books by Master Li, maybe you'll like it. I understand that Falun Gong was made for the common mundane but it is still very deep and not as easy to master as they claim. I might even say most normal people will not master it. Still easier and more comfortable than QiGong.
  15. I really wonder what's up with all those silly threads recently popping up asking complete ridiculous and unrelated questions with a constant identical pattern made by newbie users... ...que misterioso...(not really)