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  1. 15 hours ago, Danioover9000 said:


       What is your product? Please don't say it's a fidget spinner of some kind.

       Can you elaborate more on your target audience, your product, and your marketing?

       What are you looking for?

    my product is a way to concentrate without any pills.

    ADHD is not lack of dopamin and norepinephrine but a problem with channeling them into the right place at the right time. i know how to channel them into the right place at the right time.

    it is a process that takes overall 6 month but after 3 month you get most of the results and after 1 month it is pretty easy to practice. i have problem only at the beginning basicly.

    i dont market it now i just think about where to market it .

    my target audience  adults that dont want to keep using pills, preferably students but they dont have to. and they want to have a big change in their life and willing to put the time and effort for it 

    17 hours ago, Juan said:

    If you have a really genuine way to help people, you’ll find a way no matter what (instagram, youtube, amazon, etc.). If my product is legitimate helpful, why not start with family members and close friends?, they could start to add reviews. Speaking about it, had you proven that your product actually help on other people rather yourself? Idk what is the process of approving a product to the market so I’m speaking of what would I do, people would want evidence and even scientific fact check before buy that kind of product.

    i have one person other than me that it helps.
    i dont need any license and there is not any element in the product that is risky too. i do want scientific fact check but it is so long and so complicated that it will take a while. i can just bring the money back if it doesnt work for people.

    the problem is not finiding people, the problem is finding people that want to go through this process. the process is pretty hard for people in the first month, after a month it becomes pretty easy.


  2. so i have a great product that can help people with ADHD to concentrate and reduct all of their ADHD symptoms and work better than medication. the problem is that i dont really know where to start?

    it is more for adults that dont want to keep using pills, preferably students but they dont have to. and they want to have a big change in their life. the up side is that i know that it is working for others and i have a good way to teach it.

    the problem is that i dont really know where to find them. what are the ways to find them?

  3. 8 hours ago, thenondualtankie said:

    I don't have ADHD but I've definitely experienced a worsening of my ability to focus over the years. Would this method help for such an issue? Also, may I ask why you don't just give us the method publicly?

    it will help for this. i was in the same situation as you and now i can concentrate whenver i want.
    i for this method i wrote about 50k words for it which is around 10 hours of recordings. it would be really hard and messy publish it in that way and in the place i am in. also i need to finish some stuff to make it sounds better in english.
    also i want to have a biz from it so giving it all for free for all those years of work is kinda dumb. i want to see how people react to it and see if there is any information that i should add or delete. it looks pretty good so far but i need to test in on a lot of people to be sure.
    also i get a lot of information from taining people and i need to have presonal connection with them. now i need to prove to people that i can show them results so people that have results and are willing to say that going to really help me growing my business and help more people that struggle with adhd.

    7 hours ago, Jannes said:

    Sounds like advertising for bigger dick cream. 


  4. 2 hours ago, Schizophonia said:

    -FODMAPs free diet, then try each to reintegrate the categories one by one.

    + Try antibiotics like doxycycline

    Also try increasing the fats, I don't know what that's worth but I saw someone get rid of ADHD on a high saturated fat diet.

    Dave fit (croissant diet) on YouTube.

    exepft the antibiotics i tried many diets like low sugar diets or high fat diets and usually they dont help or help alittle bit. also it takes so much effort to change all your diet and find new food that the work for it is pretty much crazy. you need to do them for couple of months and most of the time they are usless so you change diet and your body react pretty badly to all those changes and you need to deal with constant craving for all kinds of food. also i found that sugar is great for me , exept for excessive amount.

    with this method you know if it is for you within 5-10 mins and you just need to start a habit that pretty much doesnt change how you live you life and after the process you dont need to do anything


  5. After lots of trial and error I finally made it and I have a method to solve the problem of concentration and productivity for ADHD without meds forever without any effort,but I need to test my method so I look for one person to get training for free, if you have ADHD send me a message. I worked with JP49 from this forum on this method. It does work for him but not perfectly yet because it takes lots of time to practice but he is very dedicated guy and everyday he is just getting better and more productive and have more ability to concentrate.

    I was on this project on and off but I realized that I cant sleep at night when I have a permanent solution that works better then pills and no one knows about it. I know how much you suffer because I been there. Now I am back to work on this project till I will get my target which is that everyone will know about it.

     I am writing here because usually when I look for people on social media they are usually not willing to invest the time in this method compare to people here. this method is the opposite then pills. At the beginning there are not much results but in the future you get better results than pills while pills usually give you great results but then it becomes worst and worst. It effects you the same as pills and even better without any side effects and after a while you don’t need to do the method and it works automatically. The only caveat is that you need to be persistent for a while. If you know what you want out of life you are capable achieving it. If you ask me how hard it is I would say living with ADHD is harder than this method .

    Also I can prove to you that the method works before trying it so you can be sure it does works for you.

    This is a very simple method that makes lots of sense when I explain it to people. I am using this method for two years now and I am grateful for every moment that I have my life back

    You have a good chance to be that person so give it a try and send me a private message. You can ask me any question you want here or private.


  6. 1 minute ago, DrugsBunny said:

    So concisely put, I applaud you, although this very simple idea remains far too complicated for the likes of @Roy and @JJfromSwitzerland to comprehend. Can you imagine that? Being so immersed in right-wing lunacy that you can't tell the difference between these two qualities of identity.... 

    yea. if i would like black culture , go to black town, wear "black" cloth and use black slang than im normal person but if i wanna act not like my gender...
    all the white people that tan their skin because they think blacker skin is nicer are not mimicing at all other people

  7. 24 minutes ago, supremeyingyang said:

    If Identity is made up, who decides what to do? You can't determine what's better unless you have interest. If your Indentity destroys mine, it's not compatible. If I want a traditional role relationship and you want to be Non-Binary in a Relationship with me there can be only one of three solutions:

    1. I change

    2. You change

    3. We split and nobody changes

    Now, people discuss in this thread how 3. is not a valid option and brought in severale culturale and morale arguments along the lines of "nothing changes, so you are foolish for considering to split" and "if you split because of it, you are a *phobe".

    I say it depends heavily on the details and the OP is definetely free from being charged of being a bigot.

    the thing is that she asked him for only pronounce and not to change their relationship role. if he would argue that they wanted to have diffrent role in the relationship then i would agree with you.
    if he would talk a languege without gender then it wouldnt bother him i guess. if so i do think it is queerphobic

  8. 1 minute ago, supremeyingyang said:

    Another time you are fighting the last war, the conversation is since the start way beyond the point of 'do I accept all people'. We ALL agree (I would be suprised if not). It's about 'Do I let my partner control me with some culture and morality arguments'. This is a new situation for 99% of the people, so we need to discuss it.

    why they controlling him? is straight-normative culture is not a culture? why thinking the they as stupid to use they pronounce is accepting?
    it is a new situation for most of people, i dont really get the point of "Do I let my partner control me with some culture and morality arguments'

  9. 15 minutes ago, Mada_ said:

    I've done a lot of dating in the past year and this is the first time it's come up. 

    We've been together for a couple of months, she has described herself in conversation as "feminine defining" so I concluded that was that. 

    We were in bed the other night and she told me it's a very new thing, and she prefers they/them pronouns, and asked if it changed anything. 

    My issue isn't with her identity or how she feels in her body, its having to dictate other peoples language, and other peoples language being integral to that identity. I just think it's silly tbh. If we were best friends I wouldn't even think about it, but we are in a romantic relationship so I want us to have more congruence in our world-views. 

    being queerphobes has lots of layers. same as being homophobe. i have a friend that dont have problem with gay people, he is into guys , he had sex with guys but its really hard for him to accept that he is into males and always identify as straight.

    would you like to be called she? or they? would it be ok for you that everyone one day start calling you she or they all the time ? is it just silly? would you like to be dress like a girl and put make up and have long hair?  thats what trans and queer people need to deal everyday. it is funny from straight paradigm but from queer one it is just not funny. as long you wouldnt realize that people have also gender identity it will keep being funny for you.


  10. 23 hours ago, integral said:

    What are you smoking, it will have 0 effect on your relationship. The fact that you would end a relationship based on this is equivalent to being homophobic.


    i think that its not really true because some people are not into nonbinary people. some women not into me because i am non binary but they wont like my feminine way of expression. 
    on the other hand if she just said it and he have been into her and her behavior havent changed it does make him transophobic 

  11. 1 hour ago, r0ckyreed said:

    I posted a thread with all the questions homework for you to complete. 

    I don’t necessarily agree. Insight comes like lightening. But what helps insight is raising consciousness. The main ingredient is immense curiosity. If you aren’t curious, insight will be less likely. I talked more about it in my other thread.

    isnt curiousity is a need to discover something you dont have? 

  12. i did the exercise that leo gave in the recent video "What Is Insight? - How To Become More Insightful?" and i found that all my insights are comming only when i really need them. if i have something i dont have insight about and i really need it then i will get an insight for it and the worst situation the better of an insight i will get. my adhd method created when i was about dropping out of uni for example.

    do you agree with it?

  13. 21 minutes ago, Phil King said:

    Go to crowded city center and ask them in person. Alternatively, you could go college campuses, grocery stores, or malls


    8 minutes ago, ravenous dandelion said:

    You could go to grocery stores and some public parks. 

    i need people outside of my country , specificly people with adhd and better if they are in school (not underage)

  14. 2 hours ago, hyruga said:

    He's rated as Stage yellow in Spiral Dynamics by none other than Leo? And many people here endorsed him.

    He's also quite famous and he had several courses. He also started teaching more than 10 years ago.

    hmm i will see, eventhough he is really expensive all of this content in just 90 days is nothing. and half of the course is just biz stuff so its like 45 days for being proffesional couch...