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  1. @electroBeam The problem ofcourse is that consciousness work is often time consuming and requires serious practice which then sort of interferes with your "personal desires" and other plans which you might have had previously. And If we try to prioritise between our personal desires and raising our consciousness, we fail miserably. The former being authentic, the latter being "the right thing". This is why most people are then compelled to either find their authenticity in doing "the right thing" or ignoring the enlightenment business altogether and stay commited to honing their personal skills however low conscious they might be (which is quite difficult after watching Leo's content for a long time).
  2. Are you experiencing that too?
  3. @Azote Hello Azote. I am a Physics undergrad and I too aspired to be a great scientist. With time though, this desire has been fading. One of the chief reasons I liked science and physics in particular, was because it helped me feel connected to the reality, to see the mundane and obvious phenomenon in novel ways. But since I started doing consciousness work (3 years ago), I realized that there are better and more intimate ways to experience reality to its fullest and understand it profoundly. This made me more and more inclined towards my meditation practices and research on consciousness rather than my physics studies. Because what I was trying to achieve from physics indirectly was achieved directly through consciousness work. My story is actually quite fucked up because I am more or less stuck in life. I don't really know whether to go with this science thing and become an academic or find a way to earn a living refining my understanding of my experience. Perhaps I need to find a balance between the two. I don't really know. I actually know what I want out of my life. My real problem is how to earn a living out of it.
  4. I just ordered the book but I am really afraid of entering the world of Yoga. I think for westerners this stuff might sound novel and interesting but in India, you are bombarded with this yoga stuff since you are a kid. I spent my entire childhood denying my parents attempt to convince me to practice yoga. So this stuff is a lot difficult for me to go into since I have like a thousand prejudices against it. But I guess I am still going to try.
  5. @Torkys Don't you think though, that values change with time?