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  1. Worst case is he will contextualize the entire trip in a materialistic way. Best case is it radically changes his mindset and he starts exploring spirituality out of extreme curiosity. If I were you, I'd hope for the best case, yet prepare for the worst case.
  2. that's a great example of what I'm talking about, thanks! EDIT: sorry that was a bit lite haha. Yes the whole "end goal" of you wanting to correct me is a great example of you sharing love with yourself. That's all You/We are doing at an ultimate level, even disagreements and judgement and abuse is ultimately you sharing love with yourself, and you reacting to that in healthy ways is you sharing love to yourself. Yet if you can see that all judgement and hatred against you by "others" is just you sharing love to yourself, it effectively makes you immune to suffering from "others" judgements and hatred against you. Which is really powerful.
  3. thanks for the encouragement! Insight on What Suffering Actually Is If the universe is infinite, it means its everything possible. If its everything possible, then it must also be possible to not see the truth/not see how things are. Suffering is literally not seeing how things are/the truth. Suffering = False. Happiness = True. Suffering and Happiness aren't separate to truth. That's a huge mistake I've been making my entire journey. I had this idea in my head that truth was not happiness, and that people who were seeking happiness were not as sincere as people who were seeking truth. This has been shown to be completely hogwash because suffering literally equals not seeing how things are. Woops. So then why do you get happy when playing video games and eating mcdonalds? Because its possible for the ego to play really sneaky games. Its possible for the ego to make you see the truth/outline the truth, when you are conforming with its biases. And its possible for the ego to make you see falsehood when you aren't conforming with its biases. So if you are meditating, and you feel resistance, yet dont feel resistance eating mcdonalds, its because when meditating, your perspective of meditating is wrong. You are believing stuff, have a perspective of meditation that isn't actual. Yet when eating mcdonalds, your perspective is actual, you are in the present moment more, you are enjoying reality more. You need to watch this ego trick very carefully, its a very sneaky trick. Damn, can't get over how I didn't see truth = happiness and suffering literally = false/not actual. @Nahm damn, finally see why you're so LOAish hahaha. You're even wiser then I thought! Why didnt ya tell me this before???? Well now my only option is to reduce suffering and chase happiness, instead of being some grand amazing seeker thats chasing truth because hes so much better and cooler then everyone else. Damn I'm normal, how boring. Sorry Nahm ignore everything after EDIT, I'm just spazzing out hahahahaha. EDIT: ohhhhh damn, the entire point the whole time was just feeling good and reducing suffering. Ohhh damn the rest was deception. ohhhhh damn people told me this and I didn't listen. ohhhh damnnnnnnnnnn. It was so simple. Ohhh god damn jeeeezuz. Pursuing truth, what a load of deception shhhhhhhhhittttttttttttttttttttt. ohhh damn, all that other shit is a distraction. Ohhhh damn it really is. What people say, epistemology, helping others, pursuing truth, meditating, yoga, spiritual path, realizations, is all post the absolute fundamental of feeling good. Feeling good and reducing suffering is literally prior to all of that. Ohhhh damnnnnnnnnnnnn. So deluded hahahahaha. Omigosh. What da fuck. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn understanding how reality works is post feeling goooooooooooooooooood. Knowing how reality works is post feeling goooooooooooooood. Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuk. OMFG, its all just fucking feeling good. Wanting to know how reality works was just reducing suffering. Insights was just reducing suffering. Realizations was just reducing suffering. There's literally nothing over than happiness and veering off seeing that through suffering. What the actual fuck. Can't believe it. I can't know any more than this lol. OMFG there's literally 0 suffering happening now. What the actual fuck, all that reincarnation and enlightenment was all post feeling good. All that infinite and finite shit was post feeling good. OMFG you don't need to have 0 body to have 0 suffering. That was all deception. You don't need to stop eating or doing conditional stuff to have 0 suffering. That was all deception. What in the flying fuck. I can't believe everything was a lie. jeeeezus christ. jeeeezus christ. OMFG "no others", "no ego" is post feeling good. OHHH MYYYY GODDDDD. The universe is groundless is post feeling good. The truth is literally happiness and 0 suffering. No its not knowing shit. Knowing shit is post feeling good. The answer to everything is happiness. I am so happy right now that its scary. I feel like I'm gonna disappear. I feel like the entire universe is just gonna do something radical. Like a breakthrough trip. Like I can't see anything the same way ever again. Ok this is scary. Really scary. Every fucken awakening, contraction/expansion, knowing, new state of consciousness is fucking post feeling good. This is the only thing you can't tell people, because its too obvious and simple. So oneness and everything else is the only way. If you could tell people, they wouldnt need any of that other crap. this is the only thing you cannot explain. This is the only thing you can't know, because knowing is within happiness. jeeezus. christ. OMG, when Leo say "you've cleverly divided yourself" that statement was an example of you cleverly dividing yourself, because its not true. Its suffering. EDIT 2: THE BUDDHA WAS RIGHT EDIT 3: WHAT THE FUCK YOU DOING PLANNING IN THE FUTURE WHEN ITS ABOUT FEELING GOOD NOW EDIT 4: I just got a very unconventional download that the truth is literally what I want. The truth is literally what I want. No like, everything that's happening right now, my entire life, is what I wanted. what???????????????? Well if its not what I wanted, then what's it doing here???????????????????????? Why would I manifest something I didn't want???????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? what in the flying fuck is going on. what the flying fuck. Why is everything in my life happening the exact way I wanted it. I also want to ask whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy That's why I'm asking why. Is the point of life to just realize that what I want is whats happening?
  4. Counter Intuitive Move: Feel the procrastination/resistance. Ask it "I love you and fully accept you. You're in good company, a supportive environment. Now tell me why are you here, what are you afraid of". Such insights from such questions may yield a deeper systemic problem in your life. fix up the root issue, instead of sweeping the underlying cause under the rug.
  5. I don't think this is mental masturbation, I'm really looking forward to you having your psychedelic experience, given the right orientation you'll have one of the most powerful and transforming experiences of your life. For love, a bit airy fairy, but I feel a calling to suggest: 1. fully letting go of all thoughts and relaxing. Can use mindfulness meditation or any other sort of meditation to do such a thing. I haven't tried this one, but here is an example. 2. Put on some beautiful music. Can pick one you like. For example, I havent listened to this one, but this is an example. 3. once you are fully relaxed, calm, casually read Rumi's poems here. Try not to figure them out, or think about them, just allow your empty mind to take it in. Try and feel those poems, feel Rumi's passion as he wrote it down, visualize him crying as he writes it, feel his desire to change your heart. EDIT: if the poems are too abstract for you. Watch inspiration videos like this one. Find others like this one. Feel the love that enters your heart from these videos. Deepen the feeling more and more. Keep feeling the love deeper and deeper. During your trip, when fear arises, remember the deep love you felt from this practice and visualise yourself dissolving into it. Your fear will dissolve into love, and so will your fear of exorcism. Love is the answer to fear.
  6. Interesting question. I'd first have to think about my ego to be able to kill it. I find peace in not thinking about it and just enjoying my life.
  7. In passenger planes, they say to put your mask on first before helping others. Its ok to heal yourself first, then heal others once you're overflowing with love. Has it occurred to you that by denying helping yourself, you're denying helping your body and mind? A trillion or more cells work day and night, really hard, to ensure you survive and are living. Do such things not deserve your love and attention? Can't you first make sure those cells are ok, then help others after that's fixed?
  8. After meditating, honestly write down how you feel about it. Particularly the good stuff such as feeling peace, awe, magic, mystery, high visuals, etc. Whatever you end up experiencing. Then as you go throughout your day, remember how you felt during meditation and casually look for opportunities to feel the same thing in your personal life. Start small, and grow those opportunities in your personal life as you progress. Not to get too hung up about personal life vs spirituality. If such distinction is causing turmoil within you, let those thoughts go, because at the end of the day, personal life vs spirituality is a false dichotomy. Personal life = spirituality ultimately.
  9. The biggest fear you'll need to go through is feeling love on a psychedelic. A love so powerful that for a lot of new people into spiritual work, its too much. They can't handle it. And from not being able to handle it, they resist. That resistance turns ugly, and manifests as hallucinations. That resistance could manifest into exorcism. But the trick is, only if you let it. If you treat love as your friend, rather than something to resist, all those hallucinations will go away, because those hallucinations are built on resistance.
  10. Disclaimer: I'm not an enlightened being, just a normal dude whose been practicing spirituality for a while. Love is what you'll need to go through. Can you handle unbounded, unconditional, overflowing, ecstatic love? That's ALL you'll need to go through. The spiritual path is about everything in life, including gore, turning into love. Just like how Jesus's blood turned to wine(hopefully I got that right hahaha, not a christian myself).
  11. Counter Intuitive move: feel deeply into the feeling of cringe, imagine wrapping a loving blanket around it and say "I love you so much my cringiness, I wouldn't trade you in for the world. I just accept and love you too much".
  12. @James123 yep, don't disagree with ya. All those words I use are just expression of creativity. I dont see meaning in any of it. 'saint', 'Awakening' just way of speaking practically about improving ya life, even though theres no life or improving or awakening or whatever. I see where ya coming from, have a good day!
  13. @James123 I think I finally "figured out" what's the go with you hahaha. Maybe I didn't though, doesn't matter because I just got some huge insights anyway that's gonna help me a lot. I found this convo fruitful, thanks. In a nutshell, I don't actually see words. I don't actually see meaning. I don't actually see any of that stuff. Its impossible to deconstruct what words are using words, because whatever I come up with, it will be seen as another conceptualization, because that's what words are. If we were to conceptualize though, words ARE infinite intelligence or infinite love or nothingness or whatever ya call it. There's no meaning, no words none of that stuff in actuality. Saying so is of course absolutely delusional. Its literally not there. I don't really care how you describe it, because I don't see meaning. So all meaning is stripped off from every word all the time. All I see is intelligence and knowing. That's why if you tell me "the ego is real" I'll be like cool that's awesome. If you tell me "the ego is not real" ill be like cool that's awesome, because when you strip off the meaning of both of those sentences, they both = infinite intelligence. So I literally don't give a fuck about what you write. On a practical level though, if you are a seeker and I feel (with infinite intelligence) that telling you "the ego doesnt exist" is gonna help you, ill write that. If I sense that youre too stuck on "the ego doesnt exist" I'll mind fuck you and say something like "the ego does exist" not because I believe its true, but because there's no meaning and only infinite intelligence so the meaning doesnt matter what matters is helping you. That's what I was trying to describe above. BUT, there is an infinite intelligence/nothingness "knowing" of what "meaning", "words" are. That knowing is not a conceptualization. You cannot put it in a box and say here it is, because its infinite formlessness. And this is obvious, because you knew, you had intelligence to know that some people actually believe meaning is real or exists, when it definitely doesnt. Or one or nothingness, however you wanna describe it. How you're meant to use my posts, is to completely strip off all the meaning and just feel the intelligence that "I" "inject" into it. The meaning and concepts and all that crap doesnt matter. Because its literally not there. I'll contradict myself without worry because it literally doesnt matter. Its just fucking intelligence. In a sense, all thats happening is you are sharing love to you through these posts completely devoid of meaning. Thats all this thread is, you sharing love/intelligence to you. Even though you realize meaning literally doesn't exist and you're "awake" doesn't mean you can't deepen your awakening. Rupert Spira talks about deepening awakenings if you really need to ride off another teacher for confidence. I can share a video. Compassion deepens awakenings, you feel more love, get a deeper connection with source when you do compassionate things or connect with others. Or when you meditate. You aint a 100% saint after awakening, you can still deepen it. Leo's endless wonderland is just deepening awakening, thats it. Its just feeling more love and intelligence. Its well beyond realizing that meaning literally doesn't exist. Its well beyond concepts. Realizations at that stage are just explosions of intelligence, another aspect of deepening awakenings with compassion. Anyway, I contemplated your perspective and realized you actually thought I thought meaning literally existed, then once I realized that, all of your posts made total and utter sense. It was an epiphany. So I'm pretty sure I know where you're coming from now, even if it seems to you im totally deluded or retarded or whatever, you're literally me from my perspective so it doesn't matter an awful lot if thats the case, it just matters what epiphanies i got. You've just reminded me that people can actually believe meaning literally exists, which is helpful for my expression. So thanks for that, I don't think I need to ask ya any more questions.
  14. I know but thats clearly not correct even from your POV. Because "after" is an illusion because theres no time. There cant be a before and after, because before and after are 1. Its a duality to say after realization everything goes to 1. Theres no after, everything is one from eternity. Everything is true. What im trying to communicate though is meaning is still obviously occuring even if everything is one. You dont have dementia/amnesia. You can still tell differences. You havent lost the ability to tell differences. Yes all these words are 1, you still understand them. Thats important. It means these meanings are still happening within consciousness. You dont have dementia/amnesia. Everything is one yet you still understand meaning. I agree that true and false are ultimately 1. But you can still understand what true and false are. You dont have dementia and say "wait whats the word true? Ive forgotten" no you still know what it means. If you know what it means its a distinction. Which means it still exists. You cant seriously say that distinction isnt existing when clearly you are aware of the distinction because you dont have amnesia. I seriously cant see how you can use meaning and distinction to write to me and understand me, and then deny meaning and distinctions exists as if you have dementia. You havent escaped the finite because you dont have dementia and still understand/are aware of meanings. Its like you're trying to prove to me you have complete dementia/amnesia while writing to me. Once you accept/acknowledge that while everything is 1, but also you haven't escaped thoughts or meaning because that still exists, then Leo's endless wonderland makes sense. Deeper realizations doesnt mean that you stop saying everything is 1, of course it is. But you realize deeper meanings. I dont think false and true are a real distinction, but they are a pointer to the fact that while everything is 1, theres still meaning too, theres no dementia here.
  15. At the no self level: "deeper" = thought = False. "you" = thought = False. You have no evidence/realization that deeper was ever true. You're making that up. Pure imagination. You've never had a realization that deeper was a thing. You don't have any evidence that "you" got "deeper". 4 years ago was formlessness, now is formlessness. You never realized no-self. James never realized no self, James is not awake. James was as no-self realized 4 years ago as he is NOW. You also don't have any evidence that a "you" actually "dissolved". That's purely made up. You have no evidence that you ever had an ego. 4 years ago, no ego. That's what no self realization teaches you, that the ego was never there in the first place. Its not that the ego disappeared, its that it was never there, thats why the realization is so powerful. God/Nothingness realized that you and deeper were never there. But (and this is stuff James is totally misleading seekers about) Because you never realized no-self(because there's no you or deeper - ever), no-self was happening even at the beginning of the spiritual journey, you cannot make a distinction between what was experienced(not by a you, just by nothingness) after no-self realization, and before no-self realization. egoic consciousness vs post no-self realization is a false dichotomy. Both are just as true as each other(because no self realization is true, no self realization was literally happening 4 years ago, therefore egoic consciousness has to be just as true as no self realization. If you actually think that egoic consciousness was false and post no self realization is true, just contemplate where your evidence is, that is a wrong assumption. ego consciousness = no self realization consciousnes = Trueth). That's why some teachers say you are already enlightened(like alan watts). Yet people actually think they have an ego in egoic consciousness, and that's because its not actually there, that's because it seems to be there. Its an optical illusion. Its a dream. It both exists and doesn't exist So if egoic consciousness is just as true as no self realization, then what's actually false? Egoic consciousness is the only place where a "false" can actually occur. And if everything in egoic consciousness is True, then have you ever actually experienced a "false"? All those no self realization beings out there, go contemplate if "false" is actually a thing. If you have ever experienced a false before. Nothing is outside of consciousness, so what was actually false? The next realization (after no self realization) is the realization that false = true. There never actually was a false. Everything that's false was true. False vs true is redundant, its useless. Because everything is true, including false. EVERYTHING IS TRUE. egoic consciousness is true, ego is true, no ego is true, 3D world is true, no 3D world is true. Both the universe is nothing is True AND the universe is everything is true. There's no false here. Yeah its all a dream/illusion, the ego is a dream, the 3D world is a dream, but everything in the dream is true, you've never experienced an actual false. So how is it possible to have deeper realizations? What's not true? What's false? Its as simple as that. The universe is literally infinite. Which means deeper realizations are true. Caveats You can still be deluded, for sure, but delusion is true. Just because delusion is true doesn't mean you shouldn't point out delusion. Its important to point out delusion so that you can reduce suffering and be happier. If everything is true then why dont I see green elephants in the world? The universe is infinite, yet you are viewing the infinite from a finite mind. That finite mind has all the properties of the finite, and finite means some things have manifested while others haven't. Yet to someone who knows the infinite, its as clear as day that reincarnating into a world with green elephants is totally possible. "me", "nature", "you", "identical" are all thoughts on a no self realization level. from no self realization POV: "you" = thought. Its impossible for me to realize anything because from your POV I am LITERALLY your imagination. The stuff you conjure up about "me" is pure delusion. Pure projection. You talk about realizing nothingness, yet you act as if I actually have substance, I actually have a brain that can realize things. This is not proper teaching of no self realization. This is a subtle duality. Proper teaching of no self realization does not assume what others have realized or not, because all that stuff is delusion at the no self realization level. This is probs gonna be the last time ill try to point to something beyond no self realization, I dont think I could explain it any better then this. If this is useless/goes on deaf ears, then so will everything else.
  16. "these guys" = thought "have been meditating" = thought "for decades" = thought "they are right" = thought "dont trust your self to much" = thought "you need to" = thought "experience nothingness" = thought True nothingness has no teachers meditating for decades. True nothingness has no you experiencing nothingness. True nothingness has no trusting yourself. If you haven't gotten that yet, you haven't gone deep enough. And when you realize there are no teachers meditating, what the truth is doesn't depend on other teachers, it depends on direct experience, and direct experience includes way more then nothingness, it includes everythingness.
  17. I love Forestluv's answer. There needs to be an acknowledgement and humility that even though your so tough that you climbed Mount Everest, you're still human and you're still vulnerable to mourning losses of attachments that you may have. Let it sink in that you're not as athletic, as advanced, as you thought you were, especially now that you've arrived at this little hill. Just go with the flow. Don't resist that realization. Once you're ok and back from the mourning, notice that the funnest part about climbing mount Everest, was the climbing itself, not the mount Everest part, and notice that your new hill has the same thing.
  18. @Preety_India Hey preety, I genuinely don't know how to help you but if I look deep within me, notice that I really really wish I did, because there's nothing more important, prior and fundamental in my life than making sure you're healing and getting better - not even my petty needs and desires Trump that. I just noticed that its not only me who feels this way, but many others who have posted here. Even though they all come from diverse backgrounds, they are all united by the universe's desire to heal you and make you better. In the midst of your hurt and pain, I'd be absolutely over the moon if you somehow, even for a split second, noticed also, that one of the realest things happening in your experience right now is this ultimate tendency of the universe to want to heal you. Hope you get better. Good luck!
  19. I get DP a lot, and it is definitely intensified with very very high levels of concentration/contemplation. It also occurs a lot in psychedelic circles(directly from the use of them). My take is, its not directly related to awakening work as a blanket statement. Rather i think some "brains" are hardwired to get DP a lot more then others, and for those brain types, awakening and DP are correlated. Awakening work will definitely affect it, and psychedelics more so. The human population with this hard wired brain aspect is predicted to be less than 2% From my personal experience alone, because its so rare, most people wont understand how your brain works, and so you wont be able to rely on us on figuring out how to alleviate it. You'll have to trial and error yourself. Which is a delicious irony, because DP makes you feel isolated and alone hahahahaha.
  20. I agree, yet only IF you don't take into the context of what the OP wrote. If you look at what the OP actually wrote, you'll notice lots of sneaky devilry shit. And that devilry shit has been outlined by me, and a few other posters.
  21. And the funny part is, I saw that squirrely and twisted thing too, because electroBeam is not some other making boring points, he's you. Just a finite expression of the infinite youness.
  22. The process or mechanism or divine principle of "beginning" happens within consciousness. In other words, the beginning of consciousness was caused by its ending.
  23. Not sure if this is out if the box, but such situations are always best dealt with completely letting go in the form of zazen or equivelant meditations IMO