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  1. I do go out and do stuff, but I go out and do nerdy stuff, like flying radio controlled aeroplanes, live action role place, etc. Thanks for the input
  2. While this sounds harsh, you helping her and being a 'loyal dog' is in a way hurting her. It is reinforcing to her that she doesn't have to take responsibility for her actions and can rely on you to do it all. Its a bit like when you start feeding some wild bird food every morning, eventually the bird will become dependent of you, and if you stop feeding it, it will die, because it has forgotten how to look after itself. This is what you are doing to your wife. If you truly love her, and you definitely do, I think it will make her(not initially but in the end) happier and more fulfilled if you slowly stop carrying her everywhere and let her stand up on her own 2 feet. You are in a dysfunctional relationship atm, she is using you for selfish needs, not intentionally, and you need to break away from it slowly.
  3. Im the same as you a lot but try Leo's procrastination techniques(his videos on it), Also make yourself accountable for your failures.
  4. It definitely might, and probably will, but don't forget watching Leo's videos are just as prone to procrastination as much as this forum. I like the journal idea Leo has added. Personally, I think Leo would benefit by giving each account a little diary section where individuals can write their daily achievements and efforts down they did relating to personal development. If these, or at least part, of these journals were public it could provide competition and show each other what is possible. "Oh look at how much he did today, I'm going to have to step up my game!" it makes people organized too
  5. Thankyou guys for the advice, very appreciated
  6. I'm in a similar position to you. My point of view with all of this is that if you want something, you have to get off your ass and work for it. If you want to solve a math problem, you have to find ways to manipulate it, techniques to fit the requirement you need. If you want to have a caring and loving relationship, you have to learn techniques to obtain that. Pick Up are certainly techniques that can do that. Of course though, the techniques are just tools. You can use them for good(high conscious activities) or bad(low conscious activities), if you want to self actualize, everyone is convincing you to use the former decision.
  7. I will try my best to give them, not entirely sure, Interests are: - I enjoy seeing how things works, how things fit into and with each other - helping society, giving society a convencience or making them more happy and productive. - integrated advanced systems, such as ecosystems, how we fit in with ecosystems, how technology does, improving those systems, making them better - philosophy( all of it) - autonomous systems such as robotics - politics - quantum physics - inventing processes and steps values are(apart from libertarian values, which is obviously from how I have been brought up by our education system): - helping society as a whole integrate more smoothly and happily - helping the environment and animals from harm and torture - bringing peace - being kind and peaceful to others - (I am being very honest here) using manipulation as much as possible as long as it helps make a more caring loving society, and is within moral values that provide a sustainable model that advocates awareness(going up the clare graves model ladder). - forming strong bonds with people, and being as caring as possible. sorry for it being ambiguous and thankyou for the help. If it is too vague please let me know
  8. thankyou Ayla for your advice, I do have neg thoughts of boringness and weirdoness so it could be
  9. I can see what you mean, the reason why we are afraid of death is not because we are afraid of losing our body, but because we are afraid of losing our self image. Enlightenment intellectually is losing the ego, and death is essentially losing the ego(from a thoughty, intellectual perspective) Though Leo gave some good advice above ^ I will just add that Alan Watts agrees with Leo, enlightenment also involves the realization that death as we intellectually see it is impossible, he states that enlightenment apparently shows you that lack of experience cannot happen, and reincarnation exists; another way of saying that lack of experience cannot occur. So according to Alan Watts, and adding to Leo's comments enlightenment is not like death, enlightenment is detaching from the ego, the ego still exists though you are 'detached' and see its true colours, and death is losing the ego in its entirety, you do not see it for what it really is or detach from it. Though anyone's intellectual interpretation of the above is a vivid story compared to the real scenario, I probably don't have to assert this but take caution