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  1. hi @Leo Gura what is ur blood type? include Rh factor
  2. The ego is so fucking sneaky, it deserves a medal. Meditation and the pursuit of truth takes extraordinary vision and desire. As Leo mentioned, try to seriously create a vision (decades ahead or something). Like me, you have stumbled on meditation when you're still in school. consider yourself lucky. How would your life be like if you meditated for 50 years starting today? The end goal of meditation is to ultimately promise heaven. Off course the ego doesn't give a shit because it wants to stay alive. You don't want to meditate, yet you know deep down that its the ''right'' thing to do and so in a sense, theres a tug of war happening. That process is indeed a part of the path. You will slack of and come back, again and again until one day you look back and think ''fuck, I just wasted 5 years...'' That will definitely lift your ass up from that couch or not.. I would also like to add, that psychedelics may be a useful tool for clearing out some bullshit. If done responsibly, they can give you a tiny little dose of ''OMG THIS CAN NOT FUCKING BE''. This experience can definitely make someone realize the significance of this path
  3. This isn’t a video game, but watch Naruto. The purpose of that searies/anime is to show the suffering of the self and how people try to use shortcuts to enlightenment and the fail.