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  1. I can follow almost everything he said in first book, until the last 3 Chapters is when it gets difficult, and I'm still working through them. I think just those 3 chapters are worth the price of the book.
  2. Thank you, @now is forever, for your pointers.
  3. @now is forever I want Enlightenment because I'm curious how all these people claim to have gotten and I still don't. I feel I'm missing out on this exclusive understanding that they have. It's also very frustrating to me that they seem to say things in riddles and contradiction. I imagine the "enlightened ones" sometimes are always laughing at and look down on us, when we sincerely ask for clarification of how to become enlightened. Could you help and give direct no bullshit answer?
  4. It's amazing to see all the self-proclaimed Enlightened people arguing with each other, utterly fascinating.
  5. Thank you, @dharm4 for sharing this. I listened and benefited from it. The most eye-opening take away for me, is how the Left Brain dominates speech communication while Right Brain can't express its wisdom in language or words. That makes a lot of sense now why most sages recommend silence as the best means to Enlightenment, because once the Left Brain can finally shut up, the Right Brain can take over. That makes me feel like we have all the answer all along, but the hypnosis of the linear logical linguistic system actually imprison us in confusion or Maya. I'm digging through his other Podcasts now, what a fascinating scientist he is, Dr. Don Hoffman.
  6. @Stefano ProvenziThank you so much for writing that summary. I too am rely on the mind as the prominent tool on the spiritual quest and hit a plateau. Practicing bodily awareness grounds me immediately, and just by focusing on my breath and feet, and doing a full body breathing, interrupt the activity of thinking. I started this audiobook a few days ago and find it very helpful. The author says too that paradoxically, by being grounded in somatic/bodily sensation, it's one of the most effective way to realize Pure Awareness. Like one of the pointers you've mentioned, when you open up the body and remove any frontier or boundary between a person and the world, your ego and hurtful sensation or problematic thoughts, immediately you are at peace. Breathing into those resistance releases deeply repressed emotions. It takes some courage to breath into and open up into them, but it completely bypasses needing to processing them mentally, and just clear the energetic blockage up. Also in that state of no or little mental activity, there's really nothing you want more. That's it. Until the mind comes back and try to convince you to tend to all the planning and problem solving it wants you to engage in. Very interesting discovery to me personally, since I'm such a mentally and intellectually dependent person. I find doing body weight exercises or yoga can also bring about the same calmness.
  7. Dear @AleksM, Thank you for Enlightenment Guide #2. I've already taking actions suggested in the guide. I keep returning to my breath and bodily sensation each time the mind wants to draw my attention or insist on imagining different problems. I would like to get the extremely powerful activation playlist you mentioned. Thank you so much again.
  8. Does anyone has the playlist that he mentioned and don't mind sharing it here in public?
  9. @Arkandeus Thank you for sharing your beautiful state. Do you feel like there is more for you to seek? If yes, what else are you hoping to gain? I would be content with the state you described, but not sure if I would still continue to search. Thank you.
  10. The word "thought" keeps deferring its meaning to something else ad infinitum...
  11. Alex, I'll take "whatever that can be said is wrong" for $2000, please!
  12. Just finished listening to this Audiobook course, Radiant Mind, Teachings and Practices to Awaken Unconditioned Awareness, and find it especially effective in guiding one towards the Nondual state. Peter Fenner has this talent of directing the mind into completely relaxed yet alert state. I get to experience the emptiness behind this character I take myself to be, it's like emptiness having an experience of being me and everything the body mind can perceive. Would love to find more programs like this that the author can talk you into experiencing Nonduality.
  13. A few perspective on the nature of Time. I can't understand all of them, but they all sound interesting.
  14. This video randomly showed up on my YT page yesterday. It might be relevant to the state of No Thought. No thought is not a rigid position of having no thought, because doing "no thought" itself is already a thought. Complete relinquish of resistance is ALL movement brings one there. I still don't know what is enlightenment. So far, everyone has one's own version and interpretation of it and it keeps on changing... so I'm done with that word or concept.