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  1. Don't get me wrong here, I said enjoy life in your way. I'm trying too to see deep in my life experience, and i'm doing spiritual work too. But this path can be enjoyable and rewarding. In fact, many people began to do spiritual work after painful experience, so they try to change their paradigm to life. But it isn't to 'avoid' more pain in the future? To detach themselves from the 'content'? In fact, consciousness is the more enjoyable thing to me. One thing does not exclude the other.
  2. I think that ultimately the only things matter is to enjoy your life as much as possible, in your way. Self-Actualizing is a game, that is gonna reward you, but is always a game. Everything is perfectly meaningless, unless you want to add meaning to what you do. Understanding the way the universe/infinity works, can be also a good way to entertain yourself, to open (a lot) your mind in the way you live. And of I think it's fantastic, but really, it have no intrinsic meaning.
  3. It's both psychological and physical in my opinion. The more you masturbate, the more the body will get ready for a new session, but of course the mind has a main role here. The mind if addicted to this would be triggered much easily in doing the PMO cycle. Some times i interrupt my nofap chain just because I wanted to remember what fapping is (ah-ha), so without real urges, but when I did it ONE times my genitals would be triggered to do that again, like i awakened my willy from lethargy and will send a message to my brain to do that again. It's connected. That's why many suggest cold showers to get rid of urges...is a physical sensation that calm body and mind. If it easier i think is for both less mind addiction and less physical stimulation overall. But who knows, is only my assumption.
  4. The good news is that with time you will better control the urges, if before 2 days without PMO was a nightmare to me now i can go straight to 1/2 weeks without so much effort, after that time i began to feel the urges again. With no doubt if i force myself to go any further the time span will increase, but i think the issue is to get rid of the porn addiction. For me it was like going from being an alcoholic to having a beer with friends on the weekend. I could get rid of that too, but the benefit wouldn't impact my life so much. Anyway now i started a new streak, and for curiosity/experiment i will go further i can.
  5. Hi! Im new here, im interested in all of the topic of the forum but this is quite controversial to me. I've tried doing nofap because of my addiction (i tought PMO was a totally normal behavior) and i've experienced the known benefits, whit huge surprise. Now, i've not be able to do this for more than 20/30 days straight, beacuse the urges become greater and greater, and if too much masturbation made me lazy and unmotivated, the total abstension made me too much hyperactive and "aggressive" and the urge too much present. So, lately i would go to a middle road, not too much masturbation, let's say 1 times a week (vs 1/2 a day before). I wouldn't be too lazy and still motivated, but the urges dont catalyze all my attention. I know this can be self-deception, but i thought that if mere orgasm can distrupt my will to do things in life, when i have a active sex-life whit a GF is basically the same thing, you keep relapsing over and over. So whats the point? Isn't body supposed to work like that? The only things i'm sure is that whatching porn isn't healthy at all, and and we all agree here, but is the total abstension from orgasm the answer? Or is the dose that make the poison? Thanks for your attention (and sorry if i've made some grammar error, i'm Italian).