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  1. I personally love incenses and aromas to create a very healthy mental environment, not only for meditation but for everything. It'd a bad idea however if it distracts you too much or you do it in a completely closed room, as anything derived from combustion is harmful to your health.
  2. @Ether You're really not wrong to stand up for what you logically believe, means you're really looking for something factual and tangible instead of just buying into whatever you read online. That is a very healthy habit in some ways, we would not have dogma if everyone was just as skeptical and rational as you are. The funny thing is, that there's no real need for intellectual proof on this subject at all. Such conclusion is derived from direct, mystical experience and transcends the illusion of rationality. Once you have an awakening experience, you'll easily comprehend what Leo means when he says that brains don't exist. He was very clever to pick a brain as an example. He could've picked anything else and be right but choosing a concept so enlaced with consciousness in the conventional knowledge you can spot people that are unaware of spiritual reality and live in a materialistic paradigm pretty quickly.
  3. I just stopped watching television completely. Mainstream carriers will get the important news to you one way or another. And personally, I don't see any point listening to tragedies and whatnot.
  4. Try to listen to some audiobooks in this time, works well for me.
  5. I've been eating 4 times a day in the past months, but have failed to do so in the last two weeks. Eating for me is also a struggle, mainly because it's so hard to find healthy foods when out and I too don't feel hunger as intensely as most people seem to do.
  6. If you have not yet grasped the idea of life having no point in a very personal and mystical way then there's no point in thinking about it, since you don't really have a direction. It seems to me though, that you have accepted the conceptualization of real objectives being put in place as non-existent. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities to your life, if life is a dream and you're lucid of it, choose to dream a good life, with imaginary goals and sensations, instead of a nightmare. Dreaming and living a purpose inside of such dream is not a paradox at all, it is doing the smartest thing you can when you know you're dreaming.
  7. To start off I must say that I am not enlightened anymore and therefore extremely prone to misconceptions and mind traps when talking about this subject. Background: I was always a very skeptical person throughout my life. Have been an atheist for my entire life and was also extremely deep into physics but also loved philosophy. With that said, for someone who has never experienced any sort of awakening before all this meditation and spiritual growth all seems like new-age hippies bull. I had not studied this concept before and even watching Leo I would avoid any spiritual video because they seemed so far off. How it happened: I have a very special connection with music, I play the piano and the guitar and have meditated (without realizing what I was doing) pretty much my entire life. I have had visual hallucinations before, euphoria and bliss using only music, no drugs or anything. So this particular time I was listening to my favorite song and was doing this extremely profound and deep meditation with it (again without even realizing it's meditation) when I just caught myself not existing anymore, I was so into the music that I had literally forgot about my own existence, I had killed myself without knowing. I open my eyes, looking at a white board and was extremely confused. Then it hit me as an spontaneous insight: "The self, what a preposterous concept" Still confused a bit, repeated it to myself once more and it was at that exact moment that I had awoken. What happens next the lower self cannot explain or understand, but I'll do my best to share as much as humanly possible on this strange subject. I was everything in that room, literally, physically speaking. The floor, the dust, even the sounds. I didn't exist at all. I was nothingness, also literally. It was a moment of infinite bliss, a pleasure that is beyond any sensation a human can experience. Take all the good feelings in humanity's entire existence and it would still not even be close to this feeling. Awareness is everything that exists. Not as in consciousness, as that concept is too deeply enlaced with brains and human minds, but literally awareness. It is all that exists. It's funny because on a day to day life whenever we try to think of "god" and such metaphysical, airy ideas, we always approach it with flawed concepts like time or physical presence/influence or even with science that strives for perfection and evidence cannot find awareness for it is not a physical phenomena. My awakening experience was very profound, but was far from complete. I saw some facets of the truth but not all of them: -I grasped what reality is, I became aware of awareness (which I guess is a must for any awakening experience) -I understood nothingness -I felt infinite "love" in lack of a better word- -I did not understood the infinite self part. I knew I was everything that existed but I couldn't see it infinitely, I did not see it as finite either, couldn't really grasp infinity no matter how much I tried -I knew it. I simply understood life. -I was confused about other people existing, I knew for a fact I was literally them, but shouldn't have I become omniscient of their feelings and lives? Very confusing -I was in paradise, so when I came back I got a bit depressed I wasn't there anymore -I laughed so much thinking back to all my humanly problems or anyone's problems really. Even though I have no idea why (since I don't see the truth anymore) I still remember many insights and not a single problem exists. The devil exists though, and Leo understood this very well, it is you, who reads this that creates all the issues in the world. (I can't grasp this truth, it sounds super bs writing this but I believe my enlightened self's memories and notes) -Also ultimate certainty of what I saw. Some people are afraid of illusions and traps or scared that once they see the truth they won't know it it's just another trap. It's impossible to have this experience and not understand it's legitimacy. If you think you had an awakening and had the slightest of hesitation then your ego is creating a very sophisticated trap. There are so many things to write. This changed my life and it's so strange because I don't even believe in life or death anymore. I'm sharing this, and also asking for help attaining this experience again. I feel cursed with the ego now that I have been in paradise and I'm desperate to see reality again. Thanks for reading, remember to be open-minded and kind, I'll be sure to answer any questions presented here.