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  1. From the way I understand it, we each experience life as Atman or differentiated consciousness. After death, Atman will return to Brahman or the undifferentiated consciousness and source of everything. Brahman is eternal, but what about the Atman? When it returns, is that it, or does it differentiate itself again some other time? Thanks guys.
  2. I finished reading Jed McKenna's Theory of Everything: The Enlightened Perspective, and while I enjoyed his humor and learned a great deal from his metaphysics, I felt there was an undercurrent of sadness throughout. I haven't yet read his earlier books on awakening, but in this one he writes as though he's a victim of enlightenment. He apparently wasn't seeking it and wishes it never happened to him. Am I reading him correctly? It seems to me he might have a case of something called depersonalization-derealization disorder. Anyways, thanks guys!
  3. Fewer rules and guidelines. If we are truly a high conscious forum, we don’t need them.
  4. Great post @Charlotte I've had a deep appreciation for animals and nature for the longest time, but I've only experienced what you're describing only one time in my life so far. It was the time that I took San Pedro (mescaline). You realize these plants you see are alive, these trees you pass by everyday are alive, these insects crawling on the ground everywhere are alive, these animals flying/hunting around are all alive, just like you are. We see these all the time and don't make much of them usually, but if you ever look closely and carefully examine anyone of these, you will see how nature endowed it with such glorious detail and magnificence. I see these nearly every morning in and around the woods across the road from my house before I go to the gym. I catch them in our garden snacking on our vegetables sometimes, but to be honest, it's hard to get upset .
  5. @Applejuice For intelligent, conscientious people, my answer is yes; it is both ethical and necessary. This trend has already started, but this is what is going to happen even more so in the future unless a deliberate cultural shift takes place:
  6. Yep we're all wishing you the best Leo. You have over 700,000 subscribers; that's this many people who are rooting for you times 70. Remember that any time you feel the urge to quit.
  7. I can't seem to make up my mind on this one; Tom Campbell said he was pretty convicted. The scientists in the video were surprised themselves of what was going on:
  8. I know it sounds silly, but I'm asking here in earnest. I'm listening to an audiobook of Dean Radin's new work Real Magic and am learning how magic is an undeniable fact of our existence. I don't mean jumping through walls, teleporting, levitating, flying, etc.; I'm speaking about the more subtle powers like telekinesis, remote viewing, clairvoyance, blessings, and the ability to detect someone perceiving you from a great distance. So what do you possess? Were you born with the ability, or did you develop it? Looking forward to your replies.
  9. Happy birthday Leo. Thank you for opening our minds and hearts and being here with us.
  10. Sorry to see you leave us @Source_Mystic . I understand what you're saying, and I actually read your warning post about the shamanic breathing technique and its risks and decided against it. I respect Leo a lot because he's a true pioneer and an invaluable resource of experience and knowledge. I also, however, use discretion in anything Leo or other teachers recommend that I feel is unorthodox and potentially unsafe. People need to take responsibility for themselves. I don't think Leo intends for this forum to be a cult at all; but he's accepted to a certain degree that it's human nature for people united under a common goal or interest to form a collective ego at some point. There are a ton of sweet, encouraging people on this forum dedicated to improving themselves and assisting others along the way; how could we not to take up for each other every once in a while? I do wish Leo would warn about the psychological impact his videos may have upon viewers with preexisting psychological disorders; it kind of scares me the number of people on this forum who literally want to commit suicide. It's flat-out creepy.
  11. Leo and other teachers like him are doing a really great job. Spirituality is growing at a linear rate across all age cohorts, races, education attainment levels, and even political affiliations. We're waking up guys. http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2017/09/06/more-americans-now-say-theyre-spiritual-but-not-religious/
  12. What term for Consciousness, God, Brahman, Being, Nothingness, the Tao, etc., resonates with you and your level of understanding? I tend to like Witnessing Presence or what Adyashanti calls Conscious Spirit. How about you?
  13. I've been practicing this one for a while and have been doing it with my eyes open. Is this correct, or do I need to keep them shut? Thanks guys.
  14. Just do your thing man; some guys enjoy and are made for the single life (myself included). Be sure to keep your health and bank account in good shape.