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  1. @Rilles thats amazing man! but damn that potentially can be painful! but its the best and quickest way to overcome in completions(if doen properly) for sure. but yeah quick update. ive been doing the headstands with throat healing pretty consistently lately( like two or three weeks) and wow! things have changed alot. most recently i just started balling my eyes out in the middle of making dinner. not sure what the emotional release was exactly yet. but i am sure I coming to some major crossroads on my path. But also so much more. My jaw line has moved alot, and my voice deepened, beard is growing fuller. confidence up, singing seems more fluid and less shaky, and the biggest thing i noticed was a significantly decreased level of peturbance with speaking with my mom while driving. i realized i used to always have a tightness and irritation in these situations with her. but this most recent experience was almost like a blissful presentness. it was nuts. and i know for sure my in completions are with my mom. as i have found this out through my path with multiple healing and such. apparently its all rooted in comparing things and how i have always had to bow down to authority from her negligence and fears, despite me knowing it to be wrong i had no choice. so yeah if u cant already, try learning shoulder stands, than eventually work ur way up to headstands( it took me like 6 months. and i had very little yoga experience before that. and listen to tons of throat healing. if you can grow yourself inwards more and the outwards stuff will come together too. or your inwards stuff will start spilling out into the manifesting of your external in completions. anyways whatever u decide, i wish u luck and i hope it all works out for the best.
  2. @zeroISinfinity yeah i get that. as in your ego is making attachment to the bliss state. but at the same time arent we basically burning karmas at the highest rate when we r in that state of Bliss? so basically your talking about the masters layer? the nirvanic layer? ok so if nothing we perceive is real. do you just mean it isn't real in the sense that our egos try to make us believe it is real, so it can trick us into attaching meaning and reasons to chasing them? and therefore we shouldnt be making attachment to it. and through that conciosuness can expand infinitely throughout, and things aren't permanent or real in that sense?
  3. @Nahm yeah it sounds ridiculous. I have blueberries in my smoothies which i have bascially every day, for like 2 years now. maybe its not always twice a day. but my throat still seems to be manifesting pain in my life. lol explain what you mean by open. When i say open i feel like it means, talking like you know what to say in every moment enriching others and yourself through the power of comunication, never getting lost in thoughts when listening to others, having an angelic singing voice, and having the feeling like speaking in front of others is a source of strength not weakness. this being said i will try eating blueberries twice a day.
  4. @zeroISinfinity i guess i didn't really think it was eternal bliss. but i did kind of suggest it. i know your right. I guess its just easier and easier to reach those higher states of consciousness, the more enlightened we become. but overall isnt the state of an enlightened being generally quite blissful. or at least they can get themselves there alot quicker and overall live in a much more frequently blissed state? like the inner space is so vast and beautiful of an enlightened being, there is very little dwelling on the pain that does exist, cause its so tiny compared to the overall inner space of an enlightened being.
  5. What Chakra blockage do you guys feel is the biggest obstacle, towards your enlightenment? for me, at least lately, it def seems to be my throat/vishuddha. i feel like as a collective it must be true for most, considering public speaking is the number one fear, interestingly, even greater than the fear of death. or at least this is what i have been told. Obviously I'm doing everything i can and working on every chakra as much as i can. But i have decided to tweak my strongest practice (Headtsands) towards clearing this chakra. Im listening to binauaral beats with throat healing for my headstands. and i gotta say. its only been a few days, so obviously lots of confirmation biased could be factoring in, and a longer time frame will give me more data/experiences. But it seems to be playing out well so far, internally and externally. Not to mention my headstands are way easier to hold now. i used to be struggling at the 10 minute mark, due to crazy pains in my neck, if i was doing say crown healing(which i thought was the best before, and maybe it is, for the whole system). but now its just like subtle sensations in my neck like the throat getting tight or that choking up type feeling. but honestly its insanely pleasant compared to before and i can hold my headstands for 13 minutes no problem now. its basically like im just floating there most of the time. I highly recommend it for anyone who is trying to get their headstands up there and working on their throat chakra.
  6. probs right, cause who would post "they got enlightened" if they truly were enlightened. they would just be in a state of bliss, they wouldn't wanna drop their frequency with such low energy gloating
  7. Hey again, kind of crazy, and a little auspicious, this girl made a video after i said basically the same thing. but you should check it out cause she does an amazing job explaining it. plus her energies r pretty amazing too. look at the space between here brows. like the bridge of the nose. and how massive it is. that's basically the goal here for all of us, is expanding that space. is to open your body and ultimately get your third eye cranked to a level like that. which is basically going to take a ton of time in detoxing/ growth. but when it gets there. basically you will be able to raise ur vibrations, transcending your lower energy centres and actually be able to experience dmt or phsycadelic types of experiences at will, and fully and depper than you ever will by taking the drugs from an external source. all the stuff i mentioned in my original post will get you there, but obviously it takes a long time, and like calvin woolridge says, “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan Press On! has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race(or cocnciosuness).” i feel like phsychadelics can get you there too. but basically ur going to have to dump the toxins associoated with what u release in the trip. and i feel like(and have expereicned in the past) if u do psychs it happens in nasty painful ways like getting super sick or getting bumps on your skin and or like shit getting crazy in your life, or random accidents leading you to injury( i have had this, the universe seems likes to make you learn things in a conscious space, hence the reason u forget alot of what happens in the trip, especially say like smoking dmt). like I've had experiences like that when i did them in the past. one time after my last mushroom trip i went into a competely unconcious state, and ripped a huge hole in my shoulder, on a nail in the wall, which for me was crazy and never happens. so maybe the phsychs can help you touch those deeper layers and you can actually deal with some deeply seeded traumas/in-completions in the emotional/etheric/nirvanic layers. but the toxins/blockages in your system in your system connected to those, will have to come out, and the growing pains are going to be way worse than say hitting the gym, massaging your soreness away, or rinsing the dirt out of your nasal cavity. and that might mean some pretty nasty stuff. but yeah i have no idea really whats good or bad with psychs, this is all my intuitive mind and experiences speaking here, but hopefully this information can help you make your own educated decisions on whether it is useful or not. I also just know enlightened beings, like Nithyandna, sadguru, eckhart tolle, ect ect. usually say its better to go au natural. and they live in those layers we are experiencing with phsychadelic drugs, so if you have done phsychs, think of all the crazy insights and experiences you have had, and think of all the ones u forgot, or never truly understood. these enlightened beings actually have lived them to the deepest levels, and are exploring stuff we may never actually ever experience( and will never share this with us cause, lets face it, most peoples egos will just reject it and turn it into painful experiences for them sharing it) in this life and are actually connected to them at will. they can literally just meditate, do shimbavi, for 10 minutes and they are there. or even better, and this is why the guru is the most valuable thing u can do(and if u go the route of phsychs they may tell you this as well). if your energy space( or blockages in your chakras) is clear enough they can transmit that energy to you, and kundalini can rise hard, burning your karmas and unblocking your ssyetm. and based on what your system can handle you can basically get there too(naturally release and produce your own dmt). i don't know how aware of energy fields you are. but its kind of like this. say u meditate solo, your energy on your own can say hit 10V of energy. now lets say you meditate with 10 other people around the same consciousness as yourself. each person contributes 10V. collectively, you actually individually accumulate energies and every one of you will host(if its within your threshold) the cumulative energies so like 100V(collective energy) vs 10V(solo energies). but there's going to be a max(based on your blockages) also based on your threshhold. but also meditating with higher energies can move this threshold up. basically what we r doing every time we r dumping toxins or working out or meditating or whatever we are doing to expand our consciousness. So basically the guru is at an insane energy level cause they r enlightened(all their karemas from this life have been burned, and they r into some insane high level states of consciousness and always expanding, it goes infinitely after-all). so lets say like 1,000,000 volts. basically they can transmit whatever u can handle cause they have crazy energies, beyond your threshold, and if ur lucky u release some dmt, in your pineal gland(third eye) and actually can have a crazy transformation, in the deepest layer(nirvanic).. kind of like taking the drugs too your basically raising ur energies to crazy level too. but than ur entering the real world after and u haven't fully processed everything, and ur not really in a space that will support that growth(the maya matrix of our low energy society, fueled by greed and fear). so that's when it gets dangerous and ego backlash and shit can hit the fan. especially if those experiences make you excited and or depressed taking you really out of the moment, creating unconsciousness in and around yourself. which also can make you re absorb more toxins and actually doing harm to your system. anyways just stuff to think about. if you have any more questions please ask. i enjoy trying to answer them, and of course im not god or enlightened, or even very conscious(still got lots of energy stuck in my root), and i may be wrong(or barely scratching the surface) with everything im saying. but that's how we learn after all.
  8. hes right dont get attached, but the way you do this. is have graditude towards having experienced it. always strive to get there, or even beyond, if your lucky. but don't become upset if it becomes more difficult to get there. or the feelings r different. im sure u know all this anyways. but its always good to remind yourself. cause the mind can play so many tricks on us and make us forget these simple truths.
  9. yeah i guess there is alot of contradiction. and its all like what you believe, of course experiecne will help you beleive too. for instance if u have experiences with past lives, and your dreams start getting crazy all of a sudden, it kind makes you think its believable. but based on my experience and knowledge of consciousness so far, karmas are legit. basically u came to this life with karmas to burn.and if u burn them, all ur enlightened. and basically karmas aren't this thing of doing good things gives you good karmas and bad things give you bad karmas. its kind of right but its not so black and white. and basically uve lived millions of lives as many differrent animals/insects ect. basically u evolved up the food chain. and every life has accumulated karmas. but basically a karma is an unfulfilled desire. we have also accumulated many from society, like for instance our constant need to feel liked based on reasons maybe that arent unique to us, but more based on our peers accepting us or whatever. and every one of your chakras has unfulfilled desires based on past unconciosuness., so bascially karmas are just moments in your life where something traumatic happened and it was due to an unfulfilled desires, creating moment so intense you rejected it when it happened. so basically if u live in the moment as much as u can in this life your karmas will manifest, and if your conscious enough, when they arrive, and you can be present enough to not let them run you into depression or whatever unconcious desire they try to run u into. thats basically how u burn them. but also its like meditating and all kinds of stuff thats kind of complicated. One key though is dont worry. thats actually ur unfulfilled desires in the solarplexus/manipura manifesting. unclutch from worries. do whatever you feel is right in the moment, treat every moment as one. dont connect things. the less things u connect the less things will give you reasons to worry. ur not going to do the wrong thing many times. trust me. if it makes u suffer. u will learn not to do it. as for eating meat its kind of like taking on desires from society. ur basically consuming the traumas of that animal and taking on their karmas/unfulfilled desires. they basically were murdered pretty brutally, and lived a shitty horrible life, full of intesne sufferring, so basically your taking on their biomemory when u consume them. this can manifest in ways like parasites, worms, even something simple as a headache. all its really doing when u eat meat is basically making your own karmas harder to see. so if ur doing conciseness expanding stuff ur still burning those karmas. it just makes no sense to add more karmas to burn if you already have a ton yourself. do more research to find out who's advice to follow. the more research you do. the more you will get similar ideas or the right ideas coming through. the more your consciousness will flow from you to do the right thing. but starting with breath meditation and being present isn't going to throw u into a spiral of whatever your afraid of. try reading some eckhrat tolle, a new earth. and just being present. people who say you need a guru to practice yoga are potentially trying to sell you a program. but yeah, just research and read and practice patience. you will know what to do in time.
  10. @peanutspathtotruth thats amazing about the fasting! your going to get crazy benefits from that. major detox. man 72 hours every week! thats unreal! i only do ~24 hour one every week, but im trying to get some muscle now and eating seems to be important for that. allthough im barely putting an any weight on at all. as for psychedelics, i dont really do them anymore. not that im against them. and i even had a ton(dmt, acid, shrooms), when i decided they don't offer me anything, anymore, right now. all of my phsych experience has basically led me back to doing this stuff like i mentioned in the post. like for instance the Trataka meditation with the candle, was shown to me through an experience and one of my yoga class instructors ect. basically consciousness in those experiences was showing me the real valuable stuff in my everyday practices. and of course the guru was also shown to me countless times. in countless experiences, even without phsychadelics, like dreams and those crazy moments during meditation of deep insight. so yeah basically they can open doors for increasing your consciousnesses, temprarily, or like lifting the veil, which can give u benefits if ur looking fro motivation or some cool mystical experience. i guess in way it gives u that god consciousness experience which is pretty much impossible without insane deep practice or extreme energy fields like what an adheenam or ashram life can give you. but for me they kind of pointed me in the direction of, they only serve that temporary experience, and pointed out the real sober stuff that leads to the real full enlightenment. . phsychs are kind of like opening the door temporarily. and they real doors u want to open are supposed to be opened naturally, through lots of practice and lots of detoxing and extreme will persistence. at least that's my experience so far. it could change. u never know. @Harikrishnan yes i do, and i hope this doesn't lead to you pointing out all the negative attention he has. so far it seems like following him has been the most valuable thing i have done so far. @Truth Addict Thats amazing to hear! and thankyou so much for sharing your experiences. Its always good to stick to things that give u results. But also always make sure ur open to new things, im sure you are, but its always good to remind yourself to look at everything and ask yourself if it has any value. because it might not always in taht moment, and could plant a seed to something in the future.. i know when i expanded my practice beyond just meditation and western style yoga, and self inquiry and all that things really started to change and open up even more.
  11. your root chakra is basically you feet your legs, to the base of ur butt. headquarters in your prostate(women in the opening of their cervix. its ur first chakra and where the base energy center starts. so basically anything you do to make it better ie running will increase that kundalini energy flowing and make more energy flow through your system more.
  12. @peanutspathtotruth haha yeah kunjal its probably very healthy. its just the acid going in your esophagus isnt ideal, especially if u dont neutralize it right away. But i was reading in the hatha yoga pradapika(basically a best of from like 1400-1800 of yogic practices) and they say the best things to do everyday are the kunjal followed by the jula neti. i used to always get crazy soreness in my upper back and basically kunjal kriya seemed to be the best at getting rid of that fast. also enemas are huge too I do enemas everyday. and yeah ive heard of the coffee stuff, never tryed. but im sure it really gets you pumped. basically the whole point is to make sure ur having that deuce right away and flushing the toxins out right away in the morning. cause when u do yoga later on or work out, ur bascially putting your intestines/liver/lymphatic system back to work pulling out more toxins, but if u dont those toxins will just spread out again. also when u drop that morning deuce, ur opening up ur sacral big time cause basically ur sacral is heavily tied to to you large intestines. thus opening your hips faster and quicker and getting rid of the toxins there, also reducing your attachment to the thought currents, of not being good enough, which is our hugest weakness, as men. also women too, but they have a worse root they say. men are driven by lust(rooted in our root, weaker sacral), women by fear(rooted in sacral, hence they are usually more often likable, than men, but than their root is their weakness) here's a great link for the kriyas/morning cleansing routine. Kriya.html anyways best of luck! i hope you reach that eternal bliss!
  13. @peanutspathtotruth every day i do it. thats my morning routine. lately when i have been going to town on my sacral i usually get that runny nose again in the evening too. so i actually have been doing it twice sometimes. probably its better to get destilled water, or spring water, just make sure it has no fluoride. i get mine at costco. $3-$4 for 15L u can get it cheaper and better in the states somewhere I'm sure too. the thing with tap water is it has fluoride, even here in canada they say it isn't there, but it is, in trace amounts, like ppt. and this basically what u want to avoid getting near your third eye,as its the biggest factor in calcifying it. so probably boiling and filtering isn't going to help with that. but if its all u got, its probably better than nothing. seems like a lot of work doing that every time though. also make sure the water is body temp, cause if its too cold that will irritate ur nasal cavity too. i do that by microwaving the water for 45 seconds, but that might be different for you based on wattage and starting temp and volume of water. probs its not the best, cause i bet the microwave radiation has a negative influence on that pranic level, but its pretty convenient.