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  1. Hey there. I will tell you one thing - it's simple. It's so simple it's laughable. Trying to solve 2+2 with equations and formulas, that's what humanity is doing..🙂 Well, light shines upon all things anyway. They all know it, unknowingly.
  2. Thank you all. A lot of points, a lot to contemplate. @Nahm You, sir, is amazing. I would love to meet with you one day.
  3. @Zigzag Idiot Thank you. ❤️
  4. I am having a bit of a backlash. Feel tired of everything, of this environment. Feel unconscious, frustrated a bit. I want some space. Want to get away from everything, want to be alone for a while.
  5. We don't know. Accepting this not knowing will take us further down the path. Much, much more investigation and exploration must be done to accept it a bit more. Parafuckingdox. Not sure if it's possible to fully accept this not knowing. The problem is that we want to know!
  6. Why are we fundamentally curious? What does it say about God? A lot of enlightened beings say that the Godhead or whatever else they call IT is the end of all desire. I see a deep problem here. A huge paradox. Now if the Truth aka God aka Consciousness bla bla has no desires, why are we (the same consciousness, Godhead) experiencing whatever we are experiencing? Why would there be any curiosity, any desires or anything allowed if not for the desire for something? I am not talking about our basic desires (like the Maslow's hierarchy of needs), I am talking about the fundamental stuff. Consciousness is heading towards greater understanding, love and peace. If there was no desire, there wouldn't be a thing called evolution, there wouldn't be any movement towards anything, would it? God wants something. Consciousness wants something. Greater good and love doesn't really satisfy the question. It's something I cannot comprehend yet. Greater understanding, love, expansion of consciousness seems like the bonus resulting from that process, whatever it is that God is doing.
  7. We are on the same page after all. 🙏
  8. Does that mean that these paths are ultimately different? Don't all of them have the same goal? The journeys vary, but the purpose of them is ultimately the same. That's what I meant by "every path is the same path". Every effort we take is pointing us to the same and only thing that really matters.
  9. I can see where you coming from. This seems reasonable, doesn't it? I am not saying these studies are wrong. But where is the endpoint to enlightenment? We have different levels of enlightenment, not the enlightenments themselves.
  10. Well, I swore the damn thing. Do feel okay with it. Feel like it was the right thing to do. This place, even though full of dogma, is having a good impact on me already. Patriotism. I've always had negative associations with the concept. Was even resisting it, in a way demonizing patriotic people. I was wrong. I am starting to see the good sides of it. No society can run without patriotism. I am saying this without actually knowing what i mean by the word. Funny. I know that i feel more motivated, more welcomed. Started loving this place more- the grass, water, sky, trees, clouds, wind, people. Myself.
  11. @Average Investor Waves, man, waves. 😉
  12. @VeganAwake You are precisely correct. But why would you choose to observe this "life" if it didn't matter? Yes, in a way nothing really matters. But i sense there is something much, much bigger going on.
  13. @VeganAwake "Nothing matters" comes back a full circle to "everything matters". Then the absolute bliss and love comes in. Do you really feel like your life doesn't matter? I doubt it.