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  1. @CreamCat try feeling it.
  2. @Serotoninluv Thank you. HCL is crystals and freebase is powder?
  3. please remind me, nn-dmt freebase is the one can be used plugging?
  4. @kev014 Good stuff. May I ask what dose and method was being used?
  5. @Aldo Does Aldo consider himself a spiritual seeker?
  6. @Truth Addict Completely true. Balance is the master key. @tecladocasio Yes, I am aware of that. I do help, at least am always trying to, my family, friends, people who seek support. What i meant by "really make a difference" was that enlightenment would allow taking on multiple perspectives and infinite understanding. Combining that with thorough analysis of human psyche would make me 1000x times more effective. How can one trust the mind without enlightenment? How can one fully give efficient help to others? If looking at the bigger picture, IMO, one cannot.
  7. "Everything You see now, You see for the first time." "You can't see only because You don't believe in what You see." "You might not live in the paradise You create.. but You will." These were the phrases I wrote down while tripping couple of days ago. I was walking in the forest near the village I grew up in, picking up plastic bags and bottles lying around and I couldn't stop thinking - what is it that I can do so there wouldn't be any trash to pick up. Just cleaning the forest will not cut it. I figured that my current LP - architecture - is not good enough. The psyche of man allow this trash lying in our forests, oceans, ect. I've understood that the best thing I can do is to pursue enlightenment and study human psychology so that I would be able to really make a difference, help everyone and everything.
  8. @pluto Thank you, sir. Yes indeed, I have noticed that if my practices are lazy for some time, I get this anxiety and overthinking prior to trip which ultimately lead to not so pleasant trips. Unable to let go of stuff. But that's all fine. Practices are the main pillar at this point for me. Well, I sort of felt that shaking is normal, just wanted to confirm. Love. ❤️
  9. Experiencing rapid shaking, could compare it to feeling-cold-shaking on the calm down. Anyone can relate? Is this normal?
  10. @Simon Håkansson After 4 years in I imagine that progress should be noticeable. Try and compare yourself at this moment with yourself 1year, 2 years, 3years ect. back. How has your mindset changed? What do you identify with now and what did you identify with back then? Do you see changes in those areas? If yes, are they worth those 4 years in your opinion? If the answer to those questions is no, then i would definitely try different practices. Also, why are you meditating?
  11. @Jkris "your perspective" is no longer "yours". it becomes "perspective".
  12. @Jkris Nothing changes besides your perspective. It stops existing, actually.
  13. A very nice video on how brain hallucinates all of reality. I hope you enjoy, i know i did.