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  1. @wheelspawn Yeah, it's been around a month since I've done them. The things described keeps happening at the moment.
  2. Hey guys, so I have done couple of LSD trips and some strange things have started happening. Now I enjoy all phenomena that is happening, just want to share this with you and ask a couple of questions. So while on first LSD trip my head felt like something is pushing my skull out from inside, it was kinda intense(lasted almost all trip), I started hearing something like dubstep drop beats when i was in complete silence. When i put Bluetooth headphones on and started listening to music, the bluetooth signal from my phone (which was near my bed) just stopped as if I unconsciously blocked the signal. My internet just stopped working. I started feeling like there was somebody with me in the room. After the second trip, i started getting these dubstep drop symphonys when sober. When meditating, feeling like something would physically run around a room, sit down next to me ect. For some reason I get a feeling like it's a dog or a cat. Feelings like something would fall on my face when meditating lying down, stinging feeling on the back of my neck ect. All these kreepy kreep kreep experiences. I am not making a big deal out of this, using these phenomena as self-growth although it is starting to kreep me out. Any of you guys have any experience with this kinda stuff?
  3. @Salvijus describe your concept of love please
  4. @Ampresus You are just 14 y/o. I wouldn't recommend starting before one is at least 18-20.
  5. @andyjohnsonman Try talking to people who are into non-duality. And with less people who are not.
  6. @Nahm I didn't mean stopping spiritual work. What i meant was stop resisting the universe, if it makes you feel anxious, be with that anxiety. When one doesn't trust or believe in what is doing, all those things make a bigger impact. Relieving the stress, calm mind ect. ect. is important. @non_nothing I feel a bit confused when i hear people ask me that. I guess the answer would be yes and no. I have had some experience half a year ago. But honestly never have researched anything about that or nor i believe any of my concepts. I participate in the spiritual work for 8-9 months now. And yeah, i am aware of my shadows. Actually you are the first one to notice them, or at least the first to point them out to me. I kinda feel better now. Thank you, sir.
  7. @TheAvatarState You may have misunderstood me. Your reply is basically saying the same thing as my topic. What i meant is that this journey is not gonna make life all sunshine and roses. And that people should get the knowledge of what we are all doing here before diving into it. Because that's the reason why people get even more anxious, depressed ect, ect. They don't know what is the show about. One cannot expect this to convert the "bad" things into "good" or make the "bad" things dissolve.
  8. Hopefully what i am about to say will get to some of you. All this came to my head after seeing many posts about how people get panic attacks, the feeling of emptiness, deprssion, not seeing a point anymore ect ect. Why are you doing this? Why are you meditating? Why self-inquiry? Why do yoga or any sort of spiritual activity? You want it all to make you feel better? You want your suffering, physical and mental pain to vanish? Or do you want to escape your reality? Maybe you are after enlightenment or life purpose? Cause let me break it down to you.. NONE of the above will make it come true if you don't know what are you actually doing. Spiritual work will not make your "problems" go away. It will make them feel even more real. What spiritual work does, it brings everything to the surface. EVERYTHING. All your childhood traumas, all your judgement of yourself and others. It's not gonna make you only feel blissfulness and joy. Eventually you are gonna face everything, the darkest corners of your mind and the brightest ones. In other words, if you are depressed and you only meditate without any other things to actually help yourself overcome the depression then meditation will make your depression even more overwhelming. Think things through before going head on into spirituality. The whole point of it is to let go of everything, all your attachments, beliefs ect. Your whole "EGO". You have really, really feel that you would be able to deal with everything that is thrown at you. So no wonder why you get panic attacks ect., the reason is that you are trying to RESIST the UNIVERSE. And we all know how is that gonna go. Stop resisting, stop trying to make sense, stop chasing something. Just stop and be. Just being is all there is. <3
  9. Have you considered doing some streches? It comes down to something as simple as that.:) yoga does the trick, + has a lot of extra benefits.
  10. In my experience, sitting on a chair or straight legged somehow makes the whole act seem not as influencial. Maybe that's only because i started meditating crossed legged in the first place. It's much harder for me to get into meditative state when sittting somehow different than cross legged. So i assume that the position one is in makes a difference. But I guess the best thing is to listen to yourself and do what feels right for you.
  11. In my opinion madness is no more mad than absolute harmony. What might look like a complete chaos and "madness" to "you", could be absolutely normal to the "other" and vice versa.
  12. That sounds hella amazing! I have had a similar experience only not so intense. It felt like my whole body started fading to one side faster and faster as if i was losing my physical form. I didn't have any thoughts arising though. Was just going with it. Unfortunately I didn't get to see what would've happened next, was just a 20min sitting before work. I did feel shocked and a bit scared when I opened my eyes. Keep at it and don't think too much about it! It will happen again.
  13. I have felt like meditating while tripping was a mistake. I did an LSD trip soon after, will write a report on that soon enough. That trip was much more fascinating.
  14. Hello. This is me writing on my first mushroom experience. Let's start off with some background of why i have started this journey. Me as in my ego, have always been very sceptical and logic based. In other words - believe in things that are based on facts. Never stopped to think about spiritual things, things that cannot be explained. Thought that it all is just a big nonsense. I won't even say anything about yoga, meditation, ect., ect. Untill i broke. Mentally, emotionally and physically. I was so pushed down by the whole society i didn't see the point of going anymore. My ego gave up. That was about a year ago. ......... So now I am practicing meditation for about 6-7months, started noticing really good improvements in my overall being, understanding of the universe and the whole ego thing everyone keeps talking about. Then I figured that breaking the frames should make me even more aware of what's the whole show is about. So I tried some mushrooms. Do not ask me what kind, i honestly don't know. They had a long white stem, without any skirts or anything and a quite small brown head. I took 5 mushrooms. I had all the set up pre-done. A bucket (just in case), headphones ready and a blank A4 sheet and a pencil (I draw). As a child, i was really afraid of darkness, it makes me feel uncomfortable even now. I'm 22. So I closed all the curtains, made the room as dark as possible, I was alone. The purpose of this was to face my demons. Didn't know what to expect, so once i took the mushrooms i started meditating. After some time, can't tell exactly how long, i felt that something is happening. My sensations got sharper, I started seeing things in my head. Normal everyday stuff, how I am sitting at the smoking area with my e-cig at my workplace surrounded by strange people i never saw and so on. That all seemed so real, as if I was actually there. When i wanted to open my eyes, i was scared, i couldn't do it for another ~5mins and the more i was thinking about it, the more scared i got. Spontaneously, with as little thinking as i could i opened my eyes. The room seemed normal for couple of seconds. Then the floor gotten even darker, the red light at the tv(tv was right in front o me at the other side of the room) started jumping around like crazy, the shadows were moving. It was quite fascinating and freeky at the same time. Once my heart rate slowed down, I put my headphones on, turned the light slightly on and for some reason started staring at the chair in the living room. It seemed different, it looked as if its not out of wood anymore, it looked soft. The whole room was a little wavy. So that's what breaking the illusion of frames feels like, i thought. The calm down started after 2-3hrs after taking the shrooms. It didn't take much time before I went to my girlfriend. It's a 2min walk to her. When i got to her house she was showering so i ran to her room, got naked and laid on my back in her bed. I was so horny at that moment. After a minute of laying there i felt it. I felt that cold, empty nothingness. There were no more thoughts in my head, i didn't feel nothing. I felt like i couldn't move and was just staring at the ceiling with zero emotions or thoughts. My ego was so quiet as if it wasn't even there. I got so calm and peaceful. So to summarize, I really enjoyed the trip, had a lot fun and some deep thinking. And most importantly i got some more understanding on the ego itself. Thank you for reading.