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  1. In my case, I am not quite sure what's my LP going to look like. Everything I did so far didn't really resonate for too long. The fact that I am changing constantly has everything to do with it I suppose. Anyway, struggling to find my LP + having financial issues kinda felt like both feeding each other. Working a soulless dead-end job and then coming back home after those depressing 8 hours is not really contributing to creating a healthy LP. I kinda see myself contributing to raising collective awareness. This seems sort of like the end goal. But I have to become way more conscious myself first. What is the handrbake in this for me? Financial struggle. So I started looking at ways to escape this slavery ASAP. The act of making money and doing it effectively (not having to spend 8hours a day at a physical location, not draining yourself out for getting money, actually enjoying the process of it) is at the same time growing me as a person too. I suppose if you find a good, effective way of making money, that will grant you the key from a wage-slave jail is worth pursuing. As long as it is not a substitute for 9-5 job, doesn't require 8 hours a day of soulless struggle.
  2. It seems that what we call a "thought" does not, in reality, disappear. Everything that describes a "thought" disappears, therefore a "thought" as we know it is no longer looked at with attachment. Everything else just seems to keep collapsing after that.
  3. Yeah. funny, isn't it? It's all fun and insignificant with showers, or at least we tell ourselves so. This makes me wonder, if the mind can so subtly and barely noticeably shuffle around such an "insignificant" thing as a cold shower, what does it do with the things it is really afraid of? Hooohoho
  4. Every time I go to shower I turn on cold water at the end and stand there for some time. I have been doing this for quite a long time now, currently I am at my personal record at showers without passing the cold water part. What I have just noticed, that I started postponing showers in general more and more...
  5. I think this would be an interesting topic. I have noticed a lot of people being blind to the way their mind is associating things, this leads them to confusion. I would love to hear what you have to say about this.
  6. Had a few puffs of weed, was slightly high.
  7. Gotta love the naysayers. I have found them to be so helpful. Is like fuel to fire.
  8. This is so true. Apparently simply listening to music can be as profound as a psychedelic trip.
  9. It seems to me that Leo is actually being quite nice on this forum, considering the things he's aware of. Imagine being full on God like, reading all this shit we are posting here. 😂 His approach really resonates with me too. I assume there are others that can say the same. Life kicks our butts, we come here for some comfort only to get ass-whooped once again. And a lot of us need that ass-whooping.
  10. Find out what you want my man. When you do that, find out why you want it. Piece of paper and a pen in undistracted silence is all that's needed for this. All this confusion stems from conflict inside. A disconnect. Connect back with yourself. Feel it.
  11. I have only recently discovered her, can't say 😁
  12. So I listened to music with eyes closed. Feeling rapidly got more and more intense. Eyes started watering, I started sobbing. It was like I just had an orgasm and I kept cumming over, and over, and over again. Waves of pleasure. It got more and more intense so damn fast! The body could barely handle it, it felt so fucking good! Too good! I literally could not handle any more. This was way more intense than any of the psychedelic trips I've had. Wow. So much love it felt like dying. This caught me by surprise. This was the first time I've experienced Love so profound. It's all powerful, undeniable, Godly presence. Gotta give credit to this masterpiece Ramp up the volume!