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  2. EGO

    Yes, all is one. Oneness is all there is. There is no 'there' or 'here' for that matter. Just ISness is. That being said and 'true?' (i didn't have a non-dual experience yet) means that everything is an illusion. The phrase 'separate things' doesn't make any sense, ultimately. So if we are all so non-dual and spiritual, authentic and all the other pretty ideological words (yes, i am a bit frustrated here), why demonize this poor little ego filled with confusion? After all, the illusion of there being a self is just as real. As you guys said, one consciousness. Conscious of itself or not. I remember when I first started meditating my friend said 'It would be nice to kill the ego'. Now that statement didn't sound right for me from the start. Not long after I wondered upon Actualized to find that yeah, people just want to crawl out of their skin and fucking burn it. I do know that I am not this body, not my thoughts/feelings, not my ego. I know it caused me suffering. But I just can't grasp why such negativity is implied when it comes to the ego, like it's a rock dragging all to the bottom of the ocean. How is it possible to see it this way? One is where one is precisely because of the ego. Ones ego is what made everything possible. Even if it's unconscious. I guess my understanding of the concept differ. Maybe.
  3. EGO

    @Truth Addict precisely. I think it appears as if it is unloving and uncaring because it doesn't grasp the fact that love and care is the core of happiness. In fact it doesn't know what these concepts mean. But again, that doesn't mean that it should be treated without love and compassion. Everything and everyone just wants to be loved. In one form or another. My point was that I have noticed ego being demonized just for being ego. I see it all across spirituality. Ego? Its BAD, it just wants one to SUFFER! When in fact, ego is the only reason one gets to live, breathe, taste and smell. In a way, I feel like this approach to the ego is a shadow on the spiritual communities. Yes, it needs to be taught and shown the path, but in what manner? Now, I might be completely wrong here about all this. It's just the way it looks like to me.
  4. So I've been contemplating about the ego lately. I have noticed that the ego is getting a lot of judgment and hate due to its unconsciousness. Yes, its ultimately true that it causes suffering because of that. And that is fine! It is true that the ego has to be transcended if one is seeking liberation. Although the approach to the path will not get you anywhere if it is done in a brute, aggressive manner. I feel like the ego is treated like a dog who just peed on a carpet. Intuitively one gets mad at it, rubs its face in its urine. But is one conscious enough to remember that the dog was not taken for a walk in the morning? The dog didn't mean any harm. It just did what it had to do. It's natural. Same goes for that 'devilish ego'. So imagine. One has been doing all the practices - meditating, self-inquiry, kriya everyday for some time and then one day wakes up to be depressed, anxious ect. What is the approach to dealing with it? Does one start judging oneself ? Or does one brute force through it, doing the practices mechanically? Like a robot that is supposed to be programmed to keep going? If that is the case, how does one expect to 'achieve' infinite love, compassion and understanding that way? What are the odds? Wouldn't it be better to understand the motives of the ego? Wouldn't it be better to show love and compassion for oneself? The thing I am struggling and I feel, that majority of us is struggling with is lack of compassion and too much of ignorance, brutality towards ego. The way I see this concept 'ego', is like a child desperately wanting that sweet looking candy, willing to sacrifice anything just to taste it. Does the child has some other 'devilish' reason for wanting the candy besides the genuine desire? Does the ego want to sustain itself because it is 'evil'? Does it deserve all this criticism and aggression? I feel that ego is getting too much shit it doesn't deserve. It is only trying to keep you alive! Does it deserve all this negativity? Yes, it is unable to see the bigger picture. That is not a valid reason for judging it, can't you see? Do you go around criticizing high school kids for not understanding rocket science? It's all fine. Everything is a lesson. I hope one could get something out of this post. All is love, including ego. It needs to be loved just as much as anything else.
  5. @Manjushri I would suggest planning out your days schedule and following it. This would eliminate the issue.
  6. @Aakash and one more thing. the fact that you feel fear means you are going the right way.✌️
  7. @Aakash The reason you feel the way you feel, i assume, is because you might have missed a piece of the puzzle there. I think you might be failing to realise how infinite this universe-god-existence-consiousness-awareness-blablathingie actually is and how narrow your point of view is. Also, do not get mixed up here. The illusion that you are alive, feel, eat, shit and percieve everything around you is just as real as God. It's the same thing. It only looks and feels the way it does to you because you are the one perceiving.
  8. @ActualizedDavid Leo's book list ✌️
  9. That's something one should do as a last resort IMO.
  10. @EvilAngel The enlightenment experience you had is not a step forward, drinking and smoking is not a step back. Stop believing yourself, my friend. Furthermore, what benefit you want from meditation? The more you want to benefit, the less you actually do. Drop the belief system. Have you ever tried writing down your thoughts/feelings? Seeing them on paper could help you understand yourself more. And sorry, but no one can help you. Ever. Only you can help yourself. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Relax, stop trying to control yourself and observe. The key to enjoying drama is observation. Let it play. Great things will happen.✌️
  11. Cheers, guys. ✌️ Trip wasn't as intended, went a far way off. Good lesson. Pity that i can't remember at least 5hours off it. Very short glimpses just. 😐
  12. Hello friends ❤️ Can anyone relate to a loss of short-term memory while in the peak of the trip? I would also describe it as a blackout. Took a fairly high dose at 300ug.
  13. I have found out what i really want in life while on LSD. Well, i have remembered what i really want in life would be more accurate. It was a long forgotten dream of studying architecture. So yeah, they can definitely help you figure out your purpose. ✌️
  14. @Mikael89 Hello there mate I can see the misery you are going through at the moment. Although it's all BS, you still need to deal with it, right? Do whatever you feel like doing. The fact that you decided to upload this post is telling all of us, including you, that you didn't give up shit. There is no going back, brother. I would suggest coming back to this thread after the storm has passed. You will find gold in your own words. 😉