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  1. The thread above will answer most of the questions on NN-DMT. From my experience i find a vape pen most effective way of vaporizing dmt although the vaporizer you have there should be gold.
  2. @Peo Just to give you an idea on how irrelevant the dosage is I'll share some of my experiences. The first time I took LSD, i took 200ug. Was very cocky and macho thinking that this is just a piece of cake. The experience was beautiful for the most part, I felt very safe and took care of because my GF was tripsitting me. Going into the peak things started to get "slippy" and scary. The reality started to reveal itself in ways I wasn't quite yet able to stomach. Resistance started building up, beliefs I held true was crashing in front of me. Definitely not the way to go for everyone as this intensity of the experience can just be too much. Unless of course you want to be crucified the way I was. Overall I did enjoy the trip (yeah, I'm a bit masochistic ), gained a lot from it. Had a number of trips after that raging 100-150ug. Mostly beautiful. Numerous insights into who I was, what reality is, what relationships are and how I make meaning for them. All great and stuff. Felt quite grounded in that psychedelic space LSD provided me with so decided to up the dose. Took 300ug. Had a friend to watch over me and my GF was about to come back from work. The first effects of LSD hit me hard. Very intense visuals, overwhelming awareness of everything I felt at the time. Didn't take long, around 2hrs in and I wasn't able to communicate to my friend anymore properly. My GF came back home and that's about the last thing I remember before I blacked out. My GF said that she had gave me a glass of juice, I spilled it all on myself, literally. I pissed myself, mumbled stuff, completely disorientated, I had gone completely. I had blacked out for 6hours. Can only remember facing what I would call "infinity" but wasn't able to let go. Because it felt like I'd never come back from there if I did. Whoah that first time experiencing something like that was harsh. Didn't do any psychs for about half a year after I got this fucking. Coming back to psychs was scary. Started experimenting with DMT, had a couple of mushroom trips (all low dose) before I took LSD again. Started low and stayed low to this moment. Most I did after that 300ug trip is 120ug. This one time I took 50ug and the trip went so deep it felt like "insanity". Have a trip report on that one posted. Was literally started losing my mind, realized and worked through much more than on 120ug LSD or breakthrough DMT experience. So from my experience, the dosage isn't the key. Contemplation, honesty, concentration, intention ect. is much more of importance. Although experiencing these tough breakthrough trips might have been a push to do more meditation work, investigate myself more deeply ect. ect. Goes in circles this cause and action stuff. So there you go. Choose wisely, follow your gut. If you feel that you want to go heavy, do it. Just be ready for a good fucking. Oh and have a sitter so you don't do some stupid shit.
  3. @ivory Method of administration is key with DMT. I've tried a number of methods with lots of trial and error, done 15+ trips of DMT so far and vape is my favourite. Very effective and convenient. Especially if you have a mod on which you can set the coil temp manually. This makes you guaranteed that none of the molecule is burned. I wouldn't be in a hurry to judge the molecule from the first 25mg trip. Do 10+ breakthrough trips and then come back. 😏
  4. @remember Have you heard of keto diet? If you are progressing towards vegetarianism/veganism it's the best one by far. I have been on it for a year now and have tried many different diets before. Overall well-being improved dramatically using keto. Wouldn't recommend anything else really. Eating one or two times a day, consuming less then ever before and getting more energy, less monkey mind, deeper meditation/concentration. Also, don't have to worry so much about the quality of your food as most of it is just nuts. I love nuts btw.😁
  5. Yes. Also, canned products are usually not the best quality. I wouldn't trust any brand either. I have worked in factories, I know how things are done there. It's really gross when you think about it. I used to eat tuna before i dropped meat/fish overall. If you love tuna, I would suggest buying freah steaks of it. They are usually put there with all the expensive fish on ice. Make sure they are the best quality you can get in your market. Saving a buck or two on it isn't worth your health.
  6. Careful with tuna. I wouldn't recommend eating a lot of it as it possibly contains excessive amounts of mercury - a toxic heavy metal that has a variety of damaging effects on your body and brain.
  7. @Average Investor @7thLetter Thank you guys for all the info! Much appreciated.🙏
  8. @Average Investor Haven't looked into foundations just yet. Looking into currency pairs at the moment. Gathering info on it, checking criteria, trying to form a strategy around EMA's. I am thinking about trying it as a primary income although now it will be an investment as I don't see myself in a day job. I will have plenty of time in the months to come, a lot learning can be done. I know there are demo accounts that you can train on. Have any to recommend? What caught my attention is the possibility of spending so little time on meeting my survival needs.
  9. As the COVID-19 is obviously ruining all of my plans of letting loose on summer I've started looking into forex. Anyone doing/done trading? How did it turn out for you? Also, what do you guys think of Shiva Krishnan on YT? Seems to me as a genuine, professional trader sharing the how-to's.
  10. CBD is a great tool although takes maturity (which I didn't, and don't have still 😁) to use properly. My initial purpose was to reduce stress and help with anxiety, promote wellbeing. Ended up abusing it and it backfired. It's great as a tool however. I suppose it would be amazing for overall stress relief. Using it prior to trips would reduce fear I suppose.
  11. Well, now, the thought of insanity is all it is - a thought. I can only conceptualise the experience I've had and it probably would not be as accurate as the experience itself. When I think of insanity now what comes up is losing ones sense of self. This sounds like a classic conception, almost like a fairytale spiritual communities are talking about and stuff. But man... going through that was threatening AF. It was like reality flipped upside down. Right was left, up was down, me was other and that's what felt like going completely insane. I thought I am not coming back from this one.😁
  12. I am so sorry You had to go through all that. Also am happy You pushed through it! Did not mean to judge Your spiritual development. What You described there, is that actual insanity? Is that the actual definition of it? We must have different things in mind when we talk about "insanity". I did not mean that mental disorders doesn't exist nor have I had in mind that people who has these shouldn't be cared for.
  13. I wouldn't take the example so literally. It's just an example. Any number in a scale also has a .1, .01, .0000001, .2, .000002 and so on. You know what I mean. It doesn't necessarily has to be 3D either. What does insanity actually mean in Your experience? Note, You are using Your mind as a frame of reference to justify Your beliefs. Experiencing it is another matter.
  14. @Keyhole 0 - ∞. That's the spectrum. Not a single digit means anything. Our minds project meaning onto 0, 1, 2, 3 and so on. So lets assume 0 is sane and ∞ is insane. Keep in mind at all times that You are assuming. From which number going from 0 to ∞ insanity starts to occur? Are all numbers insane? Are all of em sane? Which is it?😁 I am not denying any of the relative things you listed as insanity thought. However, it's not insanity. Question insanity, go through it if You want to understand what I am trying to say.