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  1. @okulele Leo has a great video on Self-inquiry. @Preetom, if i remember correctly, had a great post on the topic as well. Very helpful and clear.
  2. So I've quit my well payed job, dropped out of a dysfunctional 5year long relationship, went through a shit load of pain leaving my mom in a foreign country alone, came back home and am looking forward joining the army. I feel so fucking amazing! For karka it was a huge leap out of his comfort zone. A new chapter begins and all of you had a part in this. I could have never done this without actualized and you guys. Thank you! 🙏 Love you with all my heart. All of you. 😊❤️
  3. Well sure. All morals and good works is is social conditioning. It's not fundamental. Personality types has nothing to do with enlightenment.
  4. @Aaron p Great vid there mate. I feel that everyone falls into that trap when starting spirituality. However, religion/cults form from blind beliefs, misinterpretation and misunderstanding of insights/understanding of someone who had/has these insights/understanding. I don't really imagine pretending to be nice, happy and kind can start a religion as these are all, if faked, unsustainable. Although you might be right.😊 You say enlightened masters don't give a fuck, meaning they aren't fabricating anything in their experience. That doesn't mean that they somehow do not give a fuck about your feelings or anything in general. This wouldn't really make sense. Your personality is what doesn't give a fuck about anything else but itself. And Aaron, how do you know that Sadhguru is enlightened?
  5. @Brivido This is cool, isn't it?😊 Don't know about the dreams, however, the fractals is a good sign. Funny how you got to post this at this time because myself have started seeing fractals and trails of objects when moving fast, cars, waving hand ect. maybe couple of weeks ago. Doesn't seem to go away. Nothing has a fixed point in my visual field anymore. I've labeled this as a good sign because this is very likely an indication of you basic consciousness level rising. On the other hand, we could just be losing our shit 😂
  6. @fryingLotus Thats great! Keep trying and you will breakthrough. It took me 4 trips to get the first breakthrough. It was at 70mg bong. The second breakthrough was 30mg. So i think that after a couple of breakthroughs the dosage doesn't play such a huge part anymore.
  7. @fryingLotus Thanks! Do you do psychedelics? @ThinAir Nice! I find it extremely valuable. Its like the mind rewires itself. Trying to understand everything for the first time once again.
  8. @pluto Thanks! Yeah I was expecting something mild just because it was a joint. It just blew me away in return.
  9. I've tried bubbling, vaporizing, smoking through a bong(sandwich). Of course investing in a genie or a good vaporizer is best. But for those who want the simple and effective method try this out. It sure works best for me from all the methods i've tried before. I make a mix of smokable herbs, had to play around with proportions to get the right taste. I'm quite picky. So what i do is take the mix and drip some peppermint(can use whatever you like) on it, make it a bit wet and then roll it up with dmt. I spread dmt through half the joint. Thats it. This method does waste some. Can be useful as an alternative when smoking outdoors.
  10. So Iv'e decided to do a trip on a mountain quite close to me. The view was fantastic! I've had a trusted friend looking after me. The intention of the trip was to feel love, forgive and accept myself as i am. The method of smoking i will share on the NN-DMT mega thread as this method was surprisingly effective! Smoked 60mg rolled in a joint. As i was taking the third hit i still saw my hand being there holding the joint in front of me. This was amazing. What comes after words do no justice. But this makes me feel and remember everything better, so I'm doing this for me I have managed to take the fourth hit and have collapsed in couple of seconds the sitter said. I have felt the body hit the grass, the heavy gravity pulled me and I died. This was something different than other times. This was deeper. Way deeper. Instantly after my ego vanished I became IT. This brilliant, all loving, blissful, colorful, never ending being. This nothingness started coming up after some time. It didn't feel cold or dark in any way. It was very calm and subtle. It was so amusing being aware of all the ways my ego was reconceptualizing itself and so i got smashed back into my body. I was just laying there stunned!! of what have just happened. I sat up, completely fluid. My every move affecting everything around me. My body and everything around me slipping constantly until little by little everything comes back to "place". Very interesting how hard it is to recognize everything coming back. Seems like nothing changed but yet "you" are back. Doesn't it seem strange? hehe All in all the trip was more than i thought it will be. Therapeutic, healing and the after affects are amazing. Peace. <3
  11. @Sadalsuud <blank space everywhere>
  12. @DrewNows Thank you. ❤️ It reminds me to lower my thc consumption. 😂
  13. We are all free to do whatever! Can you sense it? Can you smell that orgasmic boundless scent? It is right here, it always was! The feeling of being trapped, manipulated and abused is not worth living for. Why do we do what we're told? Why do we blindly eat the pills that are supposed to heal the cracks? Why do we allow ourselves to be put down? Why go and work your ass off just to get that holiday 2 times a year? Is this life? You and I, we are wild stallions locked in a horsehair. Who locked us? Who put a mark on our legs and called us working horses? Who cut our long, wild and unique fell? It very much looks like there is no way out, does it? What if I told you that the chains and locks on our necks only seem to be locked? What if you yourself want to be locked? Why are you afraid to be free? Is this comfort is really making you feel comfortable? Have you tried going against your own programming? Did you ever take that leap of faith? If not, please do! You have no idea how wonderful, exciting and encouraging it is to step the fuck out of your own comfort. How powerful you can feel! How free! Wake up..!!! This is your life! You are here to do what you want to do! Create, love, enjoy and laugh! ❤️