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Adam M

My Past Lives Picked Up By A Shaman

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So recently I went to go see a shaman who is a professional energy clearer and past-life reader. (an older man... late 50s)

The reason why I went to go see him is because he was reccomended to a friend of mine by my some of my favorite buddhist meditation teachers who I've done many retreats with (not blue Buddhists... turquoise Buddhists).... for clearing her chronic migranes.

This guy can pick up on a person's past lives that are relevant to know in one's current life.

(turned out, that girl had a past life where she was killed by having her head put in a head crusher)... that explains the migranes.

[Things like having a strong fear of falling (in my case) might probably be the result of past lives resulting in death by falling. (which he actually picked up 3 past lives where I died from falling)].

I also noticed that people tend to re-incarnate in cultures or ethnicities that they have already lived as... my heritage is Italian and I've had multiple past lives in Italy and Europe... whereas an African may have many African past lives or a Chinese many Chinese past lives.

When I went to go see him with my girlfriend.

He asked question about any emotional or physical traumas that we experienced in our lives... and did a great job of reading the energy. It felt like he would know things about my past injuries that he would have no business knowing.

Then he had me lie down and basically just touched my body in certain ways that felt like energy was being cleared or released.

After about 10 minutes...  I stood up and felt a bit dizzy... but overall slightly shifted energy... feeling like a lot of physical and emotional trauma had been cleared.

Like for example...I mentioned to him that I've had problems with eczema (skin rash) for my entire life... and he immediately picked up that it was from a past life where I lived in a leper colony.

I would also have nightmares of my teeth being yanked out or them growing in my mouth in hideous ways...

He picked up that was because I had a life where I was tortured (by having my teeth yanked out) and killed.

I trust this guy because his energy was very grounded and genuine. I could really tell that he was a professional.



So he later that night he tapped into my energy after meeting me in person and channeled some oddly detailed and insightful information about my past lives (that are relevant in my current life).

Here is the list: *attached* (you'll notice that the dates and locations are historically accurate... ex. "Died in gladiator uprising in southern Italy" was the exact date of the 2nd gladiator war that happened in Sicily in the year 100 B.C.

Interesting stuff!

Apparently I died from mustard gas in WW1 ?. Would explain my chronic sinus problems that I struggled with my whole life ;)


The verdict: obviously this stuff (like all ideas) should be held loosely... but I think that you would have to be pretty dense to not at least be open to the idea of past lives.

I paid this guy $100USD for this session and I'd say that it was overall a pretty worthwhile experience.


My girlfriend had a crazy past life (that was not conventional... similar to Dolores canon's "the three waves of volunteers" where she uncovered alien past lives from earthly people who had inhabited different densities and dimensions in their past lives) but I don't want to share the details as it's not my place to share it.





I make YouTube videos about Self-Actualization: >> Check it out here <<

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How does that make you feel? Terrifying?makes me wanna commit to the bhagavad and never return lol 

Edit: but I suppose if we look at if from a soul perspective and see that some lives have to been brutal but if we’re good we get to experience the total opposite aswell then may be it is worth it ??‍♂️ … as if we even have a choice?? Madness

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Lol fascinating stuff. Why did you always die of these crazy causes such as by being tortured though??? LOL

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