Extreme Nihlism because of no free will. PLEASE HELP.

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2 hours ago, Leo Gura said:

Where would the puppet end and the master begin?

Literally take your finger and try to point to the puppet and then the puppet-master. Notice what happens.

Wow that's good stuff

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@Leo Gura 

This is the image I have in mind:


Ok, so I concluded that, there must be just one master and no puppet at all. In the sense that it is impossible for the puppet to exist separate from the master. The puppet moves in accordance with the master's wishes, much like how your hand moves when you want it to, so yea I guess, the puppet is nothing but a part of the master.

But that's like saying your just a part of nature, that doesn't mean you are nature as a whole. I guess my confusion is how to know that you are really the master, and not just some finite part. Psychedelics? Is this what enlightenment reveals to you?

Also a small doubt: why don't other spiritual teachers explain it like this. Ramana Maharshi, Rupert Spira seem to suggest going with the flow, and being a complete victim to gods wish.

I hope I'm not misinterpreting this, just trying to understand.

Thanks again

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@Tahuti  Yea I agree with what your saying here. I can imagine that what I am experiencing ain't full on nihilism rather an incompatibility with some of beliefs.  And I will continue to contemplate.

Thanks for reply

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