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  1. @Leo Gura if possible could you link the source? I'm having trouble finding it, this is interesting stuff and id love to share it
  2. @Epikur LOL there is some truth to what you're saying. From what I saw most people want specific movementS to train vs trying to understand what Movement is and exploring it. Which doesn't need to happen by using the body, it's a different perspective. I actually thought he answered most of the questions very well, but since it's an abstract concept it can get a bit into the weeds. It's like Leo trying to explain any of his ideas in an interview with someone else, takes time and long explanations
  3. Hey for the ones that practice SDS here, I've been told when sitting not to swallow or clear the throat (if it happens the body should do it on its own) during the sitting. I can be totally still with the body for an hour quite easily but in the first 20ish minutes I typically swallow saliva and clear the throat and I was wondering if this is normal or if you personally aim to not do it. Also, I don't smoke or anything, I typically meditate first thing in the morning after some water so my throat is not super dry. This has been going on for a few years but it was just pointed out to me recently.
  4. @undeather yeah man london real really took a turn. Rebel wisdom did a pretty good video on him and it seems quite accurate, it's interesting that Brian did so many ayahuasca trips and not much came of it Edit: Actually something did come of it and it was crypto scams. I guess psychedelics work in reverse for some
  6. That was just a thought, it isn't necessarily true. If you observe your mind you will see that alot of BS just pops up randomly and then you let it go. Weather my co worker likes me or not doesn't actually matter. When I realized it was imagination, in that moment I went from the relative to the absolute. I don't know why but there was a leap of consciousness I went from 0-1. I became conscious how reality was being imagined. This is why it was so fucking weird. In my previous experience with psychedelics things usually ramp up and there is a peak period and then you drop off (a somewhat linear fashion) This time stuff was happening but it was mild and then out of the inquiry of that thought I went balls to the wall
  7. Perhaps, it could be a number of things. The strain I took, my personality + biases etc. I have only done shrooms about a dozen times so perhaps ill change my mind in the future (I probably sound like a broken record by now). But from observing my own mind it appears that you you can go very deep with the use of psychedelics but they in and of themselves will not guarantee that anything in particular will happen, probing reality still needs to actively happen and it might not happen on its own (although it could if that is naturally where you are at in life). For me - if there is a sense of my identity, if "I" exist then so do my biases and the conditioning that I have grown up with. And because the shrooms will x10 what im inquiring into, even if its a bias it will appear very deep and profound since the shrooms let me zoom in so much but really its just mental masturbation. And it might be true too, in a way that pushes you to improve yourself but still, there are distortions when trying to figure out what is true if the "I" exists. Whereas when I was at the state where I was imagining reality "I" didn't exist, so there was less distortion. But once I came back down, I fear I might have somewhat distorted what I saw/experienced afterwards. Wow this is really good stuff, I appreciate you pointing this out. But help me understand this, if nothingness is part of nothing then nothing is itself something (but only in the relative) and that thing is infinite, which cant be imagined or categorized from a relative perspective (which is finite) then I agree it does create a paradox. So then what can you do to know what is true ? If we are finite in the relative space, and can only imagine finite do you then have to be nothing, or infinity/god to grasp what actually is true?
  8. This was the issue actually, and it appears like that's what popped me out of the trip, seems like shrooms x10 your inquiry. But if you inquire "incorrectly" or with your ego involved that itself will be x10 and pop you out. I think thats why initially I didnt feel much until I really started to actively contemplate. I will continue to contemplate this, thank you. Right now - and im sure ill change my opinion on this as I continue to contemplate the question but it seems like theyre both as "real" as it gets. I think what happened was that I was watching the process of imagination do its thing. Observing it create "reality" in order to create a static image, strangely it was terrifying yet universally orgasmic at the same time. But yeah, it certainly felt as though none of it exists, but below it was nothing. The foundation was literally nothing. So is existance really nothing? Yet nothing has to be part of something because it itself is a thing
  9. Help me understand if what I experienced is true or atleast without any distortions and projections. I meditated for about 20 minutes to center myself, then took some shrooms and started to inquire. After exploring my mind for what seemed to be eternity and learning what it means to use the directing mind, I thought the shrooms were wearing off and my ego started to kick back in. I started to think about work and about how one my co-workers that I work with might not be cool with me because I don't talk to him as much or what not (just a thought). It then hit me, that this is just a thought, imagination. Its just imagination, and then it really hit me, oh FUCK its just imagination. The whole thing is imagination, none of this actually exists, I was watching every moment of reality "birthing" the next, it was like having constant orgasms but just watching reality unfold on itself, it was being imagined in real time and the whole time I was screaming OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, there was nothing else that could come to mind it was unbelievable, and it just kept going. Again this felt like eternity and for eternity I was literally screaming OH MY GOD and having reality orgasms, every moment was totally unique in and of itself. The room I was in, it was empty, not "physically" but below it there was nothing, the foundation that its all built on is nothing, Literally. When I went from one room to the other, the first room I was in did not exist anymore. It was being imagined as I entered it. I literally kept going from the first room to the second watching how it was all being constructed or "birthed". This kept going deeper though, and here is where im starting to trip up and need to do more reflection, perhaps I did not go as deep as some of you but eventually I realized that we were all collectively imagining reality, in the same way that I did as an individual the collective is doing the same thing. Whats weird is the leap that was made from regular self-reflection and inquiring about life to the realization of how we are collectively imagining reality. Its like with each inquiry I was going +1 deeper, and then +1 more with the next inquiry and then with the realization that what im thinking about is just imagination I literally went from 0-100.
  10. Wow that's big brain ? and it makes sense for the removal his audience doesn't seem to grasp what's being said
  11. Ah I just saw I think he removed it sorry guys, it was a 13 minute video in which he described what seems to be a separation of thought and emotion. He realized that there was an "umbilical cord" connecting the two and from this self identity emerges. Once you realize that this is totally useless it begins to fall apart. And when this happens a literal physical part in your brain "deactivates". It's just a summary but I was just curious if anyone else experienced something similar, I don't wanna go into too much detail and Bucher his message