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  1. Thank you Leo, im very excited!
  2. @michaelcycle00 Sure but I can only speak from this one experience, for the "why" there are 2 reasons, the first is that you are here to just experience god itself see yourself for what you actually are in totality. The second reason is that there is no reason, its meaningless, it will never end there is nothing to do but to just be, its pretty fucking sad and I already knew this answer intellectually but seeing it really gave me more perspective as to what this means. It does mean that you are free to do whatever you want though and create your own meaning if youre interested, if not thats cool too. The how I cant really explain, it would be like me asking you, how do you move your hand? When you write how did you come up with the thoughts that you wrote. I also dont mean which thought triggered the other thought but I mean how is the process of thought creation happening ? What is happening below the surface, before a thought is even created ( I hope that makes any sense if it doesnt lmk). Its not really something I can articulate (shout out to Leo for having this much talent articulating this stuff) its something that has to be experienced.
  3. It finally happened, there is still an almost physical relaxation felt in the body even though its been about two weeks since the experience. I don't feel as anxious and my fear of death has been significantly reduced. For context I've taken psychedelics around twenty times and never went this deep. At some point I actually thought that most people here were just projecting what Leo was teaching and that most of what people are saying is mainly intellectual and not real felt experience. I entertained the idea and was open to it but it was always intellectual for me so I never preached or bought into it as a belief. This trip revealed the whole enchilada, Infinity, Love, "MIND"....God. I lived multiple lives, saw the infinity in all of it and became aware of how and why its being created. In some way living became meaningless too, when in that state being alive or dead literally doesn't matter, it wont end, there is nothing to do and nothing to worry about, "you" are always there for eternity. An interesting finding for me outside of this experience was that how SUPER receptive to energy you become, when placing my awareness on others I could easily get their attention without looking at them, feel their energy in a way I never felt before, and much much more, it was like manipulating reality real time. Makes me wonder if those that meditate often or are gifted have this ability and if it can be further developed.
  4. I spent around 2 years training with them online and 1 month in person with him in Berlin, feel free to ama. Here is a link I found of some guy that collected some of Ido's stuff, not super detailed but it gives you a general idea
  5. Finds bugs and can literally teach you why the code didnt work and how you should go about implementing it, thats insane Maybe we can get that dark mode at some point lol
  6. This thing can write code wow
  7. @Yarco I agree with you, but saying Google 2.0 doesn't dumb it down that seems to be more of a projection on the title. There was a MASSIVE difference between web 1.0 and web 2.0 in terms of complexity and what it allowed us to do. This is even more radical than that but still, google 2.0
  8. This is like Google 2.0
  9. I would first recommend speaking with a doctor to figure out if you have add so that you dont waste too much time if you dont. Either way from my experience this is something that has to be largely resolved through education and experimentation. I personally recommend checking out as a great starting point and get his course on adhd/add, its like 20 bucks (he also has some free videos on youtube you can check out). It introduces alot of cognitive behavioral therapy that will be essential to understanding how to resolve this and create systems/an environment that is optimal for you (something thats useful even if you dont have add), learn why you do what you do, and finally how to improve focus/memory/attention and more. From there you will have a better understanding and awareness of how things work to research specific areas within add that can be improved.
  10. Do you guys have any systems or methods of practice that you have found out work best for integrating your experiences/insights on psychedelics? Like meditating before taking them, journaling or walking afterwards to figure out what the fuck happened, integrating it into your meditations, rinse repeat every 2 weeks ? What has your process been that produced the best results personally ?
  11. Posts like this are what keep me going strong, thanks for sharing !
  12. Try and find a SMART certified dentist for higher chances of success, ill have mine taken out this week. Also take an x-ray of your teeth after you get them taken out just to make sure there are no traces left.
  13. Hi yall, im about to have both of my amalgam fillings taken out this month, after I get them out ill most likely have a follow-up x-ray to make sure everything looks good. I was just wondering if there was a period of time I should wait just to be on the safe side before I do my first test with DMSA and potentially begin the process. Also im going to a SMART certified dentist for this process and they actually want me to begin the detox before I get my amalgams taken out (or do acupuncture which I found weird). And their process consists of taking IMD, vitamin C every 4 hours and Liposomal Glutathione as well as a couple of other things, has anyone here done this process and is it safe to do with amalgams still in the mouth?