What is the most awakened region of the world?

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I feel like the Japanese are more in touch with spirit and the depth of their being despite still having alot of social problems. 

Based on their anime, music, films, the way food is consumed, mannerisms like not overly relying on language, etc.. they're also more appreciative of classical music. Their world seem to be transforming more and more into art which is synonymous with Beauty.

The French comes to mind in terms of open-mindedness...

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You are Me, we are One. Truth is Love. Truth is Beauty. Every frame is a painting. ❣ Nothing but Love. How do I even explain myself to you?

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Cambodia has to be up there:

"Theravada Buddhism is the official religion of Cambodia, practised by more than 95 percent of the population with an estimated 4,392 monastery temples throughout the country. Cambodian Buddhism is deeply influenced by Hinduism and native animism."

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