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The Jews Were Some Clever Metaphysicians

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The question is what is to happen when lots of people would get it? 


Here it looks to me that there should be some kind of ascension, it says "repairing of the world".

Maybe like a man coming back from a long coma but for the whole of the universe?

Are there any sources on what could multiple enlightened people come up with if working together in groups like scientists? Or is this experiential understanding all that there is? Maybe such people where never put together and having all their material needs met so that they can focus on further self study?

Clearly enlightened people continue on living as usual people, they do not get frozen for the rest of their lifes with this Nothing is not Nothing revelation. But this should be the fringe where something mystical is happening, and it's not. 

As for example when we discover superconductivity, objects start flying on their own. 

So why there seems not to be any practical implications of enlightenment in the world?

Only some enlightened people left some texts so that if someone were to have enough of an open mind and zeal, he could reach what they've reached. 

I haven't read the Jew scriptures, but here are some people with knowledge I understand. If their in-scripture view of the world is one of an enlightened human and should be taken literaly, is there anything else profound in there, which should be taken literally and which shows next steps after mass enlightenment?

All this people with knowledge of a Nothingness could not possible think only about making the world a more harmonious, prosperous place, it's literally ridiculous.

As are my sixteenth-assed attempts at grasping all this.

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