Is creatine safe to take?

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On 5/21/2022 at 7:24 AM, Jonac said:

Why just don´t eat a steak or animal organs that contains a lot of natural creatine, plus is cheaper

Creatine is actually not that costly. You need to eat 16g of Tuna to get 4g of creatine. 

The recommended dose of Creatine is 3g daily. You just can't get enough from food.

Plus Tuna contains all the heavy metals which you don't want to take in.

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I took creatine (monohydrate) for almost an entire year while I was pursuing bodybuilding.

It works wonders...with potential long-term side effects (depending on what you're doing with it).

I didn't have any major issues whilst taking it. While I was bodybuilding, I was doing a hypertrophy program that was designed for me to get big in 12 weeks time. In doing that successfully, my muscles stretched out to accommodate the constant exercises. The creatine aided that process too in providing mass to the stretched out areas. After a while, I stopped hitting the gym to focus on other things at the time. I ended up going back again roughly 8 months ago whilst on creatine again to maintain my look. Stopped it permanently 5 months ago. 

Here's the effects I've personally noticed:

- It stretches out your muscles to places they wouldn't otherwise go while trying to put on mass

- Increases your strength noticeably quick, even if you aren't working out on it.

- It makes you feel dehydrated a lot quicker. You need to be drinking a shit ton more water on the daily

- Since taking creatine, I've noticed that my resting-hydration has been bumped up. I need to drink more water per day that I did before I ever had creatine.

- While on creatine, If I wasn't working out too hard, no side-effects other than the above. It was rare, but when I was doing a lot of hypertrophy with intense workouts, a few times my heart felt like it needed to work extra hard. I never felt that when I was doing hypertrophy without creatine.

- My resting-weight has increased. My normal resting-weight when I'm not regularly hitting the gym was roughly 150-155. Now its 162+ & I eat very healthy now. Basically my muscles are permanently stretched out & retain their shape now, but because of that, I also have permanently-increased mass that requires more daily water & more daily food.

*Also be careful not to take expired creatine monohydrate. That has some potential unfavorable effects as well.

I'd say its "safe enough", but I wouldn't recommend it, even if you're trying to put on muscle. It affects everyone differently, so be careful.

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Thanks @Zion . I am also experimenting with it now. 


1)How long did it take for you to show results? 

2) Did you do the loading phase? 

I am not loading creatine by taking 20grams a day for 4 days.

Just sticking to 3g/day right from the beginning.

And yeah I have significantly increased my water intake as well. 


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@Noahsteelers34  5g daily , cycle 1 month on 1 month off 


yes, safe.

<banned for jokes in the joke section>

Thought Art I am disappointed in your behavior ?

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