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Hi guys.

For years and years, I've been trying to get over my issues with PTSD/ Depression/ ADHD/ anxiety.

Have tried lots of techniques, but alike to the recent thread in this section, I keep just falling into this pit of despair.

The only thing that helps is taking ADHD prescribed drugs. However, my dream has always been to overcome my affliction via natural means.

I find Do-nothing meditation can help me a bit, but it doesn't stop my life from falling apart everyday.

The thing that keeps me going is my mind's dissociation at the moment. My mind has been able to split my psyche, such that I cannot usually comprehend how everyday for the last four years has been a groundhog day of suffering. In brief moments where this illusion is lifted, I fall into utter despair.

I love philosophy, psychology, and politics. And am a very smart guy. I say that not to brag, but just because its so frustrating not to be able to currently use my gift anywhere near the extent I want. I feel I know my purpose is around driving from political change in the world. However, currently I feel so held back from everything in life!

I was wondering what people's perspectives on this were? Particularly, @Nahm

Thank you.

"Hang around the barber shop long enough and you're gonna get a haircut" - Denzel Washington

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There is not a secret technique for this unfortunately, but you can surely do something about it. The key point here is to comprehend yourself to the core: what is pushing me to have those problems? Are those problems in the first place? Why do I need those "bad" moments? What makes them bad? 

You can continue with this on and on but don't stop with an easy and quick answer for everyhting. Oper yourself to the possibility of not actually knowing what is going in your life and in your "self". Dig as deep as you can and you will start to see patterns in yourself, needs that you are trying so hard to satisfy and ways in which you interpret reality. 

Be constant with this work or it won't produce nor benefits nor effective changes in your life.

Last thing: lower your expectation and don't judge yourself if you can't change your life in a split second, a day, a month or a year; this is not an easy path.

Hope that this has helped <3

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What is your affliction? More importantly, where is it? Point to it. 

Well it’s the past.      Be literal.     Point to a past. 

Well, that’s a thought. Not actually a past. 

If there’s no past in your direct experience… and the thought is in your direct experience… then there is no affliction to overcome, sans the one you are repeating & imposing, upon yourself, via thought. That might be read as harsh, but is not meant that way. It’s meant to your benefit. 

You are not identified by your past. You are not identified by the actions of others. You are not identified by your thoughts, but ‘the work’ to do is recognizing that you are believing that you are, and bringing understanding, and thus peace, to that. 

That you are here, now, present, is liberation. That you are not the story you tell, is liberation. 

Very important… if questions arise, ask em. That is the way of non-aversion, of non-suppression. It is the way. 



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Thank you @LeoX8, and @Nahm.


"Hang around the barber shop long enough and you're gonna get a haircut" - Denzel Washington

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@Ulax Hi. Welcome.
My contribution to start with are Hemi-sync for helping left/right hemispheres be friends and make sure they come along with the middle part between them in combination with "meditation" and write journal 24/7 for discover/monitor whats going on and learn stuff about your self, at the same moment start be able find "solutions".  Do you already have it covered or is there another necessary pieces "triggers,coping, pattern and more" for the big puzzle ptsd and such can be helpful, meanwhile also parallel follow ❤ @Nahm  awesome help and there are plenty more helpful people for all kind of questions along your journey.

Perhaps follow some guideline's for how Dissociative Identity Disorders are built and healed.

 @FlyingLotus IFS?

Teal Swan. YT video, Fragmentation, and much more amazing deep healing videos.
Some boy's seems to have "man" issues watch her's content.

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