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  1. @Stratos What is REALLY keeping you from letting that go? Think deeply about that and don't take that from granted. I really think that this can help you
  2. @milii I understand you fully. It's so fucking hard, everything doesn't make any sense. But ask you this question and think deeply about the answer: "What is preventing me from creating that kind of happiness, passion and fun in my life?"
  3. @beatlemantis I understand you but by asking yourself if you can do it or not you won't go anywere. The question you should ask yourself is: "Do I want to be better? Do I want to be happy?" I hope that this can help you in some way
  4. @Strangeloop If you actually become a hobo, or at least you get near to become one, How would life feel?
  5. @TheGreekSeeker What is holding you back from taking action towards what you desire?
  6. @DMM710 Cold showers and smiling to strangers
  7. I've been dating this girl recently and to be totally honest, I feel good with her. The problem is that I don't feel anything else... She's kind of cute but I'm not attracted to her, I don't even have the stimulus to kiss her. I do not want to continue a thing that would not lean to somewhere, but I don't know if I should continue the friendship with her (friendzone her) or to continue dating her or close all of that and forget her. Any advice? I did not have so much relationships so maybe some of you that are/were in the same situation are free to share their experience or advice Thanks in advance
  8. @Leo Gura I guess that I don't have any excuses left... You have been pretty complete and exhaustive, thanks Leo!!
  9. @PenguinPablo Discuss with that thought and ask yourself? "Do I really need attention/love of others to feel love? What is it that really makes me feel this way? Can i get love without relaying on others? Do I really need love from others? " Argue with yourself and start to answer those questions. When you think the answer is right, you can act based on that to find solutions
  10. @Ryan_047 I feel your anger. It is just so non-sense: What's the point of studying if in the end i will die? Why I can't just be happy? What's the point of living anyway? Those are some questions that i used to ask myself every single day. I've arrived to a point where I just wanted to end it once and for all: I was desperate and I just wanted to end the pain and the mess in my head. Eventually, I didn't. Why? One day I was on one of my lowest points and everything didn't make sense for me, I was so desperate. I started crying out laud and shouting "WHY THE FUCK AM I THIS WAY?! I JUST WANT TO BE HAPPY!" It took me a while but i finally realized that: even if it didn't make sense, even if I considered impossible, I just wanted to be happy. As soon as I surrendered to that, things started to change. This is my experience. Now it's up to you to choose: even if it's pointless, even if it's impossible, do you want to be happy? I can tell you that after that decision I worked my ass off to become a happier person, and surely it was so much difficult at first, but i guarantee you, it is totally worth it. No day has passed since I regretted that choice. It's up to you now. I trust you <3
  11. @youngshinzen You have to make yourself some questions: What do I really want to create with other people? What I have to do in order to achive that? I know it seems simplistic but trust me. If you can figure out the first one, you can easily do some research (watch videos or read books) for the second question. Hope that this has helped <3
  12. @EvilAngel How much important is the opinion of others for you? Realize this and also the others things you feel important. Then you can decide what to "listen" to and accept the costs of doing that
  13. @JustThinkingAloud I often have moments where I feel genuine happyness, but they don't last long (like more than 1/2 hours at the very best) Any advice?
  14. @studentofthegame I will give you a simple (but not so easy) tecnique: imagine that one of your of parents (or even both) dies (one of your biggest fears), what will you do? Will you accept the situation and move on or you will die out of sadness? I know that this may sound provocating and I'm sorry for that, but I think that this piece of advice will help you a lot. Realize that if you want to create the extraordinary life that you want, you have to accept ( actually surrender) the fact, still hypothetical, that one of your parents has died, and if you don't accept that you won't move any further. When you understand that you can move forward, even if that happens, and you accept totally that fear in your mind, you have succesfully set free from your fear (it won't acually leave you, but you will live upon the fear) If you can do this, you will grow A LOT. I hope that this will help you, I trust you <3
  15. I would rank my mood with a solid 7/10