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  1. @BlessedLion I you were to start again from zero, how would you get to the position where you are right now? It's sounds so cool but at the same time I would not know where to start Btw thanks for sharing, this is very inspiring
  2. @Yarco thanks for the advice! I really value projects and action so it is not a problem for me. What you are saying is resonating with me but leaves me with another question: where is the line that separates dabbling and staring to many projects? For example if you start 4 projects at the same time it will mostly backfire, but also if you start one and just focus on it like a laser I think you'll miss on other things You will need some kind of balance/organization in doing so, what do you suggest??
  3. I see the advantages of mastery an art and choosing to dedicate your life to one thing, but I really struggle to choose only one thing. I'm interested in a lot of things, I'm curious and I feel that by choosing only one thing you are saying no to others. As a downside I end up pursuing multiple projects at the same time and I can see how this can affect my work ultimately. How do you handle such a problem? How did you choose what art/medium/area of life to become a master in?
  4. @Yarco I upload designs and have other services that print and ship the products for me. To add more context, I do not only sell t-shirts but also hoodies, tank tops, mugs, stickers, ecc... . I have the most success withstickers. I do not create "professional" designs or cutting edge fashion, I just really like creating something that makes me laugh (and hopefully others to). I focus on funny jokes or memes and I'm pretty good with that. The nasty comments were about a shop that I opened on shopify. I thought I could create designs that everyone could find funny but I were the only one to appreciate that work. When I started an ad campaing on instagram I received only nasty comments and lost money in the process. I still own my shops (on redbubble and teepublic) and don't need to cut them off, they are on autopilot basically so the question is: should I put more effort to grow this business even further or should I seek alternatives? I want to make people laugh and have fun but I'm questioning if t-shirt selling is the right medium to do so. I'm searching alternatives but the main the thing that blocks me the most is money. I resist getting into something that doesn't secure me some income. @Michael569 I believe that passion is sparked by mastery and huge amounts of skill, but that leaves me with a question: what art I should master? I'm a bit confused about the answer because everything I might choose could be a waste of time, energy and money. At the same time if I do not take action I also waste time. Btw thanks so much for the responses guys <3
  5. I've been selling T-shirts online for a couple of years and with its ups and downs I've earned some money and created a passive income source. But now I feel it stagnated a bit and I'm a little bit bored of this business model. I don't know if I should seek alternatives or to go all in another time in this business and try to make it work even better. I got in mostly for money and I'm feeling a little disconnected from my values but I don't want to fall in the "search for your passion trap". I know that happiness at work is sparked by mastery and huge amounts of skill but I just don't see the value in what I'm doing. I had a phase in which I kinda forced a purpose on this business: I wanted to make people laugh and smile with my funny clothing but I have received some nasty comments and that demotivated me. What should I focus on? Passion? Values? Purpose? Money? Any thought or advice is highly welcomed!!
  6. @Javfly33 of course man, feel free to dm me @Bojan V @Lyubov @Human Mint thanks for the support ??
  7. I had wrote a lot about my problems on this forum so I thought that it will be a cool idea to share my experiences that made me overcome those problems. For a long time my only desire was to die brutally and escape this life. The thought of killing myself begun 3 years ago: I had a physical fight with a new classmate in gym class, we where only pushing ourselfs like most dumb teenagers do and I was ok with that, but he wasn't. He stated clearly that I have hurted him and when I asked him to forgive me after all of that he didn't do it. He also changed desk in other classes to not stay near me stopped talking to me. I felt like a monster, an unforgivable ugly creature. I started to find other ways in which I was not "a good boy" and basically started not feeling enough for this world. When I came home after school I used to change my clothes, sit on my desk and just cry. It was hell and the only way to escape that I've found was to kill myself. After a while had an undescribable expirience in which at the peak of my suffering I realized that "I don't want to suffer anymore" was equal to "I want to be happy". This changed my life as I begun to take responsability for my life and myself in general. It was in this period that I started personal development and began to watch Leo's videos. I was obsessed with it, and the thought that ran me was "If I am not enough, I can become enough with personal development". And so I did basically: I changed myself completely from a skinny shy boy to a funny, smart and charismatic guy. My grades at school were growing, I had found a girlfriend, I started a little online side-hustle, reading books, cold showers, meditating, exercising, ecc... Until this summer things became too much: the "I can be enough" was never coming to an end but growing into larger and larger goals until they started to became impossible. Again, I took responsability for not reaching those goals (I did not realize that the problems were caused by the goals themselfs), and started tonot feel enough for this world again, but this time much more stronger. One day I went to a soy camp in the nowhere with a knife. "If nobody will answer this suicide hotline I'll do it". I called two times and no one answered. I started to laugh, then I cried, a lot and finally I went home, more broken than ever. My girlfriend was always there to help me but never made a real difference until I talked to a friend of mine: we were walking, I feld at peace with him, and I told him about the fact that I wanted to kill myself. He did not judge me, he only said that he would have missed me if I commited suicide. Later he talked about psychoterapy and how this Ms. Psycologist helped him out a lot. I thanked him but I did not intend to go to therapy. A few days later I argued with my girlfriend about some silly stuff but it had a huge impact on me. I wanted to die so bad but I found the strenght to at least watch some videos on youtube of other stories of other people and how, in the end, psycotherapy changed thair life. So out of despair I called my friend and asked him the numer of the psychologist, took an appointment and explained to my dad why I was going there (I lied to him about the real reason). At the beginning I did not like psychotherapy because it forced me to talk about my problems (not so cool) but as soon as I started to talk about my childhood things begun to make a lot of sense. I realized that proving to be enough started with the fear of being abandoned by my parents, especially my mom. Even when my mom came home from work tired and did not celebrate with me my good grades I took responsability for her mood: "It's my fault if she feels this way, the grade that I took was not high enough". This started to apply to everything and if I needed some help with something my dad was pushing early in my life towards my indipendence (shitty combo). Even if those thing seem small, they have builtd up over time and when 3 years ago I argued with my friend the fact that he did not forgive me was a realization like: "Not only I'm not eough for my mom, now even for the world". Seeing how each and every single piece worked together in the big picture was huge: I had this experience of literally "zooming out" of what was happening and seeing it more rationally. Just from this experience I had a huge relief and life begun to feel more easy and peaceful. But things got even better. On the 4th appointment Ms. Psychologist asked me "What can make things even better?", "To finally let go of all this guilt and suffering" I said. Then she ipnotized me. In that experience all made sense, I felt like I had liberated a deep part of me. I realized how I have always been perfect as I am. I felt so much love for myself and for my life. I was left with so much peace and compassion for me, my parents...everybody!! Life was worth living just for that moment. After that my pessimistic view gone pretty much away, I see things in their context now. I find it very difficult to get offended and I don't need to stress so much about my results in general. Counterintuitevely I had found that when I let go of wanting something my way and just forget about it, I end up getting the thing I wanted!! I had also moments of total peace and immersion in the present moment and in that place joy comes naturally. I can't be more grateful for my life now than ever. If you are thinking about killing yourself going to therapy will help you for sure. There is a solution and you don't have to solve your problems alone. I also want to thank @Leo Gura, without him I would have not be open ehough to this possibility and also I would have not took responsability for my life. Your videos did change my life and continue to do so. I hope that I'll made you a little proud of your followers <3. I know this is a long post but I think it can help some of you on this forum. Hope that this has helped <3
  8. @Random witch thanks, it did help a lot. I actually do love myself and spend a lot of time growing that aspect. I think all the effort I put in my life is a form of self love. But in those moments is hard to love myself. All the failed projects and hopes come back and it's quite difficult to handle them. thanks agai for the help <3
  9. My friends I am truly despaired and in need of an external point of view on my life so far, I can't ignore it anymore. I feel helpness and I don't know what to do. This summer I started to have backlashes of suicidal thoughts. One day I was so low: I went in a camp with a knife and I called my country's suicide hotline for giving this life a last chance. I called twice but they did not respond. I don't reccomand a similar experience. Since then I talked about it only to my girlfriend and a friend and that has helped a little bit. I feel judged by people, I feel that I'm not in the way I'm supposed to be but at the same time I don't know "how" to be. I started my self-help journey when I was 16 (now I'm 19). Since then I watched a lot of Leo's videos, read about 50 books of the booklist and still do that daily (I started the booklist about a year ago), I take copius amounts of notes, I journal twice a day, make affermations, meditate, do cold showers... I devoted myself to make my life better but the only thing that I want right now is to end my life in brutal ways. I feel like I should not consume media, but create media. The only thing I do is sell custom t-shirts online. That earn me some money but I don't feel original and when I do the creation does not sell. I feel guilty because I'm chasing money and success; I know that they won't make me happy but I keep on doing that. I feel like a failure because my success comes from a single artwork and even if I put a lot of effort in expanding my business and creating more I don't get results. I also fear that one day I will be betrayed by my girlfriend, even though things are going well with her. I feel like I'm not enough for her. This week I wanted to be alone and focus on my work. But I ended up finishing my goals early in the day and then have nothing to do. I don't know I should I spend my time because I feel guilty in watching videos, tv series, ecc... I meditate and contemplate on what I am but not understanding what awereness, nothingness and God are. Staying with the not knowing and the confusion drives me crazy. I can't explain to myself why the only solution seems to kill myself. I try so hard to prevent that, but no matter what I do I feel like a failure and basically I'm living my life in a confirmation bias upon which I search for reasons and situation to prevent feeling like a failure and by doing so basically confirming that I am one. Sorry I know this is rough and a lot to digest but I needed a toilet where to puke all of this. Most of the times I feel good and happy to live my life but sometimes this shit happens and nothing seems to help. Feel free to tell me any thought that you have had
  10. @EmptyVase @Greengrass been meditating for a couple of years but the more I go on about it, the more I feel that I need to practice more in order to get real results because even if I'm constant with the practice I get easily distracted while I'm into it The dots are like tiny tiny things that are moving around in a big group and they are only a sensation Thanks to both of you guys <3
  11. A little time ago I started to feel something while I was meditating: it was a tingling sensation in the front of my body. Like little dots moving around and I felt this clear sensation of concentrating them in front of me and letting go of the tension and make the mass expand. Now I can consciously concentrate the mass and release it. The only thing that I have associated with these things are that negative emotions (anger in particular) feels like this mass is concentrated in front of me and the more and the deeper I let go of this tension and make this thing expand, the better I feel. Concentrating this mass in front of me isn't necessarily a negative thing: for example it makes me more focus over one thing. Still I don't know what this thing is and what else I can do with it. Are there some of you who have had a similar experience? Do you know what this "group of dots is"? Thanks in advance <3
  12. @catcat69123 The first advice that comes up to me is that you won't find the ideal/perfect community, changing your circumstances won't solve your problems and wounds; so don't focus to much on finding the "right people" but on healing yourself. That being said, there are toxic people and it'll be good for you to not spend time with them. On the other hand there are also really good people and to find them you need to search them and expose yourself to a lot of social dynamics. What type of people are you interested in? Where you could find them? Start simple: maybe you like playing tennis and there's a playing camp near you and you can just go there and talk to the people there, see if you are interested in them and you repeat the process if you don't like them. It's quite difficult to spot where "the non-judgmental community" is going to be, there is not a "non-judgment place" so just meet more and more people with different interests and cultures and you'll find the "right ones". But this will be useless if you won't heal your wounds first because you will still continue to have fear/anger/emotional reactions out of those social interactions. Where is created the need for approval in yourself? Can you go deeper? And even more deep? hope that this has helped <3
  13. There is not a secret technique for this unfortunately, but you can surely do something about it. The key point here is to comprehend yourself to the core: what is pushing me to have those problems? Are those problems in the first place? Why do I need those "bad" moments? What makes them bad? You can continue with this on and on but don't stop with an easy and quick answer for everyhting. Oper yourself to the possibility of not actually knowing what is going in your life and in your "self". Dig as deep as you can and you will start to see patterns in yourself, needs that you are trying so hard to satisfy and ways in which you interpret reality. Be constant with this work or it won't produce nor benefits nor effective changes in your life. Last thing: lower your expectation and don't judge yourself if you can't change your life in a split second, a day, a month or a year; this is not an easy path. Hope that this has helped <3
  14. @Vision In my opinion purpose is a thing you want to create or a quest that you want to accomplish and by doing that create a difference of some kind in the world (possibly a positive one) Passion is the drive and the love for what you are doing (ex. your purpose) which is not a prerequisite but a thing that you build over a lot of time and effort by mastering your work hope that this has helped <3
  15. @ZenBlue I'm admiring you so much right now Thank for the inspiration