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How to Address Stage Orange Coopting Green

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17 hours ago, Joel3102 said:

The leftists on twitter and YouTube who rail against woke corporations are mostly far left socialists and tankies. Your average centre left person who wants universal healthcare aren’t the ones railing against this all day....

   Millenials gonna milenial, that's par for the coarse. There's progress, no matter how slow. Beats getting executed or silenced and thrown in asylums for trying to improve society.

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Posted (edited)

On 7/31/2021 at 11:49 AM, Leo Gura said:

What you're seeing all over the news IS the process by which true stage Green gets realized. You're just too in-the-thick-of-it to see it. It's a convoluted decade's-long process.

And corporations pandering to Green IS part of how we get true Green. You should be happy that corporations are pandering because that already means they see that in order to survive they must conform to Green values, at least in name.

The fact that this isn't obvious to everyone to everyone on the Progressive Left hurts my brain... 

Brings to mind something equally silly from a few years back when some outspoken Greens accused AOC of "co-opting" the Green New Deal by trying to include it in the policy platform of Democratic Party, because the Green Party came up with the idea first.


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"The mind is inherently embodied.
Thought is mostly unconscious.
Abstract concepts are largely metaphorical." - George Lakoff

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