A Bitch About Dating

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On 20.6.2021 at 7:12 AM, Flowerfaeiry said:

Guys are either super shallow i.e. into sports(bleh), don't have the slightest idea of what spiritual worlds are or they play video games. I've come across guys who are traumatized by other women, creepy guys, guys who only talk about themselves... the list goes on.

OR, they're way out of my league. Super successful, have their shit really together and are all in all much more mature than me. 

Move to Denmark :D 

I'd say dating sites / dating apps is a bad idea. 

The guys who are confident won't use them since they can just could approach IRL / find girls through their network / parties / events etc.

Also the smart guys know that the attractive women rarely use dating sites/apps, since these women are used to getting approached 24/7 IRL.

Point is: make yourself attractive and just go out a lot. It doesn't have to be just night life and parties. It can also be finding events, you know, where spiritual guys and girls will come. Good luck :D <3 

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3 hours ago, Javfly33 said:

You talk about finding your soulmate yet your whole agenda is pure survival based. Humans are such bs creatures it's even funny 🤣

What makes you think finding a soulmate isn't survival?

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@RendHeaven Yes my purpose is to become a teacher/coach.

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