Do you understand that you're all Alone here?

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17 minutes ago, Intraplanetary said:

Looking forward ?

Actually, I'm now busy creating and shaping my avatar and its reality. And this idea of being the subjective perspective with no one and nothing outside of it makes me so Powerful; like I literally got consciously to choose how to play the game. And I know it's alright to do so because I believe in the saying: ''If you seek awakening, make sure you have a life worth awakening to''. 

Enjoy the journey B| Consciousness is infinitely Powerful, initially through individuality, but ultimately through universal potentiality. The dreamer dreams, and eventually awakens to itself, beyond the dream. Seeing clearly is the ultimate power.

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that realization about that we are all the same does not have to give an idea of loneliness.  that we are is unfathomable, and that appearance that we are is very disparate, infinite manifestations of an infinite abyss. where is the loneliness?

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