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A tip on surviving the spiritual dip of suicidality

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Leo's latest video on misapplying spiritual techniques reminded me of my own dark moments in life. In one period, I was going deep with deconstruction, awakening and facing loneliness - producing existential dread, insanity and death ideation. Here is what I did to survive that period and come out stronger at the other end;

Since my suffering was caused by thinking, I knew a state of no-mind and total presence was my saving grace. Therefore, I had a laser focus on letting go of my thoughts, which helped me to create distance from any kind of temptations. I spent the days mostly just sitting on my bed. Emotionally I was still uneasy and suffering, but that was it - I was just suffering (nothing more, nothing less).

I wrote "Trust the process, Trust the Universe" on pieces of paper, that I put around my apartment. This further helped me to let go and ground me in the totality of the present moment... there was nowhere to go and nothing to do. Effortless action. There was suffering, but it was ok. This grounding assured me the period of suffering will eventually pass and I will be left only to gain insights from such experience.

Take care :)

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Various methods that have helped me

-telling my mind to go silent - like you did

-saying that life is all a game and if I am getting upset, I am getting upset with the game and I can be as involved/engaged or not with the game as I chose

-writing in a blog my thoughts - helps to not hold onto an idea - to digest the idea and "poop" it out of my system so that I can move on and think new thoughts

-have someone to talk to

-cleaning the house; doing various chores that need to get done

-taking a break

-listening to happy music

-eating food, getting sleep, getting exercise

-thinking about thoughts and trying to piece things together

-cry really loud and obnoxiously - get the urge to cry and feel sad out of my system by letting myself do that

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Another one I thought of is "life being hard itself" may prevent suicide in that we find some joy to conquering how hard it is.  We find joy in overcoming things that we didn't think we could overcome.  As leo has said in one of his recent videos, if life was easy, it would be too boring.

although it could be so hard that it is hard to find joy in anything so I can see that it would be tough.

The happy medium of not being too hard nor too easy is one to strive for.

Too easy - too bored.  Too hard - don't want to participate anymore.

When we see it is a game though - we may want to back out of the game but see that that would hurt our friends who are in the game and we have attachment to them.  There is also that once left the game, you are gone from it forever and that kinda doesn't let you explore the game anymore.

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