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  1. Perhaps one of the most fascinating studies for psychonauts to read - basically giving one of the best descriptions of what the inhaled NNDMT trip can be like. It is open access, so you can download and read through it for free This is a phenomenological analysis of around 3800 trip reports from inhaled NNDMT that were posted on reddit subforum over the last 10 years. This is a big study! It had to take at least several months to do this. Maybe even a couple of years. Phenomenological methods are very interesting... the person using them is to try to (re)interpret as little as possible, staying as close as they can to the actual data under study. The person's goal is to capture the essence of the data/experience - these generalized essences are then results of the study that you read in the abstract. This way, the results stay grounded in data... creation of new (grounded) theories can also be done this way. The journal it is published in also has high science cred, if anyone needs appeals to authority, hehe https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-022-11999-8
  2. A narration of my texts here has been done nicely by Vivec. Thank you for your work & feel free to PM me if you are active on this forum
  3. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill - prime example of healthy Orange
  4. If we are to build a Tier 2 collectives, this is one of the necessary pieces of infrastructure we need to cultivate. The way we interact together is inherited from the past and unfortunately there are many serious issues that stem from that. Marshall Rosenberg's NVC is a new way to understand how we can communicate with one another to be able to hear one another's deep feelings, unfulfilled needs and the behaviors that stem from that. Other than expanding empathy, NVC also deepens one own's ability to introspect and live life more consciously. This is a powerful technique for spiral wizardry. Outline and sources can be found here: https://www.cnvc.org/training/resource/book-chapter-1 PS: this is worth studying and experimenting with, then making a mini-series of videos... powerful stuff, don't underrestimate
  5. Read some of Stan Grof's books - hes been doing and leading psychedelic psychotherapy almost his whole life. I consider Gabor Mate to be the best author on trauma work. Their teachings complement each other.
  6. I study social sciences in the progressive Scandinavia in a university, which itself is progressive in its culture and structure relative to other unis around. In SD terms, my uni's SS department is thoroughly green with clear signs of yellow. The weakness of Leo's critique of science is in that he seems to not be aware that scientific disciplines can vary dramatically, even in terms of philosophy of science. Whenever he says "science" I interpret it as "western mainstream (likely not cutting edge) natural sciences with philosophical positions of positivist epistemology and objectivist ontology". If I dont, some of his points literally dont apply to the kind of science we are doing at this uni. Though, many of his points of critique are in fact still useful for understanding science and its current limits at a deep level. In my quite unique case, they just often require recontextualization. Tldr: his critique lacks clear definition of "science" and hence he paints with a too broad of a brush. Nuances are lost in this process.
  7. What even is "breakfast"? Is it a type of meal or a meal taken at specific time of the day? It also matters a lot on what were the habits of the participants before the study. Overall sounds weak. I fast from 20.00 till 12.00 and im most productive in the morning, feel great and often I have a breakfast-type meal at around 12.30... is it lunch or not?
  8. Here is another anecdote for your research: my friend did indeed experience HPPD when first tripping on nndmt (low-medium strength), when he was 18. It was for a month or two and although it wasnt serious (he was still able to drive etc.), it was distracting and confusing at times, which made his education more difficult. Since then he never experienced again after taking even more intense doses of psychedelics. Me trying psychedelics in the age range 18-21 didnt produce anything that I'd dare to call HPPD. The trips just helped me unwire the social script I was given and made me much more (perhaps overly) critical of social structures and authorities, which caused confusion and demotivation as well.
  9. I appreciate Leo's dedication to psychedelics and focusing on the topic more closely... there is literally infinite potential for society in these tools. Though, I'm surprised I have never heard him in videos stress the importance of testing substances before consumption. There are reagent test-kits on the market, that you can buy legally and inexpensively. These test-kits contain chemicals, which react with drugs by changing colors and they are in general made to be as fool-proof as possible, making them easy to use for newbies. They are essential even when buying drugs or research chemicals from a legal source! If multiple different test-kits are used to cross-refference what substance it contains and does not, you can identify what you really have in front of you - no longer do you have to rely on blind-faith to your dealer or source! This investment seriously ups your odds of not harming you and importantly creates trust and certainty in your psychedelic use, which can sometimes literally save you from a bad trip (ever became paranoid that you poisoned yourself?). By using test-kits I know what my substance is and that it doesn't contain any adulterants or impurities. Dedicated reddit forum, where you find all the details and nuances plus sources: https://www.reddit.com/r/ReagentTesting/ I hope to see trip-reports on here start mentioning substance being tested before consumed. Take care (pic source here = 1p-lsd)
  10. I'd like to report my own experience with taking bacopa monnieri (brahmi), a nootropic herb. Specifically the brahmi's effect of improved memory, which I found very fascinating, and its utilization for self-actualization purposes. I was taking powdered brahmi (green) grown in India. The package was very cheap compared to capsules and extracts. Though, I had no idea how potent it is (% of bacosides, supposed active compounds), nor did I have any analysis on heavy metals and other pollutants. I was dosing in the morning almost every day (left out a day here and there) for an entire month. The recommended dose on the package was around 1-1.5 grams, but I rather quickly built up my dose to 2-2.5 grams. I have low body mass and I am usually sensitive in feeling drug effects, so I could definitely feel brahmi at the recommended dosages (I was relaxed, energized and my head was clear), but when I saw the increased dose had no adverse effects while producing even stronger positive effects (increased chances of flow-states, occasional spontaneous moments of euphoria). These were the immediate short-term effects, that would slowly come down over the period of 6-9 hours. My sleep quality improved as well and dreams became more vivid plus I could remember them better - I have no doubt, if I put more effort into dream journaling and lucid dreaming, brahmi would have made these techniques even more efficient for self-exploration/actualization. By the end of 3rd week, I became aware that during daily life I had been contemplating and analyzing childhood memories, which were just long forgotten to me. Although they were coming up spontaneously, taking time off to relax and focus on this memory-renewal ability yielded more and better results. Actually, I slowed down, because there was too much content to work with and now I wish I was working with it more strategically - writing stuff down and not just contemplate. Still, this whole process helped me map out a bit more of who I am and why am I the way I am. I felt enhanced memory at least for the next week or two after I had stopped dosing... some other positive effects also lasted. TLDR: Brahmi can be used to understand your past more thoroughly, therefore boosting your ability to integrate own (micro)traumas and unwire your survival script more completely (exactly the work Leo points to in How Survival Shapes Who You Are). Also shows potential in working with one's dreams and shadow work.
  11. @mandyjw this (y) Be an example of conscious capitalism/consumerism ^^
  12. ...and I don't mean the definition from the paradigm of materialistic science. In a double-blind place trial, one group of participants are given the actual drug tested, while the others are given a pill with nothing in it (placebo). Every drug that goes through clinical trial has its efficiency tested against the placebo, but not all succeed. The placebo group can even experience some effects and this is what im interested in! Is it yet another example of "Mind over body/matter" and "Law of attraction"? Literally generating something new out of nothingness... where is this effect coming from really? We have never thoroughly studied placebo directly, although its use for benefiting people appears to be very wide (so many different drugs and that is just one domain). Could placebo be the not yet fully actualized potential of humans? ... where in future instead of doing and taking stuff to be or have things a certain way, we will just will that into existence?
  13. 1) you here asking here us for reassurance clearly indicates you have some doubts about your investment and perhaps its ability to help you generate the millions. From my observation, this is not how to harness law of attraction. 2) do a thorough research on what kind of devices are out there, coz this is a hefty some of money. Compare your 2k laptop with one for around 1.2k... look up unsponsored reviews etc. You can put that 800usd to getting good mouse, keyboard, display or a stash of nootropics, which can boost your productivity much more than a shinier device. 3) I have amazing experience with Lenovo ideapad... I've had this laptop for over 6 years of daily use, regular travels and it still functions well. Be aware of the device's repairability and upgradability (iFixIt has good scores/forum), coz when a key on my keyboard started to misbehave 5 years in, I just ordered a new one and replaced it. I also upgraded from HDD to SDD, so my laptop has actually gotten better over time! I dont have good experience with HP. 4) touchscreen is an overkill gimmick in most cases, if you are not an artist. You can get Rocketbook for 50usd (or other "digital paper" products) and it will be better for digitalizing your note-writing and sketching.
  14. Leo's latest video on misapplying spiritual techniques reminded me of my own dark moments in life. In one period, I was going deep with deconstruction, awakening and facing loneliness - producing existential dread, insanity and death ideation. Here is what I did to survive that period and come out stronger at the other end; Since my suffering was caused by thinking, I knew a state of no-mind and total presence was my saving grace. Therefore, I had a laser focus on letting go of my thoughts, which helped me to create distance from any kind of temptations. I spent the days mostly just sitting on my bed. Emotionally I was still uneasy and suffering, but that was it - I was just suffering (nothing more, nothing less). I wrote "Trust the process, Trust the Universe" on pieces of paper, that I put around my apartment. This further helped me to let go and ground me in the totality of the present moment... there was nowhere to go and nothing to do. Effortless action. There was suffering, but it was ok. This grounding assured me the period of suffering will eventually pass and I will be left only to gain insights from such experience. Take care