What makes coaching works?

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So I am thinking of becoming a life coach.

I am about to finish my NLP MASTER THERAPIST course.

There are so many different kinds of coaching, and I wanted to ask you guys as coaches (if we have here) and as Coached/Trained guys.

What do you think makes coaching works?

I mean, what makes people change?

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Because people become aware of stuff they haven't thought about.

What do you think yourselves?

"Sometimes when it's dark - we have to be the light in our own tunnel"

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I've done coaching in the past, although I've moved more into energy healing than pure coaching.

Life coaching can work IF you've done a lot of work on yourself and overcome a lot of your biases. The main skill set of life coaches is to ask powerful questions, but for this you need to be conscious of what questions even need to be asked.

Ultimately, people will change because they desire to change and they are ready to change. Not because of coaching superpowers. But if someone is both willing and ready, then a coach can help be a facilitator for that change.

Same thing with healing work. The best healer in the world cannot make someone heal. But they can facilitate healing for people looking to really heal.

My personal opinion, I would stay away from branding yourself as a life coach. It's not immediately obvious to people what the value of a life coach is. And there's so many life coaches out there that it can be challenging to really stand out.

I would be more specific in how you help people. Provide something unique, something that only you can bring to the table. If that means being a life coach for a couple of years before you figure that out, fine. But IMO just becoming a life coach is not a great strategy.

Loving a new world into being.

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I'm contemplating taking an integral coaching course with New Ventures West. I've done informal coaching before and feel I would be a good fit for it, but I'm questioning whether I need to spend $14,000 on a certification process. My niche would be Purpose Guiding helping others (mainly late Orange and Green) to discover their Soul's purpose. Basically guiding people on a similar journey to what I went through over the past few years. It would be more of a supplemental side gig for me, not a full-time vocation.

Would be curious to hear from others who are coaches and their advice on the necessity of certification vs creating a clever niche and attracting clients via word of mouth. 

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