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I've been compiling a list of Stage Green (or higher) communities ranging from eco villages to spiritual ashrams. Please add any to the list and share about your experiences.


Tamera Peace Project, Portugal 

Mooji Ashram, Portugal 

Findhorn, UK

Auroville, India

Osho Ashram, Poona, India

Amma Ashram, Southern India

Sadhguru Ashram, India

Plum Village, France

InanItah, Nicaragua 

Momentum Collective, Central America

Hridaya Yoga, France & Mexico

Hridaya Family, San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico

Refugio Terraza de la Tierra, Oaxaca, Mexico

Tribal Village, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala 

Krishna Village, Australia 

Osho Risk, Denmark

Karme-Choling, VT

Monastic Academy, VT

Possibility Alliance, Maine

Dancing Rabbit Eco Village, Missouri 

Ananda Village, Nevada City, CA

The Abode of the Message, NY

Yogaville, Virginia 

Sivananda Ashram, Bahamas

Angsbacka, Sweden 

Future Thinkers Smart Village, Canada 

Anuttara Ashram, Canada 

Sadhguru Ashram, Tennessee 

Arcosanti, Arizona

Lama Foundation, New Mexico 

Osho Afros, Greece

Punta Mona Center, Costa Rica

Finca Mia, Costa Rica

PachaMama, Costa Rica

Shunyamurti Sat Yoga Ashram, Costa Rica

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I recently spent three months at this healing and transformation community called PachaMama in Costa Rica. It's as Stage Green as it gets. Would highly recommend it for anyone looking to dive deep into mediation, trauma healing, breathwork, dance, celebration, "plant medicine" ceremonies, body cleanses, amazing vegan food and music, and a community of likeminded Green (as well as Orange moving into Green) individuals from all over the world. Feel free to message me if you have any questions about it. It's heaven on earth especially during COVID when so much of the world is locked down.


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1 hour ago, tuckerwphotography said:

@aurum also has a great list going, if you're able to share. 

Here's the communities I would add:

1) Damanhur, Italy

2) East wind, Missouri

3) Ecovillage Ithica, New York

4) Sirius Ecovillage, Massachusets

5) Earthhaven, North Carolina

6) Lost Valley, Oregon

7) Meadowdance, Vermont

8) Acorn Community, Virginia

9) Twin Oaks, Virginia

10) Mariposa Grove, California

11) OAEC, Sowing Circle, California

12) Sacred Nectar Sanctuary, New Hampshire

13) Bruderhof, multiple locations (NY, PA, NC, FL, WV, TN, MN, CO)

14) The Garden, Tennessee

15) Unadilla Community Farm, New York


Notable Aspirational Communities:

1) Coalesce Ecovillage

2) Civium (Jordan Hall's project)

3) One Global Community

4) Oceanix

5) The Venus Project, FL

6) ReGen Villages


Alternatively, you can just search the Ecovillage.org or IC.org database.

Even if someone decides not to join one of these places, I find their mere existence exciting. It says that there are large numbers of people who have come together to live a radically different lifestyle, and sometimes very successfully.

What will this list look like in 100 years? 200 years? 500?

The potentiality for a better world is incredible right now. From an egoic perspective, we will never see it, as we will likely be dead. But even seeing cracks coming through the clouds is exciting to me.

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