As I continue to grow, how can I meet like-minded friends?

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Hey guys!

I made a post a while back about how I've been outgrowing my friends and no longer really feel a connection with them and the unhealthy, repetitive, and boring activities they choose to engage in. I feel this disconnect is rapidly escalating as I continue to take my life more seriously and try to improve myself. For example, I've recently decided to take my health and nutrition very seriously. I've always eaten rather healthy, but now I'm deliberately cutting way down on meat, bread, cheese, and other processed food. This is a direct conflict with the way in which my friends live because hanging out with them usually involves drinking a shit ton of alcohol and eating nasty, unhealthy restaurant food. Moreover, in terms of spiral dynamics, I would consider myself pretty green while my friends are deeply orange and even red. So when I make changes in my life such as clean up my diet and focus on plant based foods, I'm a "pussy" or a "soy boy" or some other dumb shit.

I would really love to one day meet some like-minded individuals who I can on occasion go out drinking with and have some fun with, but who also have similar values and similar lifestyles. I want friends who are mature and wise and healthy who I can go on adventures and travel with. This is a dream of mine, traveling around the world is something I deeply want to do, but the thought of going to amazing places with my current friends is a terrible thought, and I'd rather not go alone. I know this journey is meant to be traveled alone and that I shouldn't expect others to join or comfort me, but I value friendship and adventure.

This is what I want to know: In your own personal journey, how have you handled outgrowing your friends? Were your friends already mature and on the same journey as you? Were you able to meet like-minded individuals? And if so, how? What are some tips for meeting new amazing friends? I have had the same group of friends since high school and even earlier, and I am so ready to meet new people.

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All of my friends are gone now. By my choice I cant relate to them as much anymore and quit enjoying being around them. As far as finding new like-minded friends I think depends a lot on location. Its probably much easier in India than a small city in Indiana or whatever. If you have yoga or meditation classes around you, that might be a good way to at least meet new people. I have been friendless for a couple years now and just enjoy the company of my kids and wife. It also gives me a chance to enjoy time alone occasionally.

They say if you live to be 100 years old you will be able to count all of the real friends you ever had on one finger. So dont spend to much time worrying about having friends.

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On the journey, you have to go alone. 

On the way there, you will meet the right people.

If you are still meeting the wrong people, you are going the wrong way. 

If you decide to go all the way, you have to leave everyone behind. 

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