Was there a precise moment Leo changed your life?

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For me it was one of the enlightenment videos, and after he finished explaining what it is and how important it is, he said "maybe you're too stupid to understand". And it was like he reached in my mind and pulled it open, like "oh, perhaps there's something I don't know, that overrides everything that I thought was important".

Opening someone's mind is probably the greatest gift you can give to someone, it gives them the power. 


So thank-you @Leo Gura


Was there a distinct moment you can recall, when you got reeled in?

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If leo or any other person can say something and change your life then you are definitely not awakened yet.

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It was late 2015. I just started college. I went to the college counseling service for depression and they put me on Prozac and I was seeing a well-meaning but terrible counselor. While I was home for Christmas break I found his video on depression. I remember watching and deciding that no matter what I am going to tackle this issue head-on. From there I lost 100 lbs, quit smoking, cleaned up my diet, practically changed myself completely. 

I could not even imagine being where I am today without finding that one video. Though he was not the only self-help person I was looking into at that time. I was also watching Thomas Frank who helped me develop my study habits and become a great student. But Leo helped me with the deeper structural issues. 

I will also say Leo helped me find a new path in spirituality. Though spirituality has been a thing for me since I was young he helped me really make sense of what was going on with me, and pursue it in a less dogmatic way.   

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